Friday, 5 September 2014

No.11182, Friday 05 Sep 2014,Gridman

Our Guru, Grandmaster Gridman, presents a master-stroke in today's Teachers' Day special with all the across clues fitting the theme to a 'T'.
Setter's note: T stands for the same word, unstated, that is the definition

1 Journalist I met with unusual fire is a T (7) EDIFIER (ED I FIRE*)
5 T given millions for a flower (6) MASTER (M ASTER)
BION: I studied in Little Flower School in Hyderabad for some time. The remaining time I was just goofing around
9 Proclaimer of the gospel could be a T (8) PREACHER (CD)
10 T in medical officer's hospital department (6) DOCENT (DOC ENT)
12 T with strange idea (4) AIDE (IDEA*)
13 Rebellious tots incur rector's first displacement (10) INSTRUCTOR (TOTS INCUR R)* Somewhere down the line the T seems to have disappeared and ended up with two aninds! Or am I missing something?
17 T's joke said in the French language (6) PUNDIT (PUN DIT)
19 Went for a dip with one T (5) SWAMI (SWAM I)
21 T youth leader left out of novel tryout (5) TUTOR (TRyOUT)*
23 T meets people with eminence (6) MENTOR (MEN TOR)
26 More than one T gaped awkwardly at topless rascals (10) PEDAGOGUES (GAPED* rOGUES)
29 T leads to good, utterly remarkable upshots (4) GURU (acrostic)
31 Cowards lose time for more than one T (6) RABBIS (RABBItS)
33 Censor involved in rude transfer of T (8) EDUCATOR (CATO in RUDE*)
34 Muslim T to sing about everyone on return (6) MULLAH (HUM around ALL)<
35 T, with squad's primary ahead, would become one tight (7) TRAINER (sTRAINER)

2 Fears lock falling from 'jata' (6) DREADS (DREADlockS)
3 Bit of truth from female's performance (4) FACT (F ACT)
4 “__ __ the sky”: spy satellite (3,2) EYE IN (fitb)
6 It's a Chennaivasi holding bag (3) SAC (T)
7 Baloney on mountain climb (3) ROT (TOR<)
8 Talk about southern summit (5) SPEAK (S PEAK)
10 Beetle let out from entrance (3) DOR (DOoR)
11 One who gets into the frame in addition (5) EXTRA (CD,DD)
14 Giant brought it up to brown (5) TITAN (IT< TAN)
15 Right help in police action (4) RAID (R AID)
16 Contented sound high up with luxury car (4) PURR (UP< RR)
18 “Joltin' Joe” picked by Hindi brain (5) DIMAG (Joe DiMaggio) A Hindi word, actually, but we might overlook this given the exigencies of the across gridfills. Don't see a need to create a storm in the T cup...
19 Far from fleet? (4) SLOW (CD, opposite of fast=far from fleet)
20 Favourites move up in dance unit (4) STEP (PETS<)
22 __ __ a film is to add sound to it (2,3) TO DUB (fitb)
24 Noise from saint caught up in regulation (6) RUSTLE (ST in RULE)
25 Ask question on Eastern Railway (5) QUERY (QU E RY)
27 Brief approvals? (3) OKS (E)(=OKAYS)
28 The Spanish and German higher-up (5) ELDER (EL DER)
30 Play opener from contract industry (3,1) ACT I (T)
31 Strange tailend chopped (3) RUM (RUMp)
32 Nearly hesitate in French dance (3) BAL (BALk)



  1. Happy teachers day to the two Gitas that I know

    1. Already off to College, will convey your message. Pl also wish your teacher too, the one who taught you:

      I'm a little teapot
      Short and stout
      Here is my handle
      Here is my spout

      When I get all steamed up
      Hear me shout:
      Tip me over
      and pour me out!

  2. On teacher's day, a big thank you to CV,Col., Shuchi, Kishore and all the setters of THC for teaching me the art of solving & setting CWs

    1. Completely agree except the setting part which I have not done till now.A big big thank you.

    2. +1 for Ramesh's comment &
      Thanks to all the setters & bloggers :)

  3. Happy teachers' day to all teachers who might blog here and to the spouses who are teachers. My wife's also off to school.

  4. BTW, CV is undergoing 'train'ing right now and may respond only after his 'coachíng' is complete.

  5. in 13 a probably the T turned rebellious which led to his displacement?

  6. Watching Federer come back from a seemingly hopeless position against Monfils, and doing Gridman's Teacher's Day crossword alongside - a great start to the day! :)

    I wondered about the missing T in 13, but didn't think about it too much as all the answer was clear enough.

    Thanks to Gridman, and to the blogger and cartoonist. Kishore: nice pun in your comment on the Hindi word!

    1. "...didn't think about it too much as all the answer was clear enough."

      Please ignore the 'all' in the middle of that sentence - I have no idea how it got there!

  7. Rishi's cartoon yesterday gave a hint of things to come ...

  8. He might even say "Confused, I come to bar in TN"

  9. Could score only 75%; but within an hour. Happy. Yet to learn the tricks of the trade.

  10. 22Dn : __ __ a film is to add sound to it (2,3) TO DUB (fitb)

    Took me some time to realize that (fitb) stands for 'fill in the blanks' !

    1. You are FAR better than me! But for your explanation, I could not understand it.

  11. Joke for the day - "Teachers' Day"

    Teacher: I want you to tell me the longest sentence you can think of.

    Pupil: Life imprisonment!

  12. I have heard the longest word being 'SMILES', but this is new and better. 'Mile' between the first & last letter.

  13. I tried to do an 'Abhay'- sharing time between Federe & Guruji, but soon found that I was good enough for only one. So Federer got the better of me.
    Did the CW at my own leisure (luckily it is not 11 pm like Raju!) and enjoyed the T's thouroghly.
    CV is literally my "5th Sept." as far as this blog & CW is concerned. So I ma thanking him daily.

  14. Master Kishore ( That is what one is before becoming a Mr.) seems to done more goofing than studying in Littlle Flower. Obviously the M Aster did not mind. Most times 'Live & let live' policy works.

  15. I wanted to write 'seems to have done'. Sorry for typo.

  16. Splendid. Got across all the 't's thanks to apt clues.GM has honored and marked respect to Teachers Day.Thank you GM.

  17. What a beautiful grid. Respects to all the teachers out there (I am one too sometimes...)... What is the anno for 35ac? Trainer is one tight?

  18. Happy teachers day and happy Onam to all : )