Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2885), Sunday 20 Mar 2016

1   Dismal churl's plea out of order (10) SEPULCHRAL*
6   Fancy missing hour after second reel (4) SWIM {S}{WhIM}
10 Deceive kind partner (7) CONSORT {CON}{SORT}
11 Funds from hundred volunteers (7) COFFERS {C}{OFFERS}
12 Undemanding music, say, is in gentle broadcast (4,9) EASY LISTENING*
14 Academic posers for unravelling (9) PROFESSOR*
16 Empty clamour surrounding artist (5) DRAIN {D{RA}IN}
17 Blushing about thanks, in retirement, deserved (5) RATED {R{AT<=}ED}
19 Old life is transformed in areas yielding fuel (9) OILFIELDS*
21 Sales talk in particular behind desire for ceramic design (6,7) WILLOW PATTERN {WILL}{OW {PATTER}N}
24 Clear sailor with volume in fish (7) ABSOLVE {AB}{SOL{V}E}
25 Confirm contest to grab attention (4,3) BEAR OUT {B{EAR} OUT}
26 Back in classes learning more (4) ELSE [T<=]
27 Soldier enters inflexible city alone (10) SEPARATELY {SE{PARA}T}{ELY}

1   Excerpt from classic known poorly (4) SICK [T]
2   Write meal menus, including price for church members (15) PENTECOSTALISTS {PEN}{TE{COST}A}{LISTS}
3   Viewing river going north in Cornish town (4-3) LOOK-SEE {LOO{K-SE<=}E}
4   Part of Bible taken in by man and left in place for guests? (5) HOTEL {H{OT}E}{L}
5   Name received by experts on search yielding weight of family history (9) ANCESTRAL {A{N}CES}{TRAwL}
7   Song on life will have moving, overwhelming emotion finally (4,1,4,2,4)  WHEN I FALL IN LOVE {ON+LIFE+WILL+HAVE}* around {e...oN}

8   Not loudly, signify most cranky person averse to women (10) MISOGYNIST {SIGNIfY+MOST}*
9   Hurt, not on purpose (6) OFFEND {OFF}{END}
13 Sea creature well below wave in south-west (5,5) SPERM WHALE {S{PERM} W}{HALE}
15 Whose epic developed into outstanding example? (9) SHOWPIECE*
18 Drawing line in poem supporting party (6) DOODLE {DO{OD{L}E}
20 Restriction in furniture seller's floral art (7) IKEBANA {BAN} in {IKEA}
22 Bone identified by one cutting a fragment up (5) TIBIA {TIB}{1}{A}<=
23 Wait for prop (4) STAY [DD]



  1. Sunday Samosas! Almost all wordplays lead to the answers. Enljoyed!

  2. a bit too straight fwd today.. well i guess its Sunday and no one wants to work too much for their samosas :)

  3. Missed out the willow part- the only one I know is used in cricket and not on china!
    I could not complete the 'Pentacosta...since I was not absolved fully.
    Nowadays Sundays provide easy outings.