Monday, 20 June 2016

No 11731, Monday 20 Jun 2016, Gridman

1   Supports watch on half a city for traitor (11) BACKSTABBER {BACKS}{TAB}ER?? Anno pending (Addendum - {BACKS}{TAB}{BERlin} - See comments)
9   A debtor, perhaps, decided not to run (7) ABORTED*
10 Unexpected assistance results in stray dog being found at collapsed dens (7) GODSEND {DOG*}{DENS*}
11 In conclusion, setter's to correct text (5) EMEND {E{ME}ND}
12 Company man at technical college gets support from board (9) COMMITTEE {CO}{M}{MIT}{TEE}
13 Hari's first to move sideways, to avoid commitment (5) HEDGE {Hari}{EDGE}
15 Feeling transported? I am transported – without a bit of sadness (9) SENTIMENT {SENT}{I'M}{sENT}
18 Bug women said to be where spies leave secret messages (9) EAVESDROP (~eves){EAVES}{DROP}
21 A man's author's representative (5) AGENT {A}{GENT}
22 A new recommendation on the matter of Italian food (9) ANTIPASTO {A}{N}{TIP}{AS TO}
24 I, mod I, employed peculiar language (5) IDIOM*
26 Dear, I will meet the journalist and get trained (7) DRILLED {DR}{I'LL}{ED}
27 Those times of weeks when I would be in shreds (7) FRIDAYS {FR{I'D}AYS}
28 Birds reportedly teased election candidates (11) ROADRUNNERS (~rode){ROAD}{RUNNERS}

1   Boy cleans up tool – car part that presses (5,4) BRAKE SHOE {B}{RAKE S}{HOE} Definition is a bit iffy
2   Intimate ending (5) CLOSE [DD]
3   Assets end up in a state of glut (9) SATEDNESS*
4   Take this too: ones going round court are those hooked (7) ADDICTS {ADD{1{CT}'S}
5   A nob wildly running around exercise room may be an imaginary threat (7) BOGYMAN {A+NOB}* around {GYM}
6   Bones artist, girl and I collected together (5) RADII {RA}{DI}{I}
7   A tourist's desire is to ... ... (not remain here) (3,5) GET THERE [FITB]
8   One cuts confusion as daughter moves up (4) ADZE (-d)A(+d)DZE
14 Fit nicely bit of info about half-over (8) DOVETAIL {D{OVer}ETAIL}
16 I, grandmother in Delhi, not one to buckle in lassitude (9) INANITION {I}{NANI}{NOT+1}*
17 Times achanging, boys go round as ritual sign-bearers (9) TOTEMISTS {TIMES}* in {TOTS}
19 Live endlessly with limitless dual remainders (7) RESIDUA {RESIDe}{dUAl}
20 Tender college teacher brings up short citation (7) PROFFER {PROF}{FER<=}
22 Includes a carpenter's tool, say (4) ADDS (~adze)
23 Star is not seen. It's so cold (5) POLAR POLARis
25 Being angry, I tear around (5) IRATE {I}{TEAR*}


  1. 1 Supports watch on half a city for traitor (11) BACKSTABBER


  2. Replies
    1. Sandhya ma'am beat me to it! Typo in {BACKS}

  3. Simple one from Gridman today.. all nicely parsed :) thanks CVji..

  4. 8Dn : One cuts confusion as daughter moves up (4) ADZE (-d)A(+d)DZE
    A doubt...Is the daughter moving up or down? I think she has moved down from 'daze' to get 'adze'.

  5. A very nice offering from Gridman to start the week. Thorough enjoyment. :)

  6. Enjoyable. I got stuck with "challengers" for 28A.Is it my fault?

  7. Nice start to the week:Gridman entertains with this 11 letter grid

  8. Delightful, quick crossword from the Master. Thank you.

  9. Word play and enjoyable Surfaces take us to the answers!Enjoyed solving this one. Thanks GM