Saturday, 11 June 2016

No 11724, Saturday 11 Jun 2016, Sunnet

Our feathered friends bring the weekend to a close. 

1   Heartless jailer's land (6) TURKEY TURnKEY
4   Contrasting work to sitting (8) OPPOSING {OP}{POSING}
10 Some Chinese board Singapore-run rail to Paradise (7,2) SHANGRI LA {S{HAN}G}{RI LA*}
11 Head of firm carries fifty-pound instrument (5) CELLO {L}{L} in {CEO}
12 Heavy weight lifter managed to enter church (5) CRANE {RAN} in {CE}
13 Coming from outside, old mind gets retrospective sense of self (9) EXOGENOUS {EX}{OGE<=}{NOUS}
14 Picks groups to catch the Parisian (7) SELECTS {SECTS} over {LE}
16 Perhaps hawk equipment to English (4) KITE {KIT}{E} Why perhaps?
19 Build new raygun's cap for navy personnel (4) WREN {NEW+Ra...n}*
21 Small list to drink (7) SWALLOW {S}{WALLOW}
24 Invariably, a press agency will take shape by second half of July (9) UNIFORMLY {UNI}{FORM}{juLY}
25 American to invigorate spirit of Society of Engineers (5) GOOSE {GO}{O}{SE} American and Goose? See comments
26 Schemes from a side (5) IDEAS*
27 Entry in a building housing unknown bully (9) TYRANNIZE {ENTRY+IN+A}* around {Z}
28 Heads of Shanghai industries strangely only go for the study of Chinese language (8) SINOLOGY {Sh...i}{In...s}{ONLY+GO}*
29 Echo from average hill retreats (6) PARROT {PAR}{TOR<=}

1   Lawsuit to challenge cabinet (4,4) TEST CASE {TEST} {CASE}
2   Interesting study by expert (8) READABLE {READ}{ABLE}
3   Get a gold coin from each broken leg (5) EAGLE {EA}{GLE}
5   Nearly every one is captivated by Mark's swagger (7) PEACOCK {EACh} in {POCK}
6   Extra box inside for musicians (9) ORCHESTRA {CHEST} in {ORRA}
7   Policeman can add sulphur to ice pads (6) IGLOOS {IG}{LOO}{S}
8   Carp from Greek river (6) GROUSE {GR}{OUSE}
9   See large records (6) VIDEOS {VIDE}{OS}
15 Raise wheels left outside merry-go-round (9) CARROUSEL {CAR}{L} surround {ROUSE} Was put off by this spelling variant
17 Blanched or boiled is more gory (8) BLOODIER*
18 Second minute to examine the best (8) SWEETEST {S}{WEE}{TEST}
20 Horse's unusual team label (7) NAMETAG {TEAM}* in {NAG}
21 Crime writer speaks about Queen (6) SAYERS {SAYS} about {ER}
22 As every other violist shrinks (6) QUAILS {QUA}{vIoLiSt}
23 Sow one around a fool (6) PIGEON {PIG}{ONE}*
25 Pot of Michigan jam (5) GANJA [T]

Reference list

Underlined words = Embedded links, Work = OP, Chinese = HAN, Fifty and Pound = L, Managed = RAN, Church = CE, Old = EX, Mind = OUS, Sense of self = EGO, The Parisian = LE, Equipment = KIT, English = E, New = N, Small = S, List = WALLOW, Press Agency = UNI, Take shape = FORM, Society = S, Engineers = E, Invigorate = GO, Unknown = Z, Average = PAR, Hill = TOR, Each = EA, Mark = POCK, Policeman = IG (Inspector General), Can = LOO, Sulphur = S, Greek = GR, See = VIDE, Large = OS, Raise = ROUSE, Whhels = CAR, Left = L, Second = S, Minute = WEE, Examine = TEST, Horse = NAG, Queen = ER, Sow = PIG, 

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PS - I hope I've got the colours right. I'm colour blind you see.


  1. Too many colors will naturally make one blind.

  2. 25 American to invigorate spirit of Society of Engineers (5) GOOSE {GO}{O}{SE} American and Goose?

    Maybe that to invigorate = GOOSE is an American word. Did not find it in Chambers, but it's in thefreedic.

    1. 2 North American Give (something) a boost; invigorate:(

    2. I don't get what you did not get

    3. Col.,
      Goose is an American slang as explained by Raghu above.

  3. Superb bird watching by Sunnet!
    Col: Beautiful blog: colourful as the pangramatic theme!

    1. Sunnet passes with flying colours

  4. Another feature of the puzzle is that the theme words are defined differently than the theme..except perhaps kite

  5. Hats off to Col. Initial impression on seeing the colourful blog was that Sunnet did it himself!
    Why no one mentioned the Pangram? Is it taken for granted in all Sunnet CW's?

    1. See 'labels' at the bottom of the post and also Vasant's post @ 912

  6. A complete dozen theme words and done so differently. Great!

  7. How about hawk in 16a. It is also a part of the theme

  8. So that makes a bakers dizen

  9. Good one Sunnet!

    Got all except Videos and Quails... struggled a bit with Carrousel due to the spelling.. and though i guessed Goose i still dont understand the connection.

    1. My take
      American - indicates the word reqd is of Am usage
      to invigorate - def for word reqd
      spirit - GO (n.) meaning 'spirit', 'energy' 'zest'
      of - O as in 'willow o the wisp'
      Society of Engineers - SE (ignoring of)

    2. Definition is "American to invigorate".

    3. It is as CVji has said @11:38 with one small correction.
      Society of Engineers

  10. 25a: spirit = GO.

    Found this a bit tough, but enjoyable. Many thanks to setter and blogger!

  11. Thanks for all the feedback
    16A: Kites are hawks only in the general sense of birds of prey. Hence the "perhaps"

  12. Sunnet's flight of fancy.. was off to a flying start and landed rather gracefull too :) Nice one..