Thursday, 16 June 2016

No 11728, Thursday 16 Jun 2016, Spinner

Col is having network issues. Thanks Ramesh, I'm back online.

1   Ace marksman, famous cinematographer or granter of wishes sent from heaven? (8,4) SHOOTING STAR [MD]
10 Necessary, so it was written after degree (5) BASIC {BA}{SIC}
11 Cheat faltering idiot with no qualification (9) CONDITION {CON}{IDIOT*}{N}
12 Novel's surprisingly unquiet, excluding climax (6) UNIQUE UNQUIEt*
13 Genuine crush on a girl overwhelming Spinner (8) ORIGINAL {ON A GIRL*} around {I}
15 Father's ship left Barbados finally, getting travel permits (9) PASSPORTS {PA}{SS}{PORT}{b...oS}
16 Imprisons training partners (4) PENS {PE}{NS}
20 Textrous starts to set cryptic challenge (4) TEST {Te...s}{SET*}
21 Display ultimately people-centric, energetic form of governance (9) DEMOCRACY {DEMO}{p...iC}{RACY}
24 Cost-effective electronic company adopts negative amplification (8) ECONOMIC {E}{CO}{NO  MIC}
26 Husband involved in lawsuit appears before some special courts (6) CHASES {C{H}ASE}{Special}
28 Most charming setter's tips detailed and presented differently (9) PRETTIEST {SETTER+TIPs}*
29 Increase applause when starting late (5) RAISE pRAISE
30 You might inherit from these women fine accents with a touch of nasality (12) ANCESTRESSES {A{Nasal}CE}{STRESSES}

2   Letting go of drug? Last hope is undergoing rehabilitation in health centres! (9) HOSPITALS &lit {LAST HOPe}* around AL (Addendum - {LAST+HOPe+IS}* - See comments)
3   Definitely lost in female's absence (2,6) OF COURSE {OFf}{ COURSE}
4   Batting on 100, Hayden begins to move slowly (4) INCH {IN}{C}{Ha...n}
5   Destroyed in one great wave (10) GENERATION*
6   This includes extremely nerve-wracking stuff (6) THINGS {THI{Ne...nG}S}
7   Rule to regulate drinks? Good! (5) REIGN {REI{G}N}
8   Ali's first fight over (5) ABOUT {Ali}{BOUT}
9   Innumerable borders protecting the French (7) ENDLESS {END{LES}S}
14 Perhaps illness describing a single? (10) LONELINESS &lit ILLNESS* around ONE
17 Too much for one-time tax? That's describing VAT, basically! (9) EXCESSIVE {EX}{CESS}{I{Vat}E}
18 Try to woo a model upfront (7) ATTEMPT {A}{T}{TEMPT}
19 Pursuing gold, burn down small fruit gardens (8) ORCHARDS {OR}{CHARD}{S} (Addendum - {OR}{CHAR}{D}{S} - See comments)
22 'Rhymester' Spinner's introduction to crosswords is imaginative (6) POETIC {POET}{I}{Cr...s}
23 Fool hides, man remains (5) ASHES{AS{HE}S}
25 Works of art from old (chiefly pre-modern) age (5) OPERA {O}{Pre-modern}{ERA}
27 Awaken kind man's temper, almost (4) STIR {ST}{IRe}


  1. 2 Letting go of drug? Last hope is undergoing rehabilitation in health centres! (9) HOSPITALS {LAST HOPe}* around AL

    Correction: {LAST HOPe IS}*

    Some very good clues.

  2. Sorry about the blog today. I'M m in Coimbatore and having network issues with my data card as well as the WiFi here.
    Thanks to Ramesh for hitting the publish button

  3. Spinner bowls some lovely deliveries todays...played them on the frontfoot..smothering the spin & reading the drift..
    20A: Wishful thinking for Texturous to start setting again(wish Texturous..Spiffytrix & Mac come out of hibernation)

    1. The three of them are definitely in my personal favourites list. I think I've referenced two now. Mac will feature soon, too, hopefully ;).

    2. Hey Vinod,Maddy & Mohsin:Are you listening?

  4. A gem of a puzzle! Century for the taking!! Thanks Spinner. :)

  5. Back online. The connection through my b-i-l's wifi which is connected through his laptop, was off and my Reliance datacard started playing up after connecting initially Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
    I think this is the first time this has happened over the last 7 years of this blog

  6. Anno for 19 D was intended as burn = char, down = D.


    1. That correction was done but got lost with my network problems

  7. 14D 'a single' = 'one' as in 'not a single person turned up' = 'not one person turned up'.

  8. Thanks Spinner for the well clued puzzle. No convoluted contrivance

  9. In 28A 'SETTER'S TIPS's at the ends are ignored and the rest is an anagram. How is the S deleted?

    1. TIPs detailed i.e remove the tail(the last letter) from TIPS

  10. Some rather poetic clues from Spinner :) the surface of the clues were pretty awesome.. shooting star, genuine, loneliness, about, reign.. so many today.. if there is a point to carp about (and this is like the beauty spot on Monroe's face :) .. its with Poetic as a clue split as Poet and ic.. but perhaps thats what adds more beauty ?? :)

    1. Dwelled for ages on this while setting. But this clue has more to it than meets the eye. My first published THC Crossword, my 'introduction to crosswords', had a Nursery Rhymes theme. Hence, the relaxation.

  11. Enjoyed solving today's crossword.....

  12. TOps from Spinner--- nice whirr !

  13. Entertaining one from Spinner as usual. : ) Liked original and attempt the best.

    1. Thanks Exa. And the clues you mention seem to have a theme :P

    2. Who is the this model Spinner? :-) Do I hear wedding bells?

    3. Like CV sir always says, assume things from clue surfaces at your own risk.