Saturday 11 December 2010

No 10022, Saturday 11 Dec 10, Sankalak

NJ Games will begin from Monday!!
1   - Money earned but not from a job and not just what a soldier makes (7,6) - {PRIVATE} {INCOME}
9   - Sort of music, true recipe for ecstasy (7) - {RAP}{TURE*}
10 - Counteract, in full, unknown eccentric (7) - {NULLIF*}{Y}
11 - Treat savagely engineer accepting odd rituals (9) - {B{RUTALIS*}E}
12 - Nut initially cultivated in a region (5) - {ARE{C}A}
13 - Journalist breathes his last in currents (6) - {ED}{DIES}
14 - Rocky thing going round the sun, a medicinal compound (7) - {A}{STEROID}
17 - Detective, English, gets back into clean cosmetic treatment (8) - {P{E}{DIC<-}URE}
19 - Plant part (bract) found in a track in the South-east (6) - {S{PATH}E}
23 - Vagrant's craft (5) - TRAMP [DD]
25 - Subject of experiments, said to be a West African porker (6,3) - {GUINEA} {PIG}
26 - The significance of almost unadulterated wine (7) - {PURe}{PORT}
27 - Question the family to find a plant (7) - {PUMP}{KIN}
28 - Find insects at play — they get rid of germs (13) - DISINFECTANTS*
1   - The Prodigal Son, say (7) - PARABLE [CD]
2   - Put in confinement, I am vigorously beaten (9) - {I'M}{POUNDED}
3   - Overly praise and laud tea-blend (7) - ADULATE*
4   - One of two that come down in sleep (7) - EYELID [CD]
5   - The sort of verse to show absurdity (8) - NONSENSE [E]
6   - Kola (with ice) developed as feed for livestock (7) - OILCAKE*
7   - Once a French island into which Bonaparte was sent (5) - {EX}{ILE}

8   - Undisciplined manner followed by one under guardianship (7) - {WAY}{WARD}
15 - Frank is candid (9) - OUTSPOKEN [DD]
16 - A resort, they say, to bring cheer (8) - (~brighton) BRIGHTEN
17 - Up? Not up, but somehow taken advantage of (3-4) - PUT-UPON*
18 - Generous policeman with promises to pay (7) - {COP}{IOUS}
20 - Forestall temper erupting about start of pilgrimage (7) - {PREEM{P}T*}
21 - They make things go (7) - ENGINES [CD]
22 - Depression, an attraction on a face? (6) - DIMPLE [DD]
24 - Broadcast by our radio journalist (5) - {AIR}{ED}


  1. A mixed one today. Some clues were really easy and some were tricky.

    Liked EXILE the best.

    Don't get 4D EYELID. Why one of two?

  2. VJ,
    Because they come in pairs eyelids, lips, ears and so on...

  3. I believe dimples do fall in the faces of some men too.
    Perhaps the Col. did not get a pic readily.
    A male relative of mine has it.
    Say 'dimple' and immediately you might think of Preity Zinta or a female reporter on NDTV (can't remember the name).
    Does the Kapadia woman have one?
    Can you name a prominent male personality in India who has a dimple - I mean 'dimples' (I believe they always come in a pair).

  4. CV,
    Not necessarily in pairs, Preity Zinta in the image above has only one.
    Dimple has a Dimple one on her chin if you can call that a Dimple!!

  5. yes it is Tamil Film actor Prabhu

  6. Can anyone give me the date of this blog where we discussed Chambers crossword in detail.
    I need to provide a link to that to someone who has queried about a good dictionary for crossword solving.
    If they like, they may post post it directly in the Comments section of Shuchi's latest post in her blog (link in left panel here).

  7. Thanks Deepak, yea but reading the clue gave me the impression that I gotta look for the only one (out of the two) that comes down in sleep.

  8. Able was I ere I saw Elba

    The palindromic response of Nap the first time he was exiled.

    14a rocked

    5d reminded me of my all time favourite from Kennedy:

  9. CV, I dont know if you noticed, my younger son Kuldeep has the most prominent dimples...

    Rajesh Khanna is an actor who has (had ?) only one Dimple. So they do not always come in pairs...

  10. If a dimple is an attraction on a face, what's a pimple?

  11. If a dimple is an attraction on a face, what's a pimple?
    A skin blemish that needs a simple remedy.

  12. Kishore

    Thanks for the "Poem". You had promised me to send via e mail and it is good that you have posted it here for many to read and enjoy.I will try to get this by-heart.

    Elba-- I was to write this but as always you are very fast.

  13. Thanks, DDS. I believe in 'non-sense' but not the type referred to by Deepak in today's by-line, the thought itself makes strong men shudder...

  14. Kishore

    You have started the fireworks due from Monday today itself.

  15. If ya'll think NJ's works cause fireworks, well, that works for me. :-)

  16. @ CVasi Sir re: your message at 08:42, if you mean me Sir, I got the information from Bhargav Sir. He posted it in Shuchi's blog. Thanks a lot CVasi sir.

  17. Krishnan
    See further comments of mine under the relevant postin Shuchi's blog.

  18. Thanks CVasi Sir, will see it for sure.

  19. CV @ 8:42,

    The discussion on dictionaries took place on Monday 29 Non 10 here's the link to that days CW

    Monday 29 Nov 10

    The link where the Chambers dictionary is available for sale is

    Chambers Dictionary

  20. Read date as '29 Nov 10' and not '29 Non 10'

  21. Thanks a lot Colonel for the link. I have ordered it online.

  22. Got most of it on Saturday.
    Got to see the blog just now.

    Instead of ENGINES - filled it in as SIGNALS.

    For 7D, the anno. is incorrect! btw the clue in itself is incorrect....

    Once a French island into which Bonaparte was sent (5) - {EX}{ILE}

    Once = EX
    A = I
    French = LE

    EXILE = island into which Bonaparte was sent..

  23. I think Col's anno is correct. ILE is the French word for island. Bonaparte was exiled to Saint Helena. BTW EXILE is any island?