Monday, 5 January 2015

No.11284, Monday 05 Jan 2015, Gridman

A wower from Gridman, with 23a as my COD

1 With old pound recalled, you get unwanted repercussion (8) BLOWBACK ((W O LB)<)
5 Casual clothes for old soldiers (6) SWEATS (2)
9 One to get one new, novel immune system booster (7) ANTIGEN (AN GET I N)*
10 Word for word mistake (7) LITERAL (CD)
11 Press follows second side for a pressing need (5,4) STEAM IRON (S TEAM IRON)
          Reminded of a classic pun from Wodehouse - The Mating Season: 
         “You can't press your suit and another fellow's trousers simultaneously."
12 Sari, maybe - no small spread-out (5) DRAPE (SPREAD-S)*
13 Wary about how things may go bad sometimes (4) AWRY (WARY)*
           And as the poet Burns puts it: "They gang agley"
14 A space for twisted bale could have been averted (9) AVOIDABLE (A VOID BALE*)
17 Typically, over time a girl enters (2,7) ON AVERAGE (ON AGE around VERA)
19 Mark, prince's descended from the cliff (4) SCAR (SCARP -P)
23 Mother, mother, mother, mother (5) MAMMA (MA M MA)  for defn. take any of the two extreme mothers. Please highlight your choice.
       Reminded me of the Wodehousian characters who go "Hullo, hullo, hullo" and as if that is not enough, add a couple more of those hullos for good measure.
24 Aim is to be camping, working after lunchtime (9) INTENTION (IN TENT, ON after I)
25 An officer who isn't particular (7) GENERAL (CD,DD)
26 Old British coin taken finally by African national (7) GUINEAN (GUINEA coiN takeN) See comments
27 Having refinements in Nice, say (2,4) DE LUXE (CD)
28 With frenetic paces carried out now, one finally has a wild adventure (8) ESCAPADE (PACES* around AD, onE)

1 Supports small cover for top military officer (5,3) BRASS HAT (BRAS S HAT)
          The Gridman touch ! ;-)
2 Become drained? With some re-positioning of parts, last longer! (7) OUTWEAR (WEAR <-> OUT)
3 Grown-up girl's participation in more than one match (6) BIGAMY (BIG AMY)
4 Distributing viler cartoons is disputable (13) CONTROVERSIAL (VILER CARTOONS)*
6 And doctor with a wife is to back out (8) WITHDRAW (WITH DR A Wife)
7 High-flown correspondence? (7) AIRMAIL (CD)
8 Ire caused by peels strewn at entrance to necropolis (6) SPLEEN (PEELS)*
10 Some pauses in between flights (7,6) LANDING STAGES (CD)
15 A Roman road heard fast ones of female pilot (8) AVIATRIX (A VIA ~TRICKS)
          Remembered Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Gert Frobe, who played the pompous Prussian office in Those Magnificient Men in their Flying Machine, played Goldfinger
16 Nothing's right. A social welcomes new munitions (8) ORDNANCE (O R DANCE around N)
18 No mail strewn carelessly around town-end is insignificant (7) NOMINAL  ((NO MAIL)* around towN)
20 Fancy ring for artist (7) CHIMERA (CHIME RA)
21 Setter's admission of being old is projected (6) IMAGED (I'M AGED)
          Gridman? Old? I don't think so!
22 Complaint of pain from a new Italian actress (6) ANGINA (A N GINA)
          Can't forget Luigina's famous line from Come September: "I don't have to make sense. I'm Italian!)



  1. Nice smooth start to the week.

    1 With old pound recalled, you get unwanted repercussion (8) BLOWBACK ((W O LB)<)

    Took some for me to get this answer. Am still confused about this. Ans should be only BLOW after W O LB being 'recalled' or 'back'. How does 'back' again figure?

    1. I think you are right. Recalled makes it just blow.

  2. Second samosa day. Thank you GM Sir.

  3. Blowback was beyond me. Once I saw it in the blog, 'outwear' fell easily.
    A nice enjoyable workout.

  4. Nice puzzle but had tough time in South-West corner because I filled in 21Ac as MAMAS. :(

    26 Old British coin taken finally by African national (7) GUINEAN (GUINEA coiN)
    I think the Anno could be (GUINEA takeN)

  5. A doubt about yesterday's word-etui.
    I knew it as a small bag and free dictionary confirmed it. But the 'housewife' part was new (though MB and later Raju confirmed it) But I was surprised when I could not find it in Chambers (on line), I mean the word itself. Is there something wrong? If the housewife meaning is a slang, should there have been an indication?

    1. Look under 'Housewife' where Chambers gives one of the definitions as 'a pocketsewing outfit' (pronounced /huz'if/)

  6. Too many girls appearing today! Vera, Amy, Gina etc and I knew none of them :(

    1. Someone does and that's why they are in today ;-)

    2. I thought Gina was fairly well known.

    3. Moreover, she was identified as an Italian actress, whereas Vera and Amy could be any Pam, Jill or Mary

  7. Nice one, Gridman - thank you! Especially liked the SE corner - SCAR, CHIMERA, ANGINA, GUINEAN all had very nice clues.

    I wondered (as some others have above) about the "BACK" part of 1a. Is "recalled" supposed to be doing double duty in the clue?

    Thanks to Kishore for the blog!