Monday, 27 June 2016

No 11737, Monday 27 Jun 2016, Buzzer

9   Drunk girl's base expression of defiance (2,5) SO THERE {SO T}{HER}{E}
10 Bloc to be reorganized within a month (7) OCTOBER [T]
11 Fish basket left next to small river (5) CREEL {CREEk}{L}
12 Good mikes made sound that is husky? (6,3) ESKIMO DOG*
13 Pressing very close (9) IMMEDIATE [DD]
14 Listed article got through hire (5) LEANT {LE{A}NT} (Correction - {LE{AN}T} - See comments)
15 Ancient town of North America a chasing ground (7) NALANDA {NA}{LAND}{A}
17 Joint smokers, outcasts heartily (7) HIPPIES [CD] (Addendum - {HIP}{PIpES} &lit - See comments)
19 Craze not new for following crime syndicate (5) MAFIA MA(-n+f)FIA
20 No lonely art – wrestling (3,6) NOT REALLY*
22 Fail to keep up with leaders coming out of closet so much (4,5) LOSE TOUCH {cLOSET smUCH}
24 Perhaps a book describing people in general (5) VOWEL {VO{WE}L}
25 Old currency of Switzerland coming into play (7) DRACHMA {DRA{CH}MA}
26 Essence of say new cryptic clues (7) NUCLEUS (~new){NU}{CLUES*}

1   One way to deliver different notices around college (1-7) C-SECTION {NOTICES}* around {C}
2   Jet runs into mist (6) STREAM {ST{R}EAM}
3   Label lad on narcotics as consuming poison (10) BELLADONNA [T]
4   Made rare exotic dark rum (8) DEMERARA*
5   Biscuit company native to Oklahoma (6) COOKIE {CO}{OKIE}
6   Anything tiny or microscopic primarily (4) ATOM Acrostic &lit
7   A shoot, routine mostly in national capital (3,5) ABU DHABI {A}{BU D}{HABIt}
8   Frequency appropriate for alarm (6) FRIGHT {F}{RIGHT}
14 A kiss it is said, lacking conviction (3,7) LIP SERVICE [CD] [C&DD] See comments
16 Total duration of pain (self-inflicted) (8) LIFESPAN*
17 Hearts eager for becoming a couple (8) HITCHING {H}{ITCHING}
18 Special peripherals on young schoolgirl's telescope (8) SPYGLASS {SP}{YounG}{LASS}
19 Illness possibly overpowering boy (6) MALADY {MA{LAD}Y}
20 Sweet nothing, a must for husband (6) NOUGAT NOUG(-h+a)AT
21 Subdued mischievous Norse deity soundly (3-3) LOW-KEY (~loki)
23 Essentially horns on head covering up a wild goat (4) TAHR {hoRns}{HAT} <=



  1. Lovely one as usual from Buzzer.
    14D I had it ad CD&D

  2. 17 Joint smokers, outcasts heartily (7) HIPPIES [CD]

    I took this to be: {HIP}{PI(-p)ES}

  3. 14 Listed article got through hire (5) LEANT {LE{A}NT}


    10A T ind position is correct?

    1. 10A reg T ind...can't say if it is right or wrong...but the surface reading led me to think...I must reorganize 'to be' to put in a month to get the meaning of Block...when taken as definition. I did get the correct answer much later!

    2. Re your query on T ind in 10a. I understand what you mean but I think this kind of position too is used - the fodder preceding the ind. I welcome opinions from others.

    3. No problem with the indicator foll the fodder. It has been used for container type clues so I feel it's fine here.

    4. For container type clues it works right ..

      A B in C = A, B in(A) for C?

      But A in B cannot be B(answer) inside A for T clues, correct?

  4. Lovely puzzle as ever from Buzzer. Managed to complete it...a rare far as his CWs are concerned! My COD was 7Dn ABU DHABI. Thanks Buzzer for making it my day!

  5. Some very smooth surfaces from Buzzer.. Eskimo Dog.. husky with the mike surface; c-section being coupled with delivery of notices .. Lifespan very philosophical !! Way to go Buzzer !