Thursday, 11 September 2014

No 11187, Thursday 11 Sep 2014, Gridman

The feel-good feeling continues with Gridman.

1 Restraint shown by soldiers almost battered in France (11) FORBEARANCE {F{OR}{BEAt}RANCE}
9 Unrestrained, a member of Parliament is engaged in tirade (7) RAMPANT {R{A}{MP}ANT}
10 One who is resting is coach (7) SLEEPER [DD]
11 It leaves one without strap (5) THONG Anno pending (Addendum - TH(-i+o)NG - See comments) I'm Amazed by the various designs for Thongs, do a google search and see them!!
12 Police Department arrested Sue wrongly on my false nomination (9) PSEUDONYM {P{USE*}D}{ON}{MY*}
13 Spin with double endlessly, right and left (5) TWIRL {TWIn}{R}{L}
15 Action taken about pamphlet is belittled (9) DETRACTED {DE{TRACT}ED}
18 Visionary's sincere innovation in physical training (9) PRESCIENT {P{SINCERE*}T}
21 State boy covers the cook (5) APRON {AP}{RON}
22 Top military officers set to lose every second bar (9) BRASSERIE {BRASS}ERIE Anno pending (Addendum - {BRASS}{sERIEs} - See comments)
24 Army officer on literary category (5) GENRE {GEN}{RE}
26 Had the recumbent one in the studio (7) ATELIER {ATE}{LIER}
27 They try out canopies over bed (7) TESTERS Second meaning is new to me
28 Disposition to moderate the last word with a bit of tolerance (11) TEMPERAMENT {TEMPER}{AMEN}{To...e}

1 Primary move in the flight? (5,4) FIRST STEP [C&DD]
2 Run into short lad — a tough guy (5) RAMBO {RAM}{BOy}
3 Like some Christians, start educating a number to be virtuous (9) EVANGELIC {Ed...g}{V}{ANGELIC}
4 Did some key work all over again (7) RETYPED [CD]
5 Just developing new climb (7) NASCENT {N}{ASCENT}
6 Aim to have the setter change text (5) EMEND {E{ME}ND}
7 A matchless woman? (8) SPINSTER [CD]
8 A measure in an Indian village (4) GRAM [DD]
14 It is a zero-calorie cooler for the drinker (3,5) ICE WATER [CD]
16 Progress of wandering angel through a continent in painlessness (9) ANALGESIA {A{ANGEL*}SIA}
17 It is laid on the table for a meal (6,3) DINNER SET [CD]
19 Body part that may have heard of the perpetration of a murder (7) EARDRUM*
20 Playhouse has the rate revised (7) THEATRE*
22 Church official loses the French rosary component (4) BEAD BEADle
23 Holy one's appeal to one new head of temple (5) SAINT {SA}{1}{N}{Te...e}
25 A relative article — not soft but a little naive (5) NIECE (-p+n)NIECE



  1. For 11A), I had the anno as {Thing -i + o} (the addition of o from with-out). Not sure if it is the intended anno though.

    1. Exactly! That was the intended anno.

  2. 22 Top military officers set to lose every second bar (9) {BRASS}{(-s)ERIE(-s)}

    1. The every second device is usually used to pick every second letter, but Gridman has cleverly used it here to delete every S

  3. Non-statutory warning issued in the interests of the well-being of members of this blog.

    Men of weak hearts are advised not to follow the second link in 11ac. lest they should have any sudden stoppage of the important organ.

    1. Are you going to insist on printing the after-effects on the pack? :-)

  4. There was a young woman of Penang
    Whose favourite garment was the thong
    Try as she might
    She could no sight
    Attract - little she knew it was wrong.

    1. There was a young siren in Chittagong,
      Who sometimes wore a teeny thong,
      When she was on the beach,
      So many men would reach,
      The beach, that the queue was pretty long.

  5. Would have been 100% if not for TESTERS. I didn't know the second meaning EITHER (like today's blogger), so oscillated between TESTERS and TASTERS.

  6. There was a poor young man of Penang
    Whose strides were steady and strong;
    Once as he walked
    He suddenly halted -
    For, on one of his feet there was no thong.

    1. A singer from Hong-Kong,
      Her name is Linda Wong,
      A lisping boy,
      Very very coy,
      Requested her to thing a thong!

      I am ref. to and not The second link goes with CV's non statutory warning. Incidentally the first LW sang a racy version of a personal favourite (though I am unable to locate it on YouTube) , but I prefer the original slower version from Teresa Teng

    2. Enjoyed the lilting song by Teresa Teng. Thanks Kishore. :)

    3. That's the only song I've ever sung publicly !

    4. Good to know you are a singer too ! :)

    5. I most certainly am not! Please note use of the word 'only' in above. It was Bangkok and I was wooed into Karaoke by a Chinese friend called Susan Wu

  7. Nice one from Gridman. Thoroughly enjoyed it 100% Thank you Gridman. :-)))

  8. Thanks for the entertaining limericks guys :)

  9. Thank you very much Mr.Gridman. I completed in ten minutes flat and did not have to seek dictionary or google search. You made my day today.

  10. While on the subject of THONGS, here is an interesting query :

    What do thongs and barbwire have in common?

    They both protect the property without blocking the view.

    1. Tut tut, MB. They both protect properly without ....

  11. :-) View has already been provided by the links!

  12. “But he who dares not grasp the thorn
    Should never crave the rose.”
    ― Anne Brontë