Friday, 3 June 2016

No 11717, Friday 03 Jun 2016, Incognito

Incognito's taking off to witness the Olympics?

7   It is liable to blow its top when alien takes sodium (4) ETNA {ET}{NA}
8   Bar artist consuming a small piece of tobacco and fish (9) BARRACUDA {BAR}{RA}{CUD}{A}
10 When liquor is poured in a specific direction, it produces motive force (6) ENGINE {GIN} in {ENE}
11 Middleman has inventory table, but first ledger is missing (8) STOCKIST {STOCK}{lIST}
12 In Asia, married brother makes a divine drink (8) AMBROSIA {A{M}{BRO}SIA}
14 Lawyer loses his head, taking third case for a literary character (6) SAWYER (-l+s)SAWYER
16 Wreaths placed on the head of a confused maiden without one bit of sense (7) ANADEMS {A}{MAiDEN*}{Se..e}
18 Action word in promotional materials gives us some parts of speech (7) ADVERBS {AD{VERB}S}
21 Onomatopoeic words like "tick-tock" and "click-clack", may lead to bad choice (6) ECHOIC*
23 On the next page, above the French answer, following ... (8) OVERLEAF {OVER}{LE}{A}{F}
25 After first of January, remodel toy's integrated circuit in front of king's control column (8) JOYSTICK {Ja...y}{TOYS*}{IC}{K}
27 Indian tea is brewed with potassium for consumption (6) INTAKE {IN}{TA{K}E}
29 Marine endlessly follows Spanish saint with halo to Italian peninsula (3,6) SAN MARINO {SAN} {MARINe}{O}
30 Symbol found in lexicons (4) ICON [T]

1   US TNT explosion before male body double in a dangerous scene (5,3) STUNT MAN {US+TNT}* {MAN}
2   Iran was reorganised for queen (4) RANI*
3   French father meets unknown son at monasteries (6) ABBEYS {ABBE}{Y}{S}
4   Weep over last malformed watch component (7) CRYSTAL {CRY}{LAST*}
5   Virginia elk devoured at first and ran away (8) VAMOOSED {VA}{MOOSE}{De...d}
6   Robin Goodfellow's hockey equipment (4) PUCK [DD]
9   One island path (5) AISLE {A}{ISLE}
13 Advertisement placed, in South American city, for a wireless set (5) RADIO {R{AD}IO}
15 Cad follows woman’s circular object (5) WHEEL {W}{HEEL}
17 New world bird had blotchy ink coat (8) MACKINAW {MAC{INK*}AW}
19 African-American's container for a recording device (5,3) BLACK BOX {BLACK} {BOX}
20 Male bird roosts on hole in control centre (7) COCKPIT {COCK}{PIT}
22 At first, Commandant Rudolf of SS's angry (5) CROSS {Co...t}{Ru...f}{Of}{SS}
24 Inventor dies violently of strangulation at last (6) EDISON {DIES*}{O}{s...oN}
26 Pioneers seeking a new existence are not crazy (4) SANE Acrostic
28 Follow soldiers to Illinois (4) TAIL {TA}{IL}


  1. Good one from Incognito.. Sawyer and stunt man nice clues.. anadem a new word but got it from the parsing .. :) Theme is super :)

  2. Easy again! Barracuda needed and Mackinaw needed confirmation.

  3. Col,
    18A needs small revision AD(VERB)S

  4. Simple and quite an enjoyable one! Thank you Incognito. :)

  5. We are becoming healthier- more walks in the parks. Thank you Incognito.

  6. Iran's rani? Simple and neat. So was aisle.

  7. Enjoyable, as always, thanks Incognito. Anadems took some doing.😀

  8. Delightfully simple. Thanks Incognito. ANADEMS is anew word for me.

  9. New records are created day by day by Col

  10. I am a beginner and going through key I got some brief idea about solving crossword.can someone please suggest me with tips like how to improve on this.

    1. Rama Krishna, visit and go through the links under 'For beginners' on that site