Tuesday, 16 November 2010

No 10000, Tuesday 16 Nov 10, Gridman

8   - Gamble taking Roy heartlessly for stage effect (3,3) - {D{RoY} ICE}
9   - Lover being reluctant, a revel is left incomplete (8) - {LOTH}{A}{RIOt}
10 - Book between Esther and Ezra (8) - NEHEMIAH [CD]
11 - One who also gets part of what's left (6) - COHEIR [CD]
12 - Greek island with a calm interior (6) - ITHACA [T]
13 - Did he mind only clean cattle? (4-4) - NEAT-HERD &lit
15 - When cells don't have enough oxygen, there's a disease within (7) - HY(POX)IA [CD]
17 - Did without new retreat in stronghold (7) - {FOR{WEN}T} New word for me
20 - One finally therefore takes reporters for coffee (8) - {E}{S{PRESS}O}
22 - British noter analysed old writer (6) - {B}{RONTE*}
23 - Conveyance said to be ample (6) - HANSOM (~handsome)
25 - Fat Bruno fixed jet engine (8) - TURBOFAN*
26 - Model French student takes one's relay (8) - {T}{ELEV{I'S}E}
27 - Enthusiast did a somersault in section of play (6) - {A{DDI*}CT}
1   - In a hasty manner, old city fellow and lady put out publicity (8) - {UR}{GENT}{LadY}
2   - One who likes to be in the multiplex milieu (6-4) - CINEMA-GOER [CD]
3   - Trainer drops the last moulded eyepiece (6) - RETINAr*
4   - Experienced person's love for learner at Bihar town ignoring graduate (3,4) - {O}{L}{D HANbaD}
5   - Animals climbed up with another animal on second of podiums and played in a detached manner (8) - {STAC<-}{CAT}{O}
6   - Leader of Secunderabad joins a quiet band (4) - {S}{A}{SH}
7   - Cable about one revolutionary leader being more lean and sinewy (6) - {WIR{I}E}{R}
14 - Polite greeting that might beget the same (3,2,3,2) - HOW DO YOU DO [CD]
16 - One is up against this disease (8) - INSOMNIA [CD]
18 - Bird foreign teachers breed? (8) - {NUT}{HATCH}
19 - What a mineral water plant does to distribute best lot (7) - BOTTLES*
21 - Influenced a head of police in backyard structure (6) -  {SH{A}{P}ED}
22 - Dresser for dandy possessing trimmed wrap (6) -  {B{UR}EAU} Anno for UR pending (Addendum - {B(fUR}EAU} - See comments)
24 - Heard movie episode is no longer secret (4) -  SEEN (~scene)


  1. Dear Deepak and all my friends here

    As this 10K landmark is passed, my congratulations to the management of The Hindu on having sustained this truly indigenous crossword over the years.

    It is also a great day for this blog. The Hindu should be be proud of this forum since it it totally dedicated to the newspaper. It might have even boosted the newspaper's readership.

    Thanks a lot, Deepak, for providing us with this great forum and bringing together hundreds of crosswords.

    Thank you all the friends here for keeping up the family spirit.

    A lovely puzzle and NINA. Thanks, Gridman.

  2. 08:33 I meant 'hundreds of crossword fans'.

  3. Colonel you might want to fix the typo in your byline from Hindi to Hindu

  4. Dresser for dandy possessing trimmed wrap (6) - {B{UR}EAU} Anno for UR pending

    From (f-)(UR) may be.

  5. Thanks Bhavan & Shyam,
    I was looking at deletion from both ends that's why I got stuck I suppose.

  6. Nice!!! Once half the puzzle is done, could easily figure out what the NINA is. So it was easy from there on.

    Congratulations to The Hindu for reaching the landmark. The best part is, it's all from our own setters. Hope more dailies follow suit.

    Liked HOW DO YOU DO. It's always short and sweet when you just repeat it.

    I thought 19D was the best. Neat surface.

  7. Animals climbed up with another animal on second of podiums and played in a detached manner (8)

    This is easily one of the longest clues I had seen from Gridman

  8. It is indeed a pleasure to have Gridman on this tenk occasion. Hats off to The Hindu for having Crosswords with that special Indian flavour. Dhanbad, Erode, Lungi, Mama, and countless more. Having had Nina for two days in a row, and having had Pinta leopards in the recent past, I am in the mood to say Santa Maria !

  9. Ten thousand(th) saw I at a glance
    Tossing its head in sprightly dance....

  10. After our discussion on corkers and uncorkers & unbottlers in the S&BII post, we have BOTTLES today

  11. I thought 5D was funny. 16 words to clue an 8 letter word.

  12. Kishore, things that are sure to catch your eye. Bottles, booties... and do we need to know more?

  13. Bhavan
    Thanks for the observation. Some other long clues by Gridman:
    9299: What might an innocent person tell the inspector at checkpost? "I don’t know the answer to your question!" (6,2)
    * * *
    7283: An eye-opener on a raw beginner and an old boy belonging to a former bureaucracy performing physical exercises (8)
    * * *
    7092: One who sets down something or one in which something is set down or even the instrument that sets something down (6)

    (Search of dB is possible with a macro written for me by Satya)

  14. May be we can do an ICW today for 10K

    Landmark figure in C-square (3,8)

  15. Congratulations to The Hindu for running the crossword, Colonel for his wonderful blog and all the setters and solvers on this landmark.

  16. VJ sorry, I meant Instant Clue Writing as CV refers it !

  17. Bhavan, Ten thousand :-)

  18. Congratulations and thank you, THE HINDU,CV,COL and all the members here, on this special day.

  19. Was busy preparing my daughter for a math test tomorrow and couldn't get onto the blog sooner.

    Kudos to The Hindu for reaching this landmark. Please keep up the awesome work.

    And Gridman, to you sir, my sincerest thanks for a thoroughly entertaining puzzle.

    Colonel, thanks to you sir, for this awesome blog and for everything you do for us here.

  20. My congratulations too, to The HINDU, and all the setters with special thanks to Gridman, Neyartha, Sankalak, Spiffytrix & Cryptonyte.
    Thanks also to all the visitors here for making this blog an enjoyable outing.

  21. Find in haunt doesn't figure (3,8)

  22. Go over to Shuchi's blog and take a test on how well you know THC. Link available in the panel on the left of this page

  23. Looks like a million without spectacles (3,8)

  24. Can I give a couple for this ICW?

    Starters of cryptic crossword solve by multiplying in number (3,8)

    Love all? Love one? Counter adds nothing to round total (3,8)

  25. Point one heard you had head buried with silica and produced a number (3,8)

    Point one, heard = 0.1 = TENTH
    you had head buried = (-y)OU
    silica = SAND

    Is that even remotely plausible as a cryptic clue?

  26. Thanks to the Metro Plus of TH about 6 months back which carried an Article on the Col's blog, my interest in CW has been rekindled. Following this bolg has become an addiction (if not on the lines of Col's Cartoon today!).S&B I gave me an opportunity to meet the most revered personality of this Blog --- Chaturvasi sir and all the avid followers who could make it to Chennai and thanks especially to Gita Iyer for that.Col has been doing a great job with his military perfection and all the daily commenters add colour and spice to this blog.

    A "Ten Thousand with spectacles" Thanks to all of you across Australia to America.

  27. 5x2k or 100^2 (3,8)

  28. THC's score today, one, nothing, zero, naught, zilch ! (3,8)

  29. Kishore
    You're talking in cypher!

  30. U2, Curriculum vitae ?

  31. Having learnt about the 9s yesterday, I had an eye out for anything that Gridman might have done to commemorate the power of ten; with only a handful of clues solved, I spotted the pattern and jotted the whole phrase down on paper, which in turn helped me in solving most of the other clues.

    Cheated on NEHEMIAH. (I initially thought the answer was the title of a work co-authored by Pound and Esther [someone]!)

    NEAT-HERD and HANSOM were new, as was LOTHARIO (and LOTH).

    Missed out on HYPOXIA (even though it was just a medical term waiting to be googled) and NUTHATCH.

    Once again -- nicely done, Gridman.

  32. Thanks to everyone for making this so enjoyable!

  33. Navneeth,you are better off than me since I missed out today also inspite of being on the lookout!! I dont know which is more enjoyable-THC,Gridman's grids,Col.'s blog or the comments therein.One thing is for sure-this blog is most useful for people like me who are learning to solve and also enjoy it.Thank you everyone.

  34. True. Even though I have made attempts to solve THC, coming very close to doing so once or twice, even before blogs existed, the 'Corner' has converted me into a 'regular'. :)

  35. THC: Where people get addicted to crosswords.
    THC Corner: Where crossword addicts get cornered.

  36. I'm a hound with the confounded cat about the first Indian channel (6)


  37. Anyone for rehab ? :-)

    Don't think so. Woh haseen dard de do, jise main gale lagaaloon... Give me that beautiful pain, which I would like to embrace...