Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2886), Sunday 27 Mar 2016

1   Clumsy person breaking section in wall (7) PARAPET {PAR{APE}T}
5   Discourage delay (3,3) PUT OFF [DD]
8   Reliable police officer with watchword back in base (6-8) COPPER-BOTTOMED {COPPER}-{B{OTTOM<=}ED}
10 Left with desire to disrupt mad show (10) ILLUSTRATE {I{L}{LUST}RATE}
11 Ring linked to odd elements in sale of capital (4) OSLO {O}{SeLf}{Of}
13 Learn good tip (5) GLEAN {G}{LEAN}
14 Air in large shed (9) BROADCAST {BROAD}{CAST}
15 Controller's true goal ruined by resistance (9) REGULATOR {TRUE+GOAL}*{R}
17 Substitute returning pass with doubtful expression (5) LOCUM {LOC<=}{UM}
19 Gain vase, according to report (4) EARN (~urn)
20 Pressure to join in courses arranged for part of orchestra (10) PERCUSSION {P}{IN+COURSES}*
23 Fellows taken in by devious effect, false modesty (4-10) SELF-EFFACEMENT {MEN} in {EFFECT+FALSE}*
24 Level enclosure filled with mineral (6) STOREY {ST{ORE}Y}
25 Article in store, not right for impetuous type (7) HOTHEAD {HO{THE}ArD}

1   Exercises on record oddly involving monarch and hierarchy (7,5) PECKING ORDER {PE}{C{KING} ORDER*}
2   Agent with service admitting large defeat (7) REPULSE {REP}{U{L}SE}
3   Agreeably different panel last year (10) PLEASANTLY {PANEL+LAST+Y}*
4   River in wood, miles away (5) TIBER TImBER
5   Prepared to erupt if getting little cake? (5,4) PETIT FOUR*
6   Attempt to encapsulate love for city of Paris? (4) TROY {TR{O}Y}
7   Flower father planted on raised area, I notice (7) FREESIA {FR}{EES I<=}{A}
9   No admittance after development is polluted (12) CONTAMINATED*
12 Benefit in advancement for young person (10) ADOLESCENT {A{DOLE}SCENT}
14 Book entirely about loud insect (9) BUTTERFLY {B}{UTTER{F}LY}
16 Something with which chap covers part of body? (7) GARMENT {G{ARM}ENT} &lit
18 Language used by machines extensively (7) CHINESE [T]
21 Disagree with Conservative whip (5) CLASH {C}{LASH}
22 At a distance from Nadal, upset? (4) AFAR RAFA*


  1. Replies
    1. Is 'Upset' an indicator only for reversal or can it act as anind as well?

  2. Special at 10:30 by new setter Cymothoid

  3. A walk in the park resting now and then!
    Feel 6Dn anno needs a re-look, Colonel Sir!

    1. It is {TR{O}Y} - O in TRY. Maybe a typo in the anno