Saturday, 3 January 2015

No.11283, Saturday 03 Jan 15, Gridman

Typically entertaining Gridman. Liked PROW, TECHNO, NOSTALGIC, OVERSEE, OPTIC, ELAPSES, IMMERSE and OLDIE. Son seems to be overworking having to be with family, getting into interchange and going for a dip. As are the English.

I'm leaving a couple of solutions (4d and 8d) for any commenter to answer.

1 State army officer makes fuss after a bit of row (8) COLARADO [army officer=COL + A + Row + fuss=ADO] There seems to be a mistake here. Although the wordplay for the answer is accurate, the state is spelt COLORADO?
6 In favour of women at front of boat (4) PROW [in favour of=PRO + Women]
9 College's disapproval for modern music genre (6) TECHNO [college=TECH + disapproval=NO]
10 Work hard to keep referee in clover (7) TREFOIL [work hard=TOIL outside REFeree]
13 Looking back, losing act upsets (9) NOSTALGIC [LOSING ACT]*
14 Endorses // reverse sides (5) BACKS [DD]
15 What is in a newspaper some credit emphatically (4) ITEM [T]
16 XI XI (4,2,4) SIDE BY SIDE [CD]
19 Little time — even year with another of it (5-5) TEENY-WEENY [Time + even=EEN + Year + With + EEN + Year]
21 Symbol of smoothness from son's family (4) SILK [Son + family=ILK]
24 In north-eastern State, a master goes ahead to gather (5) AMASS [NE state=ASSAM with A + Master in front]
25 Mantra's one opening up — second fellow is official investigator (9) OMBUDSMAN [mantra=OM + one opening up=BUD + Second + fellow=MAN]
26 One new drink I demonstrated initially turns out to be tasteless (7) INSIPID [one=1 + New + drink=SIP + I + Demonstrated]
27 Introduce son involved in interchange (6) INSERT [Son inside INTER*]
28 Inquisitive about operating system in New York (4) NOSY [Operating System inside New York]
29 Mastermind, English, one never without victory (8) ENGINEER [ENGlish + one=1 + NEvER]

2 Supervise poetry in Old English (7) OVERSEE [poetry=VERSE inside Old English]
3 Remains with artist on mountaintop hermitage (6) ASHRAM [remains=ASH + artist=RA + Mountain]
4 Such a drive to destination is time-consuming and even tiresome (1,4,4)
5 Round bit of taint in photo of the eye (5) OPTIC [round=O + Taint inside photo=PIC]
7 Complaint of boss losing foot in rigorous imprisonment (7) RHONCHI [boss=HONCHo inside Rigorous Imprisonment]
8 Such an orator won't vilify (4-8)
11 It will develop by more reorganisation (6) EMBRYO [BY MORE]*
12 Secret entry in short line with power, having lost a number (12) INFILTRATION [IN + line=FILe + power=TRAcTION]
17 Giving a title to be exalted? (9) ENNOBLING [DD]
18 Examines Pye grabbing habit back (4,2) EYES UP [PYE outside habit=USE]<=
20 How time flies! See, with pals, engaged in frolic! (7) ELAPSES [SEE PALS]*
22 I am only taking son for dip (7) IMMERSE [I am=I'M + only=MERE outside Son]
23 English essayist abandons publicity for English inventor (6) EDISON [English + essayist=adDISON] 
25 O, that is a memorable number! (5) OLDIE [O=OLD + that is=IE]



  1. 4D Such a drive to destination is time-consuming and even tiresome (1,4,4) A LONG RIDE (E?)

    8D Such an orator won't vilify (4-8) WELL-SPEAKING (CD)

  2. I tried hard to find a variant spelling for COLORADO, but in vain. I am afraid that does appear to be an error in an otherwise well-constructed crossword. I especially liked 10a and 16a - and the mischievous misdirection in 23d!

    Thanks to Gridman and Bhavan.

  3. Nice puzzle. Enjoyed solving it. Liked clue 27 Ac for its wordplay - 'interchange' where one has to change 'inter' only! Thanks Gridman. :-)))

  4. 19 Little time — even year with another of it (5-5) TEENY-WEENY [Time + even=EEN + Year + With + EEN + Year]

    Bhavan makes this Anno look so simple, but it's not, as far as I'm concerned. I got the answer with the help of Net but couldn't parse it. Thanks, Bhavan.

  5. Another small niggle- Thomas Edison becoming an English inventor.
    I filled in Colorado and changed after the crossing.

    1. The definition for EDISON is only "inventor". IMO, the wordplay in the clue is:

      English essayist (ADDISON) abandoning publicity (AD) for English (E). The, the second appearance of the word English is only intended to provide the E - it is not part of the definition. I thought the misdirection was very well done!

    2. Yes, and i got well and truly misdirected. My apologies.

  6. Can all engineers claim to be mastermind? Agreed, it is used here in its verb form.
    Saturday blues- no. of comments so low?

  7. Lovely x'ie.slightly confused with colarado.10a - nice clue for which we didn't need to work hard.19a - equally nice and a tricky one too. Overall an entertaining puzzle thanks GM.

  8. Colarado appears to be a problem. Else very good

  9. Power shutdown for maintenance. Could log in now only. First Samosa Day in 2015. Thanks GM!

  10. Col.
    23A- Def. to be only 'Inventor', not 'English inventor'.