Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2897), Sunday 12 Jun 2016

1   Coherent quality in broadcast I idly cut (8) LUCIDITY*
5   Lie about strength of character (5) FIBRE {FIB}{RE}
9   Struggle, untrained, to reverse (3) WAR <=
10 Ponder about alternative hospital for community (11) BROTHERHOOD {BR{OTHER}{H}OOD}
11 Nothing in dive except for pub area (6,3) LOUNGE BAR {L{O}UNGE} {BAR}
12 American man with right conduct (5) USHER {US}{HE}{R}
13 Strange air, to me, in popular tribute (13) COMMEMORATION {AIR+TO+ME}* in {COMMON}
17 Prepare for action decided by editor in rough sketch (5,3,5) CLEAR THE DECKS {CLEAR} {TH{E D}ECKS*}
19 Top grade in final phase (5) ALPHA [T]
21 Perform within rules, so unhappily lacking perfume (9) ODOURLESS {DO}in {RULES+SO}*
23 Beams from bright sun initially catching opponent (11) CANTILEVERS {C{ANTI}LEVER}{Sun}
24 Leaders in triumph on reaching peak (3) TOR Acrostic
25 Variable luck, ignoring tips about plant (5) YUCCA {Y}{lUCk}{CA}
26 Mean to protect half of rare fish (8) STINGRAY {STING{RAre}Y}

1   Sadly dwell on party's end indecently (6) LEWDLY {DWELL*}{p..tY}
2   Automobile book, relative gem (9) CARBUNCLE {CAR}{B}{UNCLE}
3   First performance mostly good and free from faults (5) DEBUG {DEBUt}{G}
4   One fixing problems with nose after time and money (14) TROUBLESHOOTER {T}{ROUBLES}{HOOTER}
5   Conventional treatment of locum, fair (9) FORMULAIC*
6   Stand and kick hard (5) BOOTH {BOOT}{H}
7   Constant, objective university group (8) ENDURING {END}{U}{RING}
8 Stirring words of hero set in outlaw band's domain (8,6) SHERWOOD FOREST*
14 Spoil resolution about start of abstinence with a cocktail (9) MARGARITA {MAR}{G{Ab...e}RIT}{A}
15 Script one prepared for examiner (9) INSPECTOR*
16 Rough fracas, finally memorable, involving Romeo (8) SCRATCHY {f...aS}{C{R}ATCHY}
18 Bird in very large quarry (6) OSPREY {OS}{PREY}
20 Film disrupted by an alarm (5) PANIC {P{AN}IC}
22 Increased offer is enticing to some extent (5) RISEN [T]



  1. Excellent one. Quite satisfying. Last one to tall was SCRATCHY.

  2. Quite an enjoyable one. Had to spend more time in SW corner. YUCCA was the LOI.