Thursday, 24 March 2016

No 11658, Thursday 24 Mar 2016, Arden


1   May be no. 6 dealt with true justice, say (8,6)  CARDINAL VIRTUE  {CARDINAL} {VI}{TRUE}*
10 Material from Long island (5) LISLE {L}{ISLE}
11 Please freely invest money in the Middle East (9) PALESTINE {TIN} in {PLEASE}*
12 Document makes former US President hold his head (7) CHARTER {C{His}ARTER}
13 Music plays havoc in business (7) CALYPSO {C{PLAYS*}O}
14 Star or delta? Been switching (5) DENEB {D}{BEEN}*
16 Schedule over issue of story book internally (9) TIMETABLE {TIME<=}{TA{B}LE}
19 It's normal resolution as opposed to 1 (6,3) MORTAL SIN*
20 For example, one must understand the thing (5) DIGIT {DIG}{IT} Defintion corrected. See comments
22 Loaded gun went off — Bill fled as one slouched (7) LOUNGED {GUN}* in {LOadED}*
25 Praise a good man — one follows ancient language (7) AVESTAN {AVE}{ST}{AN}
27 Kids leave with low density ore (5,4) FOOLS GOLD {FOOLS} {GO}{L}{D}
28 Express pain to allow one so young to fly (5) OWLET {OW}{LET}
29 Fireworks as Tom's girl pours wine over the rascal (9,5) CATHERINE WHEEL {CAT}{HER}{INE W}*{HEEL}

2   Can Frank Sinatra be a teetotaller? (9) ABSTAINER*
3   Stayed to dig up dirty secret at last (5) DWELT {DWEL<=}{s...eT}
4   Uses this pen, writing one complaint (9) NEPHRITIS {THIS+PEN+R+1}*
5   Name surfaced about island flower (5) LILAC {L{I}LAC<=}
6   Offended as American held and put in a secure environment (9) INSULATED {INSUL{A}TED}
7   Heart transplant hasn't made him any better (5) TWIRP TW(-e+i)IRP [CD]
8   Looks at 27 — it's ugly (7) EYESORE {EYES}{ORE}
9   Still no sign displacing freely (6) PLACID DisPLACIng*
15 Stay for a month — is French English making a fine gesture? (4,5) BEAU GESTE {BE}{AUG} {EST}{E}
17 Push and shove — he will deal with it (9) MANHANDLE {MAN}{HANDLE}
18 Grab at a fashion magazine — it's nothing much (9) BAGATELLE {BAG}{AT}{ELLE}
19 Not good if camel goes crazy (7) MALEFIC*
21 Note — practice principles (6) TENETS {TE}{NETS}
23 About to become deadly under water (1-4) U-BOAT*
24 Worked endlessly wrapping warm piece of clothing (5) DHOTI {D{HOT}Id}
26 Policeman covering up for some time (5) EPOCH {E{POC}H}<=


  1. Happy Holi.
    A firework puzzle from exciting to solve as last night's heart stopping match
    Loved the Long ones(Mushfiqur & Mahmudula's wickets)& some devious clues with cross references( the final run out by captain cool); the spinning ones like fool's gold a la Ashwin's marvellous turner to dismiss Shaqib..

  2. Thought in 2D Frank was superfluous

    1. I took Frank as the anag indicator

    2. Can is superfluous IMO. Surface gets hit without it. But 'can open' together could be considered as an anag !

    3. I think "Can Sinatra be a teetotaller?" would have worked

    4. 'Can' by itself cannot be used as an anag.ind. 'can be' is a valid ind. 'Frank' was used as an anag.ind because it also happens to be Sinatra's first name. As to the use of 'can' in the beginning, I do not think it's superfluous considering the clue is formed as a question.

    5. 'frank' ly, the Frank part of the clue is really most enjoyable with an apt but misleading capitalisation.

    6. How Frank an anagrind? I don't quite get it

    7. Why ? Frank is Open. Maybe it does not suggest reassembling. Yet if constituents can be an Anag, Frank can be to too.

    8. Constituents of fodder works right? Open is anagrind in move/unfold (verb) sense. Not as Frank. Correct?

  3. Several good enjoyable clues interspersed with a few difficult ones. Typical Arden? Glad to have learned a few words.

  4. Happy Holi to all. Col. has given a colourful header.

  5. Happy Holi to all. And a happy solve today! Thanks, Arden, for an enjoyable Holi fare!
    My COD is 26Dn EPOCH {E{POC}H}<= ...Policeman split into police and man to get the answer!

  6. I had a slightly different annotation for 20 A.
    Understand - Dig
    Thing - It
    Meaning - For example, one {1 is a digit}

    1. Thanks Sridhar and MB. I have corrected the definition

  7. 20 For example, one must understand the thing (5) DIGIT {DIG}{IT}
    I took "For example, one" as the definition. understand = dig....thing = it.

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    The event is open to all in teams of two, just like last year, with prizes worth 20K up for grabs, along with special prizes for the best college and best school teams.

    Registrations will be on-spot, but they have a Google form for RSVP so that they can have a rough estimate of the number of people turning up.

    Above info was sent to me by Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar

    1. Link to the google form

    2. quite a hard one from Arden today.. came out not smelling of roses :) needed loadsa help etc.. Cardinal virtue clueing was also Palestine..Twirp was devious. Abstainer - well thats def iffy.. neither can nor Frank anagrinds IMO.. but was a challenging xword..

  9. Lovely x'ie. Neatly clued.Enjoyed 'bring home the Bacon ' 4d reminds us Bacon's one of the three 'r's. But SE corner miserably failed me. Anyhow I enjoyed cw.ThanksArden.

  10. Brilliant crossword. Could not complete NE corner. Arden's BEAU GESTE was clued nicely. Thanks Arden and THCC.