Sunday, 25 January 2015

No 2825, Sunday 25 Jan 2015

1   Vulnerable at home? See about vicious mongrel (8) INSECURE {IN}{SE{CUR}E}
5   Harry's after drink for pet (6) LAPDOG {LAP}{DOG}
10 Rim round gold dish (5) PILAU {PIL<=}{AU}
11 Spanish general sent over duck and partridge (9) FRANCOLIN {FRANCO}{LIN<=}

12 Male, one leaving Parisian shopgirl in alcove (7) DINETTE  m1DINETTE
13 Get better insurance on real estate, initially (7) RECOVER {Real}{Es...e}{COVER}
15 Slight quake - metro rather damaged (5,6) EARTH TREMOR*
16 Soup dish taken by British boiling hot (6,5) SCOTCH BROTH  {SCOTCH} {BR}{HOT*}

21 Bread taken around beginning of Lent (7) STOLLEN {STOL{L}EN}

22 Strange thing is perception (7) INSIGHT*
23 Stress almost good for subordinate (9) UNDERLING {UNDERLINe}{G}
25 Snare wild one, so (5) NOOSE*
26 Composition from Strauss on a tape (6) SONATA [T]
27 Calmed, took off to collect vegetables (8) APPEASED {AP{PEAS}ED}

1   Editor supporting one politician over energy check (6) IMPEDE {1}{MP}{ED}{E}
2   Peace slogan in lodge, since lines altered (7,2,6) SILENCE IS GOLDEN*
3   'Stub' - no clue for it, cryptically (11) COUNTERFOIL*
4   Breathe new life into slave throttled by her on the way up (7) REFRESH {RE{FRES}H} <=
6   Curved path in marchlands (3) ARC [T]
7   Carry out what is required? It could be the lorry driver's job to do this (7,3,5) DELIVER THE GOODS [DD]
8   Information on tax for privileged classes (6) GENTRY {GEN}{TRY}
9   Cleaner river in France (6) FAIRER {F{AIRE}R}
14 Gumption shown in House seen in a new light (6,5) COMMON SENSE {COMMON S}{SEEN*}
17 Outspoken Shaw play, abridged (6) CANDID CANDIDa
18 Round in bar taken over to rear (5,2) BRING UP {B{RING} UP<=}
19 Matters for discussion in publications (6) ISSUES [DD]
20 Go to a nurse about start of treatment (6) ATTEND {A}{Tr...t}{TEND}
24 Deserter, sailor, capsized (3) RAT <=


  1. Special at 10:30 by Doppelganger and Caesar

  2. Arvind Ramaswamy and Ramki Krishnan, if you are reading this, please mail me your address and contact details for my database so that I can contact you in case of any developments in the S&B meet. My email is available in the Contact links on top of this page.

    1. Hi Colonel, I have mailed you my contact details.

  3. Easy one today! Enjoyed solving it. :-))) Had trouble annotating UNDERLING, CANDID and DINETTE otherwise OK with the rest.

    Looking forward to the SPECIAL set by two persons. Wonder who this Caeser is?!