Friday, 23 January 2015

No.11299, Friday 23 Jan 2014, Sunnet

Sunnet's taken us to pangrammatic Hyderabad

1 Try accompanying date (2,4) GO WITH (GO WITH)
4 Odd holding new church's extinguisher (8) QUENCHER (QUEER holding N CH)
10 Breadth of mammoth's head (9) LARGENESS (LARGE NESS)
11 Ruler's backing in half of Zambia (5) NIZAM (IN< ZAMbia)
12 Bull's skin missing some heterocyclic compound (5) OXIDE (OX hIDE)
13 Entrance inside a royal monument (9) CHARMINAR (CHARM IN A R)
14 Calls to discard error (5,2) DROPS IN (DROP  SIN)
16 Sum and carry (4) TOTE (2)
19 Coffee bar in arabica festival (4) CAFE (T) I suppose this could be a part of the theme, when read with 25a, though they usually serve tea
21 No cut of meat over lunchtime dish (7) BIRYANI ((NAY RIB)< 1)
24 Evil monster at first surrounded England's capital (9) HYDERABAD ((HYDRA in front of BAD) around E)
25 One Indian queen? She is from Persia (5) IRANI (I RANI)
26 Reportedly you love scrambled egg (5) OVULE (U LOVE)*
27 Chip found on both sides of an antelope of a Nordic country (9) ICELANDIC (IC on both sides of ELAND)
28 Authorized to be called (8) ENTITLED (2)
          For example : Colonel His Highness Rustam-i-Dauran, Arustu-i-Zaman, Wal Mamaluk, Asaf Jah VII, Muzaffar ul-Mamaluk, Nizam ul-Mulk, Nizam ud-Daula, Nawab Mir Sir Osman 'Ali Khan Siddqi Bahadur, Sipah Salar, Fath Jang, Nizam of Hyderabad, GCSI, GBE, as mentioned in Wiki. One would require to drink a couple of glasses of water to say the whole thing in one go
29 Power to take peer's treasures (6) PEARLS (P EARL'S) The shops around 13 are famous for these

1 Good clan can become a source a great wealth (8) GOLCONDA (GOOD CLAN)*
2 Spies raised kitty for spouse of dead soldier (3,5) WAR WIDOW (RAW< WIDOW)
3 Some sunbathe readily in that place (5) THERE (T)
5 Improving advantage of nouveau riche (7) UPSTART (UP START)
6 American unit trained men to earn (9) NANOMETER (MEN TO EARN)*
7 Laugh at high pitched sound made for persecuting a freshman (6) HAZING (HA ZING)
8 Comment about old currency (6) REMARK (RE MARK)
9 A month to sack a plateau (6) DECCAN (DEC CAN)
15 Hangs around in street with most number of celebrities (9) STARRIEST (TARRIES in ST)
17 Harm to the French and the German brigand (8) MARAUDER (MAR AU DER)
18 Plant vaccine is about to be taken by us (8) HIBISCUS (H1B IS C US)
20 Bed bite suffered in period of receding water (3,4) EBB TIDE (BED BITE)*
21 Pester an animal (6) BADGER (2)
22 Absolved quiet tramp (6) SHROVE (SH ROVE)
23 Notice solely to conform (6) ADJUST (AD JUST)
         This, of course, is not a Hyderabadi, but a Bangalorean (or Bengalurian) word from the phrase "Solpa adjust maaDi, Sir)
25 Animal inside that is angry (5) IRATE (RAT in I.E.)



  1. Terrific. Extremely enjoyable. Can H1B by itself stand for vaccine? Its actually a virus.

  2. @Sunnet: Thanks for the Hyderabad special! :)

    1. Kaiku Red Indian greeting de rahe ho yaaron?

      I was pretty non-plussed when I heard the Hyderabadi How for the first time...

    2. Ji How! Main bhi pareshan huan bhai. Sunnet aaj 'chai' nahin pilaya yaaron

    3. Mauz bhi naheen khilayan. Fatafat, Karachi Bakery ka biscoot, khubani ka meeTha aur Pulla Reddy ki miThayi ki bhi zaroorat hai. Kya bolte app, agla S&B vaheench rakhne ka? Hallu hallu soch kar bataao, koi jaldi nahin...

  3. Kishore
    Re 23d comment.
    It is a pan-India expression.
    "Konjam adjust pannikkonga...", we say.
    In Chennai government buses, the two-seaters are actually one-and-a-half seaters (I suspect some corruption somewhere) and so when two of us are already seated, if someone uses this appeal, I look sternly at him and say "no".
    No PYT has approached me so far. But let me assure you that the reaction will be the same.

    1. I see a certain bias against use of laptops ...

    2. ... of a different kind?
      PYT? I am not able to decode.

    3. Pretty young thing ... a nubile nymphet ...

  4. Enjoyed the Hyderabadi Briyani ! Though I could not complete, I still enjoyed the early morning brainstorming. Go with the quencher- Sunnet started with it.
    I think AD's point about H1B is valid.

  5. Why MB has not yet turned in here? Cricket?

  6. Electronically away from Hyderabad? Still hoping for a minuscule chance of India qualifying for the final- if so many 'if's' come true.

  7. As I have said, CBE is my hometown. I wanted to do a thematic as my humble homage to that city, but I am devoid of possible entries. Suggestions welcome from the Col, another with CBE connection.

    1. Will send you some suggestions by mail

  8. Reb 18D, I think Hib (not H1B) is a vaccine.

    1. Both are same anyway. Heamophilus Influenza Type B . And they denote a virus.

  9. From thefreedic:

    1. (Medicine) Haemophilus influenzae type b: a vaccine against a type of bacterial meningitis, administered to children

  10. Hyderabad is tough one to cracking for me :-(

  11. Couldn't complete, but enjoyed the puzzle and theme :)

  12. Nice crossie Sunnet, enjoyed

  13. I echo Aakash Sridhar's comment @ 11:53. Thanks, Ramesh, for the Hyderabad special !

  14. To add 'masala' to today's special, here is a Hyderabadi Joke...

    Teacher: Tell me one animal that lives in water?
    Ismail Bhai : Are Jahangir, kya bolri yaaron ino? (Jahangir, what is she saying?)
    Jahangir: Pani mein kya rahta poochri. (she is asking what lives in water)
    Ismail Bhai : Fish madam
    Teacher : Good, tell me four more animals that live in water
    Ismail Bhai : Are Jahangir, ab kya poochti ustaad ino? (What does she want now?)
    Jahangir : pani mein aur kya rahta poochri Ismail bhai
    Ismail Bhai : fish ki amma, bawa, akka, anna... yeh bhi nai maloom re isku.. maa ki kirkiri (Doesnt she know this too, the fish's mom, dad....)

    1. Nice MB. That's typical Hyderabadi

  15. Thanks for all the comments folks. I had fun setting this CW ( after all it was about a city close to my heart )