Tuesday, 21 June 2016

No 11732, Tuesday 21 Jun 2016, Gridman

1   Run on the bank finished, predator comes back (8) OVERFLOW {OVER}{WOLF<=}
6   Lima man protecting Muslim leader (4) IMAM [T]
9   One that brings together is the squad at the hospital department (6) UNITER {UNIT}{ER}
10 Takes in I am a little short, not completely primo (7) IMBIBES {I'M}{BIt}{BESt}
13 If one has __ __, one cannot continue to track the spoor (4,5) LOST SCENT [FITB]
14 Smut provided by regular girlie magazine's cover and back (5) GRIME {GiRlIe}{Ma...nE}
15 Possesses topless dresses (4) OWNS gOWNS
16 Men, in style, in camaraderie (10) FELLOWSHIP {FELLOWS}{HIP}
19 Ennoble any stray old queen (4,6) ANNE BOLEYN*
21 Maiden figures in one high point (4) ACME {AC{M}E}
24 Lobbies for political ousters as leader is banished (5) URGES pURGES
25 In the opening of novel, queen is disguised as guardian (9) CHAPERONE {ER} in {CHAP ONE}
26 Shrink's led away after primarily dubious victory (7) DWINDLE {Du...s}{WIN}{LED*}
27 Individual, nicest, not new in turning to be most reserved (6) ICIEST {I+nICEST}*
28 At hand, beastly sound heard (4) NIGH (~neigh)
29 Exercises for journalists covering banquet, for example (5-3) PRESS-UPS {PRES{S-UP}S}

2   I came (in Rome) with boy for meat (7) VENISON {VENI}{SON}
3   Half a side, among others, is to undergo a second exam (6) RETEST {RE{TEam}ST}
4   Repast regal male laid out (5,4) LARGE MEAL*
5   Said to rubbish where spare tyres may be found (5) WAIST (~waste)
7   Having crowd mentality, bomb his settlement (7) MOBBISH*
8   Emirate specs altered for great works of art (12) MASTERPIECES*
11 A pair of giants in card game (3,3) BIG TWO [DD]
12 Unexpectedly, a lead unfolds dramatically (3,2,1,6) ALL OF A SUDDEN*
17 Stores no opener, apart from theatre offerings (4,5) LAYS APART {pLAYS A PART} (Addendum - LAYS ASIDE {pLAYS ASIDE}
18 Mistreated sailor with American journalist (6) ABUSED {AB}{US}{ED}
20 Player growing up with girl's shrewish activity (7) NAGGING {N}{AG{G}ING}
22 Cuts actor-politician-editor’s writing on display (5,2) CHOPS UP {CHO}{PS} {UP}
23 Stands up to cries of disgust of the French first (6) DEFIES {DE}{FIES}
25 On air for a song is a bird's cry (5) CHEEP (~cheap)



  1. Replies
    1. I guess it is typo, col. The PART is already in the clue

    2. Thanks, was doing it on the train so didn't pay attention to the crossings. Should have realised Gridman wouldn't have APART in the clue as well as the solution

    3. Appreciations to Col. The trains may run late. But he makes appearance exactly at 8.30 AM

  2. 28 At hand, beastly sound heard (4) NIGH (~neigh)

    Not sure if NEIGH is a homophone of NIGH.

    1. Neigh is pronounced as (nā) and Nigh as (nī)

    2. agree with you- granted p(h(o)n)etic cryptic licence to Gridman.

    3. Deepak : Was epeting ypu to call me when you were in CBE ! Next time , make sure that you get an entry visa from me !

    4. Sorry about that. Was busy meeting up with classmates and finalising arrangements for our school batch Golden Jubilee next year

  3. A good puzzle as ever from Gridman and very enjoyable too. The one I couldn't parse was CHAPERONE.
    My COD is 5Dn WAIST. Initially thought of MRF Tyres!

  4. Could do without much reference. Very happy. Thanks GM!

  5. I guessed chaperone with queen being er. But, couldn't understand how "chap one" came about. Could someone kindly explain? Thanks.

    1. Opening of novel..chapter one shortened to chap one

  6. Nice one..this 12 letter grid

  7. A standard Gridman :) Liked it .. rather nice and very neat clues