Tuesday, 30 September 2014

No 11203, Tuesday 30 Sep 2014, Vulcan

6   Largely decorated room with works of art (7) GALLERY*
7   Receive order (7) COMMAND [DD]
9   Belittle a foundation (5) ABASE {A}{BASE}
10 It leaves our mark all over (6,3) INDIAN INK [CD]
11 Backing Avatar or Public Enemies to win a fair share (3,4) PRO RATA [T]
13 Estimate of yield and profit in the end (6) BUDGET {BUDGE}{p...iT}
15 Coppola say, went ahead of time directing this classic (10,3) APOCALYPSE NOW {COPPOLA+SAY}* {NOW} How did an O become an E? (Addendum - {COPPOLA+SAY+WENt}* - See comments)
19 Whatever Solomon had perhaps Norman did too (6) WISDOM [DD]
20 Fighters on horseback left to the east, in a great ordeal (7) CAVALRY CA(-l)VA(+l)RY
23 Nourishment gotten from fruit, Iron it provides (9) NUTRITION {NUT}{IRON+IT}*
24 Old lady with UN diplomat from the east (5) NANNA <=
26 Birds flying to caves (7) AVOCETS*
27 Recipe is too complex and time consuming to make, a rice dish (7) RISOTTO {R}{IS}{OT{T}O*}

1   Appeal from section of the people affected (4) PLEA [T]
2   Swelling made one extremely uncomfortable (6) OEDEMA {MADE+OnE}*
3   In the usual way, extremely touchy picture had everybody cryin' at heart (9) TYPICALLY {TouchY}{PIC}{ALL}{crYin}
4   Green tea and rum starting to make one dizzy (8) IMMATURE {TEA+RUM+Make+1}*
5   Pal and I go down to swim in shallow waters (6,4) WADING POOL {PAL+I+GO+DOWN}*
6   Catch son leaving with dad's brandy (6) GRAPPA {GRAsP}{PA}
7   Abandon children, say (4) CEDE (~seed)
8   Information about old king living up in a North American region (6) DAKOTA {DA{K}{O}<=TA}
12 Resentment of old political leader is awkward during election (10) OPPOSITION {O}{P}{POSITION}
14 Classic main course, mostly where the focus is (9) EPICENTRE {EPIC}{cENTRE} (Addendum - {EPIC}{ENTREe} - See comments)
16 Option to include topping of chocolate and that of strawberries in a dessert (4-4) CHOC-ICES {CHO{C}-ICE}{S} That should have been 'in desserts'.
17 War ravaged and split the country (6) RWANDA {WAR}*{AND}*
18 Deputy to Prime Minister, an energetic person (6) DYNAMO {DY}{NAMO}
21 Disappear in a vehicle with one's husband (6) VANISH {VAN}{1'S}{H}
22 Bends and hits (4) TIPS [DD]
25 Sign a letter (4) NOTE [DD] ?



  1. 24a is rev. of [Kofi] ANNAN, former secretary-general of the United Nations.

  2. 15 Coppola say, went ahead of time directing this classic (10,3) APOCALYPSE NOW {COPPOLA+SAY}* {NOW} How did an O become an E?

    Here if WENT ahead of time=T is taken then WEN will replace NOW in the fodder. Maybe this was the intention of the setter.

  3. A question about clue-writing technique...

    As in 14a,. can 'mostly' refer to the latter part of a word than the first part of a word?

    In other words, can 'mostly bran' give RAN as much as it gives BRA?

    1. Similarly, we have seen "endless" in THC to remove the first letter of the word.

  4. 14 Classic main course, mostly where the focus is (9) EPICENTRE {EPIC}{cENTRE}

    I took this to be {EPIC}{ENTRE(-e)}

  5. Sandhya's Comment renders my question ineffectual, but certainly the issue raised, esp. with quite a different example of my own, may be addressed.

  6. Is 'entree' main course? Is it not a small course served before a large one?

    1. 2 chiefly US a main course ... from Chambers

    2. In the US, it is the main course.

  7. 12 Resentment of (old political leader is) awkward during election (10) OPPOSITION {O}{P}{POSITION}


    1. O(ld )P(olitical) IS * awkward is anagrind. OPTION (election) Container?

    2. If we have to take the first letters O & P, should it not be leaders?

    3. I took it as OP(PO)(SI*)tion, with PO from political leader? (Awkward will be Anind for IS)

    4. O = Old is a standard abbreviation

  8. 1 Appeal from section of the people affected (4) PLEA [T]

    In such a clue is the position of 'the' intrusive to the fodder? Isn't it unecessary in the clue or can we overlook it?

  9. I don't think there is any problem with the presence of 'the'.
    The surface reading would have been better by adding 'a' before 'section'.
    In a T clue, any extra bit after the T fodder might be frowned upon. Here that is not the case.

  10. Replies
    1. When you command respect from people, you receive respect.

  11. 7D- Children is 'seed' or 'seeds'?

    1. You may sow seed in a hurried performance in a chance encounter on the mottai madi, but the unexpected result may be a twin.

  12. 10a : what is the need for all over as part of the clue?