Monday 6 December 2010

No 10017, Monday 06 Dec 10, Sankalak

Posting from Ahmedabad, have come here to attend the wedding of a friend's daughters.
1   - Ram is touched, being unable to hold things (14) - {BUTTER}{FINGERED} Put Batter initially and was stuck for ages.
8   - A Persian or a Kashmiri, carrying a jacket (6) - ANORAK [T]
9   - A cheese to make half of them crazy (8) - {thEM}{MENTAL}
11 - Man included in unexpected payment is friendly and cheerful (9) - {BON{HOMO}US} Kishore comes to mind straight away
12 - End of the round: let out heat maybe and resign (5) - {D}{EMIT}
13 - An isolated group to leave North Carolina in confusion (7) - E(NC)LAVE*
15 - A change of which may help in improving health (7) - SCENERY [CD]
17 - When there is an excess, somehow use muscle (7) - {GLUT}{EUS*}
19 - Choose a number, English, as a tool (7) - {PICK}{A}{X}{E}
21 - A language for the French to preserve (5) - {LA}{TIN}
23 - Protecting New Delhi, IG's vexed (9) - SHIELDI(N)G*
25 - Ignore CO going crazy about mountain-building (8) - OROGENIC* New word for me
26 - Fairy with a grudge about queen (6) - {SP{R}ITE}
27 - Not having enough food, our nun is herded out (14) - UNDERNOURISHED*
1   - Prickly shrub causes bishop to take a long walk (7) - {B}{RAMBLE}
2   - Norse god, new to annoyance (5) - {THOR}{N}
3   - Add detail to English research place, make a speech (9) - {E}{LAB}{ORATE}
4   - Retribution that seems in order (7) - NEMESIS*
5   - Journalist goes across people to make improvements (5) - {E{MEN}D}
6   - A name to be fashioned for a disease-causing organism (9) - ENTAMOEBA*
7   - How might one deny a charge, even lightly, heartlessly (6) - {FLAT}{LightlY}
10 - A problem, say, for a few (4) - SOME (~sum)
14 - Add up feathers — in preparation for a rocket launch? (9) - {COUNT}{DOWN}
16 - Pity, a clue wasted on these trees (9) - EUCALYPTI*
17 - Vexation over a measure still used in America (6) - {GALL}{ON}
18 - Several sittings go to make it up in Parliament (7) - SESSION [CD]
19 - A bucket lacking shine, reportedly (4) - PAIL (~pale)
20 - Very studious person, say, with good brain (7) - {EG}{G}{HEAD}
22 - She is pleasant about everything to start with (5) - {NI{E}CE}
24 - Kind of coffee for girl with headache starting (6) - {IRIS}{H}


  1. Hi
    Nice rounded puzzle.
    Maxim for the day: It is EMMENTAL that an UNDERNOURISED person cannot have a maximum GLUTEUS maximus. However, I feel , since IRISH coffee can cure headaches, 24a can be &lit too. OROGENIC was guessed but had to be confirmed by Google.

  2. Steady puzzle is what came to my mind.

    @Colonel : Reactions have been withdrawn since they were proven to be riggable ?

  3. Thanks, Deepak, for the nice words from the 'bad place. Talking of 'bad, I recall Hyder-a-bad had a locality called Hyder-good-a (misspelled ? &lit? here)

  4. Nice puzzle...

    Thought it was tougher than usual Sankalak. Some new words for me - like ANORAK, EMMENTAL, BONOHOMOUS and OROGENIC.

    Liked 16A the best. Nice surface.

  5. Bhavan: So we are now riding in the same di-rigible? Dinghy state of affairs, what ?

  6. 11a, In this month, unexpected (for some expected ?) windfall reminds me of Asterix's character 'Christmasbonus', who appeared in the very first book Asterix the Gaul.

  7. Bhavan, so you have hit landfall ?

  8. Re 18d:
    Several sittings or uproars?

  9. CV: I think, standings ( a la committees ) and rushing into wells of houses is more like it.

  10. No, more like two words in marathi :P

  11. Maaala Marathi Maayit nahi, Bhavan. Kasaala sanghla tumi ?

  12. May be this might have made it clearer :

    ki shor?

    And no, my knowledge of Marathi is strictly rudimentary. Can understand some, but can't speak.

  13. Bhavan, You were commenting on what noise, I think, whereas I read it as shore after our nautical outing.

  14. @Kishore, it was meant to be a DD, but turned out to be misguided. I take it back : )

  15. Any DD is welcome, whether it is in INR, USD or whatever ! Once received, cannot be returned, will be banked :-)

  16. Here's a fit case for elipses, though not used, in today's Telegraph CW from Orkut:

    7 They have lots to offer ... (11)
    8 ...Struck by the way a sale may be concluded (7,4)

  17. How do we get Butter in Butterfingered?

  18. Butter is one that butts like a ram

  19. Read a comma after the butts

  20. Allquiet on the Crossword front. I suppose it will remain so for this week with Sankalak around.

  21. After 17a today, Suresh's reference to butts was hilarious.

  22. Kishore. Hilarity not intended, but....
    who is the butt of the joke

  23. Today's crossie was really tough. Wonder how Col solved it before 830am. My sincere admiration.

    New words for me

    GLUTEUS (one of the longest and strongest muscle in the human body)



    With Col giving the links it is really helpful for guys like me who solve some in the morning and try to learn the rest at night!

    Good job Col. Continue your good work.

  24. Suresh, intended or not, if we get to the bottom of it, we will know who was behind it.

  25. nice puzzle! delayed reactions from me! :)
    i got barely 3-4 clues yesterday. was drawing a total blank. hit it again this morning (am paper's been coming in very late, thx to rains), and was able to solve almost the entire grid!

    I must be a schizophrenic!!! :)