Saturday, 25 June 2016

No 11736, Saturday 25 Jun 2016, Buzzer


1 Crew without leader falling to pieces (6) RAGGED {bRAGGED}
5 Bus on the way back expected to overrun (6) SUBDUE {SUB<=}{DUE}
10 Is lay sung out of tune unattractive? (4,2,3) UGLY AS SIN {IS LAY SUNG}*
11 Help carry out present (5) SERVE (MD)
12 Percussion instrument set, a blaring to get over (5) TABLA (T)
13 Inebriated are elated with one supplying drink (3-6) TEA-DEALER {ARE ELATED}*
14 Shame with dupe crossing all limits to overact (3,2,2)  HAM IT UP {sHAMe wITh dUPe}
16 Ending in picture is artificial (7) PLASTIC {P{LAST}IC}
18 Missile shot packing power to kill (7) TORPEDO {TOR{P}E}{DO}
20 Disliked person sadly saidI must be leaving soon” (2-3-2) SO-AND-SO {SAiD+SOON}*
21 Display skin for the audience in this occupation (9) CHAUFFEUR {~SHOW FUR}
23 Hybrid car noises muffled frequently (5) CROSS {CaRnOiSeS}
25 Be an uninitiated bigot (5) EXIST {sEXIST}
26 Gradual loss of charm's heartbreaking for one (9) ATTRITION {ATTR{-ac+I}TION}
27 Master's run in a golf club (6) MASHIE {MA}{S}{HIE}
28 Rage of being comparatively thin, not large (6) SIMMER {SlIMMER}


2 Mostly excuse hugging date spontaneously (2,3) AD LIB {A{D} LIBi}
3 Tipsy aunt eager to provide assurance (9) GUARANTEE {AUNT EAGER}*
4 Data encryption standard 1024 bits, best for a computer (7) DESKTOP {DES}{K}{TOP}
5 Light source, small one missing initially in circuit (3-4) SUN-LAMP {S}{UN}{LA{Missing}P}
6 Wet meat has low temperature on the inside (5) BASTE {BAS{T}E} Correction-Removed the extraneous marking for 'has'. See comments
7 New neutral editor for Independent (9) UNRELATED {NEUTRAL}*{ED}
8 Fair growth of trees around for environment, extremely appropriate thing (4,3,6) JUST THE TICKET {JUST}{TH{Environmen T}ICKET}
9 Big restricted zone cars pulled up to admit pedestrians ultimately (5,8) ZEBRA CROSSING {BIG r ZONE CARS}* around pedestrianS} &lit ?
15 Spoil kid turning up with it, a cocktail (9) MARGARITA {MAR}{GAR<=}{IT}{A}
17 Disorder as in march going out of step (9) ANARCHISM {AS IN MARCH}*
19 Pilot training talk is inspiring (7) OPERATE {O{PE}RATE}
20 Dark low cloud standing over river (7) STRATUS {ST{R{ATUS}
22 Fine cut to bring ... (5) FETCH {F}{ETCH}
24 ... delayed single securing a century (2,3) ON ICE {ON {I}{C}E}

Reference list

Power=P, One=I, Master=MA, Large=L
Date=D, 1024 bits=K, Small=S, One=Un, Temperature=T, Editor=Ed, Training=PE, River=R, Fine=F, A=I(A=One=I), Century=C

Color/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous



  1. 27A Needed dictionary reference. Otherwise, 100% score

  2. Superb one from Buzzer..challenging in the Southern portion but with typical Innovative wordplay..
    Enjoyed the blog.Ramesh back on Saturday after a two week break

  3. Typically good one from Buzzer.

    Don't think has' and 'for' are extraneous here resp:

    6 Wet meat has low temperature on the inside (5) BASTE {BAS{T}E} Def/ answer 'has' this anno
    8 Fair growth of trees around for environment, extremely appropriate thing (4,3,6) 'for' environment extremely: 'in' environment OR in the case of environment.

    1. Typically 's gets over this problem. I think Defn 'has' WP is questionable. I will wait for more inputs

      Here is how I interpreted 8A
      Fair growth of trees around for environment, extremely appropriate thing (4,3,6)
      Growth of trees = Thicket
      Around = C/C indicator
      For= I could not explain
      Environment extremely=ET
      Appropriate thing = Defn

      Did you take 'around for' as C/C indicator?

    2. 'for' environment extremely = extremely'for' environment = extremely'in' environment

    3. Did you take 'around for' as C/C indicator?


    4. Not clear how 'For environment extremely' can be reinterpreted as 'extremely for environment'

    5. 'For environment, extremely'

  4. On further research, has in the sense of 'made up of' makes sense as a connector. Changed the annotation.

  5. Re 27a, surface reading is good, 'environment extremely' does fetch ET, but I think 'for' has no role in WP.
    (Visited Decathlon and Play in BNG after attending a five-day wedding spread over seven days. Went to Angana, Panchavati and Sheraton.

  6. Very happening xword today from Buzzer.. just the thicket and baste my favs .. didnt realize crew was bragged .. got ragged but could not parse .. thanks.:)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Help = SERVE
      carry out = SERVE
      present = SERVE

    2. If I may add, Sir....hence (MD) shown at the end of the clue for Multiple Definition.

  8. 1 a : past tense of crow should be crowed and not crew, I think. Then Bragged cannot be replaced for crew !

    1. I think both are applicable..crowed & crew...

    2. And crew gives a wonderful surface

    3. from Chambers:

      verb (past tense crowed or crew , past participle crowed,