Thursday, 30 June 2016

No 11740, Thursday 30 Jun 2016, Arden

Tough going today. 

6   Caracas — not as bad a capital (5) ACCRA CARACas*
7   Soldiers pick soldier among soldiers as troop leader (8) REGIMENT {RE}{GI}{MEN}{T}
10 Under order to housekeeping staff attached to hotel (7) BENEATH {BE NEAT}{H}
11 Polished hair setter about to come in shortly (7) GENTEEL {ENTEr} in {GEL}
12 Chosen girl, it's what every one will get (7) INHERIT {IN}{HER}{IT}
13 Under flowing stream only he performs so well (7) MAESTRO {STREAM}*{O}
14 Strips, to commit debauchery (5,6) SLEEP AROUND {PEELS<=}
19 Works in the back with a piece of canvas (7) TOPSAIL {OPS} in {TAIL}
21 It's not there in another identical country (7) ICELAND iDENtICAL*
23 He hasn't finished service period — period (7) CHAPTER {CHAP}{TERm}
25 Gone out taking everything on a ship (7) GALLEON {ALL} in {GONE}*
26 Port and quarter litre wine (8) MUSCATEL {MUSCAT}{E}{L}
27 They are thought to be inside a school (5) IDEAS [T]

1   One therefore goes under power plant (8) ACANTHUS {AC}{AN}{THUS}
2   No leader in Palestine territory can enter — except the marketplace (6) BAZAAR {gAZA} in {BAR}
3   Lay with 23, copy or like the original? (10) ARCHETYPAL {LAY+CHAPTER}* Copy is the Anind?
4   Highly excited — it's past midnight (4) AGOG {AGO}{niGht}
5   It's a crime to finance, getting 2000 % in exchange... (6) ?N?E?T (Addendum - INCEST IN(-v+c)CEST - See comments)
6   ...although it takes one pound to collaborate (6) ALBEIT {A}{L}{BE IT}? Not sure of Anno (Addendum - {A}{LB}{TIE}<= - See comments)
8   Winter wear for football team having a drink (7) MANTEAU {TEA} in {MAN U}
9   Boat collects from bottom (5) SLOOP <=
13 Boy and girl bearing harness (10) MARTINGALE {MARTIN}{GAL}{E} Had to cheat for this one

15 Give up cold drink — it's inside (7) ELASTIC {IT'S} in {C}{ALE}<=
16 Complaint — playing side is a stakeholder (8) DIABETES {A}{BET} in {SIDE}*
17 Fix a piece of wood (5) STICK [DD]
18 Fuss over transgression by a young man (6) ADONIS {ADO}{SIN<=}
20 Harry switching sides in European capital (6) PLAGUE P(-r+l)LAGUE
22 Sweet girl from bottom to top (6) ECLAIR (+e)ECLAIR(-e)
24 Estimate speed (4) RATE [DD]


  1. Replies
    1. But there's no relation between V and C in the clue

    2. Anno not convincing. Arden was a bit more convoluted than usual. Srividya was averse to my idea of expressing 'Like'. I don't think she will mind my saying that I dislike Arden's setting today.

  2. 6D: Took it as (A)(LB)(EIT<) COLLABORATE=TIE UP

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  4. Agree with Col's tag line. Some really enjoyable clues and a few that I found somewhat vague. E.g. 10A - I personally found it bit of a stretch to derive BE NEAT from "Order to Housekeeping Staff". Another example is 12A, INHERIT does not really mean what "what everyone will get". What do others think?

    1. GET= INHERIT, I reckon ? EVERYONE is redundant !

      It took quite a bit of cerebral work to complete today's crossie.

      14 Strips, to commit debauchery (5,6) SLEEP AROUND {PEELS<=} strips- peels-fine, but where is the reversal indicator? uber-cryptic?

      ARDEN with a hardened head ? Reading ARDEN's mind is beyond telepathy !

    2. SLEEP AROUND or SLEEP Reversed = PEELS

    3. I get your poin but a bit convoluted , don't you think?

  5. Tough one today. Enjoyed it.
    On 12 a. What every will get leads to 'inheritance'
    On 15d : Give = Elasticity ? or Elastic?

  6. Some rather odd clueing today .. but what the heck.. tat adds some spice right? Yep Be neat .. ha ha..Give elasticity...the invest/incest thing.. O for only as part of anagram fodder.. and not sure where the E in Martingale comes from.. so as i said a bit odd.. but in a way fun

  7. 3 Lay with 23, copy or like the original? (10) ARCHETYPAL {LAY+CHAPTER}* Copy is the Anind?

    Copy imitation or a reproduction of an original. Source Freedic. So 'copy' could be an anind, I feel.