Wednesday, 15 June 2016

No 11727, Wednesday 15 Jun 2016, Aspartame

9   Spouse during a disagreement? (8,7) SPARRING PARTNER [CD]
10 Track down remote controlled vehicle collecting samples of extraterrestrial creatures (7) RECOVER {Ex...l}{Cr...s} in {ROVER}
12 Hindu father became French royalty (7) DAUPHIN {HINDU+PA}*
13 Bare males posing in a straight line — that’s hot (5,4) LASER BEAM*  Clue would have worked without 'in a straight line' also
14 Big dealer sold a building (5) ELDER DEaLER* Big or Bigger?
15 Ask Buzzer to have corner with cryptic hints, to begin with (7) BESEECH {BE{S}E}{Cr...c}{Hi..s}
18 Well-mannered but given to servile compliance (7) COURTLY [DD]
21 Was custard inside a container? (5) ASCUS [T]
23 Chord is produced from it (5,4) VOCAL CORD (~chord) &lit
25 I write about weapon that is land-based (7) PENGUIN {PEN}{GU{I}N} From the clue wording we get {I}{PEN} about {GUN}
26 Check trendy speaker (7) INVOICE {IN}{VOICE}
29 Aunts and tots ballet dancing is of lowest priority? On the contrary (4,3,3,5) LAST BUT NOT LEAST*

1   Emperor obtained backing of a third of the Rastafarians (4) TSAR [T<=]
2   Cosmetic surgery on cat requires money (4) TALC {L} in CAT*
3   Cross-stitching on royal’s vest takes a bit of effort (8) TRAVERSE {A} in {R+VEST}* and {Ef...t} There's an R missing in the fodder
4   Right to enrol for a main course (6) ENTREE [DD]
5   When everyone gets a 16 (8) EPIDEMIC [CD]
6   Group of dancers march audibly (6) TROUPE (~troop)
7   Wont he do the furnishing precisely? (2,3,3) ON THE DOT [T]
8   Unyielding Greyjoy lost happiness, became a shade (4,4) IRON GREY {IRON} {GREYjoy}
11 Encourage oriental to recall story from start to end (5) ELATE {ELAT<=}<=>{E}
15 Live with an Olsztynian resident who’s tall and thin (8) BEANPOLE {BE}{AN}{POLE}
16 About to break polished sink on Cockney head? That causes worry (8) SICKNESS {SI{C}KN*}{'ESS} Can Cockney head can lead to (-n)ESS or 'ESS
17 They own money? Not a single note (4-4) HAVE-NOTS {HAVE}-{NOT}{S} Anno not clear (Addendum - {HAVE}-{NOTeS}&lit - See comments)
19 A French learner too not right and not fair (8) UNLOVELY {UN}{L}{OVErLY}
20 Text lanky Yankee read in class bit by bit (5) LYRIC Acrostic
22 Small, plump, blunt (6) STUBBY {S}{TUBBY}
24 Earring made by thief worn on cheek (4-2) CLIP-ON {C{LIP}-ON}
27 I am a Muslim leader (4) IMAM {I'M}{A}{Mu...m}
28 Removes packaging, tastes broth of stomachs (4) EATS tASTEs*


  1. On 16d Can Cockney head can lead to (-n)ESS or 'ESS
    I do not think so. Cockney can be used as an indicator to drop the leading 'H', but not any other leading character.

    1. For a long time I was searching for a synonym for head begining with h..even tried with 'ead..finally settled on 'ess..could have been done better

  2. Nice one from Aspartame..was wondering how to classify vocal cord.found the answer here.that is why I love this blog..29A no comments till now?

    1. Is this the first reverse homophone clue in THC?

    2. Seems so..the other day we had the first reverse reversal

  3. Tough going today for I had 9Ac as SLEEPING PARTNER. :-(

  4. Aspartame made me to think a lot with unconvincing clues. Completed but not with satisfaction.

  5. Is Dauphin fair? I think it's an indirect anagram.

  6. 17 D my take was Own Money = Have Notes. Then remove a Note ( E )

  7. 14 A - I think big is ok... Like big brother and elder brother

  8. Enjoyable xword from Aspartame.. On the dot, have nots, and of course sparring partner ha ha ha..