Tuesday, 6 January 2015

No 11285, Tuesday 06 Jan 2015, Neyartha

Enjoyed Island hopping with Neyartha today. 13A and 15D though not islands are also connected to the Ocean and all these places must be having 19Ds.

7   Katie brings in one with a teasing remark briefly to the island nation (8) KIRIBATI {K{1}{RIB}ATIe}
9   Elephant keeper to back the bad actor abroad (6) MAHOUT {MAH<=}{OUT}
10 Pine inside vessel with a bloke for a breakfast dish (7,3) POACHED EGG {PO{ACHE}D} {EGG}
11 Data Taylor extracted for an informal farewell (2-2) TA-TA [T]
12 Act read out as a severe warning? (4) RIOT [CD] I would love to read this out to some people!
13 Abduct in the Chinese city (8) SHANGHAI [DD]
16 Hanging around the shipment after a female sends out the Democrat (7) LOAFING LOA(-d+f)FING
18 Group of island nations (7) OCEANIC [E] (Correction - OCEANIA [E] - See comments)
20 Witty retort from a bishop capturing the monkey returning with an informal shirt (8) REPARTEE {R{APA<=}R}{TEE} (Correction - {R{EPA<=}R}{TEE})
21 A part of Manhattan in a London district (4) SOHO [DD]
23 Gets licence after audible break down (4) PASS (~parse)
24 Article by daughter following fresh enthusiasm in the island nation (3,7) NEW ZEALAND {NEW} {ZEAL}{AN}{D}
25 Leaders of the upset volunteers are locked up in an island nation (6) TUVALU Acrostic
26 Sigh at son's participation in the hauling arrangement (8) LANGUISH {LANGUI{S}H*}

1   A piece of armour? The guest ignores it (5) VISOR VISitOR
2   Chase fir almirah made for a military officer (3,5,7) AIR CHIEF MARSHAL*
3   Polish in the German city upset after conditional return (7) FINESSE {FI<=}{NESSE<=}
4   Addictive habit making family go away results in air pollution (4) SMOG SMOkinG
5   Memories may be held in this collection of transparent sleeves (10,5) PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM [CD]
6   Couple of articles about strange rituals in the country (9) AUSTRALIA {A}{RITUALS*}{A}
8   Broker getting energy to move up in draw after losing the opener (5) AGENT mAG(+e)EN(-e)T
14 Bend to get the reportedly sacred chest (3) ARC (~ark)
15 Last letter confiscated by an irate educator in the French Riviera (4,5) COTE D'AZUR {Z in EDUCATOR*}
17 Fool used to quantify brightness? (3) NIT [DD]
19 Bismuth isolated from sick wallabies on the shoreline structure (7) SEAWALL WALLAbiES*
21 Polish minions lose power after the Navy comes in (5) SHEEN SHEE(-p+n)N
22 Revolutionary tattled on the hard grind (5) GNASH {GNAS<=}{H}
24 Announcer reveals a possible subject in the grammar class (4) NOUN [T]



  1. Took 18A as OCEANIA rather than OCEANIC

  2. Yay, for the first time breezed past a Neyartha puzzle. :)

  3. Felt that in 7A, briefly was placed from the fodder.

    1. I agree - putting the "briefly" directly after "Katie" would have made for a neater clue.

  4. My best with Neyartha!
    Missed the 'photograph' in the album. Probably I was looking for something more complicated.
    Needed an atlas rather than a dictionary! Thank you Neyartha for the Geography lesson. Enjoyed solving it today.

  5. Found it relatively easy, but didn't get a couple of answers.

  6. I think 20A needs a correction. It is epa (monkey returning = ape becoming epa and not apa). Loved the tour of islands today.

  7. Have been watching the online edition for the last 5 or 6 days and I've noticed that the link to the CW of the day appears between 8 and 8:30 AM. I wonder why they can't do so earlier

  8. Liked the puzzle, Neyartha - thank you. And thank you to DG for the blog.

    Much to my frustration, didn't get RIOT - when I saw the answer here on the blog, I kicked myself for having missed the obvious!

    1. From the phrase "read the riot act".