Monday 27 December 2010

No 10035, Monday 27 Dec 10, Gridman

1   - Brightness of artist, Bob, embracing one (8) - {RA}{D{I}ANCE}
5   - National, one following you old fellows (6) - {YE}{MEN}{I}
10 - Eminent composer gets learner and maiden out of confused state (7) - MAElSTROm
11 - Be calm, I fixed the apparatus (7) - ALEMBIC*
12 - Montaigne maybe confused, but left not a riddle (6) - ENIGMAnot*
13 - Inhabitants of the novel New Forest (8) - CHILDREN [CD] Thanks to Google
15 - Mark of the French leaving plan (4) - deSIGN
16 - What's on the board when the innings ends (5,5) - FINAL SCORE [CD]
18 - Yet it's the busy tongues that produce what may be fodder for a columnist (4,6) - IDLE GOSSIP [CD]

20 - You — to whom what's on the beach is grand! (4) - THOUsand
23 - Brown's essence covering tip of noodle is most piquant (8) - {TAN}{GI{E}ST}
24 - Saw parent breaking down (6) - TREPAN*
26 - Entertainment of Karnataka artist all right to end of performance (7) - {KA}{RA}{OK}{E}
27 - Rice for mother in Indian slum (7) - {BAS{MA}TI}
28 - The kind of food for one who does not want to put on (3-3) - NON-FAT [CD]
29 - Support for pose adopted by America's leading lover (8) - {ESPO*}{USA}{L}
1   - Bottom the Spanish son thrusts against family, one of little stature (15) - {RUMP}{EL}{S}{TILTS}{KIN}
2   - When intake is controlled (7) - DIETING [CD]
3   - Troublesome maths a problem that leaves one breathless (6) - ASTHMA*
4   - Boast about bank (4) - {C}{ROW}
6   - I told girls it assists sight (8) - (~i){EYE}{G}{LASS}
7   - Halt! Proceed after amber changes! (7) - {EMBAR*}{GO}
8   - Emerge clean in question, though it's of little importance (15) - INCONSEQUENTIAL*
9   - Win sabash' for designing bathroom fixture (9) - WASHBASIN*
14 - No journey can be afoot without one taking it (5,4) - FIRST STEP [CD]
17 - A nearly stern, firm, law proclaimed endlessly by old Roman general (8) - {A}{GRIm}{CO}{LAw}
19 - What hit films enjoy on screens (4,3) - LONG RUN [CD]
21 - Groups of seven informed team leader on publicity materials (7) - {HEP}{T}{ADS}
22 - Forces cleaned out wall painting (6) - FRESCO*
25 - I begin to brush one's bird (4) - {I}{B}{I'S} Shown below is the Scarlet Ibis from Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Good Morning

    1D was tearjerker for me. Never heard of it. Actually it spoilt the sport today. Right vertical is an easy picking. Agricola, Heptads all deceptive.

    Otherwise a nice one. Why i being the first one to comment?


  2. No comments so far for an excellent puzzle from Gridman :(. 1 D was tough

  3. Hi, can you help with the below clues
    1A - Brightness of artist, Bob, embracing one
    What is the connection between Bob & Dance?
    5A - National, one following you old fellows
    How does "you" translate to "YE" in this clue?
    20A - You — to whom what's on the beach is grand!
    What indicates removal of "sand" in this clue?

  4. Hi AVK,
    1.bob up and down means dance.
    5.Ye is old word for you. (Clue says you old)
    20.You- to whom what's on the beach means when we add Thou to sand (whats on the beach)gets thousand which is grand.

  5. AVK,

    Bob is synonymous with dance

    Ye is you in old English

    In 20a there is mo removal, but if you add sand to thou you will get thousand which is a grand.

  6. thanks for the explanation

  7. Is it the holiday spirit that's made regulars here take a break from crosswords? Not a whole lot of activity happening in the orkut forums either.

  8. 8 Across of Daily Telegraph.
    Found drug in packing case (6). {cr{e}ate}. Can someone please tell me how 'e' is an abbreviation for drug ?

  9. Tx for the beautiful pic of the scarlet ibis, it's magnificent!

  10. Ajeesh,

    E stands for the drug 'Ecstasy'

  11. CHILDREN was a guess. Hadn't heard of TREPAN and ALEMBIC, but the crossings helped. I missed out on YEMENI since I was thinking along the lines of *EDESI! Otherwise I found the clues pretty straightforward.

  12. As for the lack of posts today, Kishore will likely not be posting until New Years' Eve, so that's a cut in the comments of about 50% per day. :D

  13. What I have missed so far in Gridman's current stint is the use of British slang (some archaic) in the clues.

  14. Navneeth has got his math right ;-).

    Contributing my tithe for the day inspite of not trying todays & yesterdays (both) puzzles. Will try all on 31st.

    RUMPELSTILTSKIN came with the following anno in the FT one linked by Bhavan 2 days back:
    RUMP (bottom)-ELS (Golfer), TILTS (leans), KIN (relative). I am dead sure of the anno, but not sure if I remember the clue right.

  15. It was an asterisked clue in FT.
    *Bottom golfer leans on family (15)

  16. Merrily the feast I’ll make,
    Today I’ll brew, tomorrow bake.

    Merrily I’ll dance and sing,
    For next day will a stranger bring.

    Little does my Lady dream,
    Rumpelstiltskin is my name!

  17. Am involved in a cat and mouse game...