Monday, 13 June 2016

No 11725, Monday 13 Jun 2016, Afterdark

Cricket's in the air even after IPL got over.

1   Pinch hitter Dravid out of depth; Sunil Gavaskar initially chipped in a shot (8,5) STRAIGHT DRIVE {HITTER+dRAVID}* over (Su..l} and {Ga...r}
10 A measure say supplied by theatre ad (5,4) DEATH RATE*
11 Tough to sack boy and get girl for channel (5) GULLY (-b+g)GULLY
12 A cut; primarily simple ground stroke (5) ICTUS {A}{CUT+Si...e}*
13 Hairstyle Anne set, at last is stable (9) PERMANENT {PERM}{ANNE*}{seT}
14 Great logo designed finally by Bosey, perhaps (6) GOOGLY {G}{LOGO*}{bY}
16 Catch ash falling out of smoking pipes (4) HOOK HOOKahs
19 Country Club's high class; rabbi regularly returns (4) CUBA {C}{U}{rAbBi <=}
20 Poland welcomes exceptionally nice writer (6) PENCIL {NICE}* in {PL}
25 Crucial, but wrong time for press to interfere (9) IMMEDIATE {MEDIA} in {TIME}*
26 Slap fat boy, take off penny (5) PLUMB PLUM(-p+b)B
27 About husband's impression as President (5) CHAIR {C}{H}{AIR}
28 One standing out of gate thinking without pressure in general (9) EXTENSIVE {EXiT}{pENSIVE}
29 Maybe Jack's town stocks food, gives place for homeless to sleep (9,4) CARDBOARD CITY {CARD}{BOARD} {CITY}

2   Last wicket runs with energy to secure draw (8) TRACTION {w...eT}{R}{ACTION}
3   Australian and England skippers keep quiet on special trophy (5) ASHES {Au...a}{SH}{En...d}{S}
4   Good knock by Pakistan captain; Get a drink (6) GRAPPA {G}{RAP}{Pa...n}{A}
5   Article on mysterious youth leader and rule of God (8) THEARCHY {THE}{ARCH}{Yo..h}
6   Performance related to kit and a part of money given earlier (9) RIGMAROLE {RIG}{M}{A}{ROLE}
7   Explosion in say, Kashmir; Second bomb hurled in eliminating one (6) VOLLEY V(-a+o)OLLEY
8   DIG somehow enters England by crawling (6) EDGING {E{DIG*}NG}
9   From Tokyo to this city? (5) KYOTO [T] can also be TOKYO*
15 Undeclared third of income saved; can be made legit (9) LAUNDERED UNDEcLARED*
17 While returning, Raj meets Selva frequently at Oman's capital (8) SARAJEVO {AS<=}{RAJ}{sElVa}{Oman}
18 Notify one can quit in revolt (8) ACQUAINT {A}{CAN+QUIT}*
21 Length ball by Bravo; Border lofted (6) LOBBED {L}{O}{Br..o}{BED}
22 President's desire to lend a hand (5) PITCH {P}{ITCH}
23 Almost spear one antelope (6) IMPALA {IMPALe}{A}
24 More advantageous to maintain length without tension in a flat pitch (6) BELTER BE(-t+l)LTER
26 Alarm in India, water's cold (5) PANIC {PANI}{C}



  1. Think this was composed during IPL season..lovely one from AD..found it tough in some parts like hook..cardboard city & Traction.

  2. Some clues got me really bowled over! Thanks AD

  3. IPL 2.
    After 1A, I thought it may be so, but as stated above a few hiccups on the way. Nevertheless interesting.

  4. As they say "Many a slip between the cup and the lip"...Found NE corner tough but enjoyed the rest. Nice Cricket special!

  5. ploughed thro it :) tho unfamiliar territory in some parts.. nice buncha clues in all..

    only issue is with Ictus..seems a bit heavy handed but its a new word so ...