Friday, 2 January 2015

No.11282, Friday 02 Jan 2015, Gridman

I do not know if Gridman has 'cook'ed up any theme today ... Left as an excercise to the reader ...

1 A couple of articles by ministers set out State control of church (11) ERASTIANISM (A A MINISTERS)*
9 Drinking exotic stingos (7) TOSSING (STINGOS)*
10 Early wind instrument gets criticism as well as good, extreme praise (7) PANPIPE (PAN PIP praisE)
11 Account delayed to cause trouble (3,2) ACT UP (AC PUT<= put back = delayed)
12 Bright, small public area attracting many in Germany (9) SPARKLING (S PARK L IN G)
13 Stared at great international crossword setter (5) GAZED (G AZED)
15 A note that woman sent off brings supporters (9) ADHERENTS (A D HER SENT*)
          when Gridman is around, can his supporters be far behind ...
18 Cap Sherpa tossed into garbage dump (5,4) SCRAP HEAP (CAP SHERPA)*
21 Three is one such, it is said (5) CROWD (CD, 2 is co. , 3 is ...)
22 Street cut, in the grip of revolutionary, is dragging (9) STRETCHED (ST+ ETCH in RED) with Che in the word, for a moment I thought he was the revolutionary ...
24 With a scooter, father leaves signals (5) WAVES (W A VESpa)
26 Best is nothing to fellow embraced by friend (7) OPTIMAL (O+ TIM embraced by PAL)
27 Navy officer, in brief, has load to draw together (7) COMPILE (COMmander PILE)
28 Callers pass over dilemma in getting stationery items to keep papers (4-7) RING-BINDERS (RINGERS over BIND=dilemma)

1 Turns away disorderly sergeants (9) ESTRANGES (SERGEANTS)*
2 A small group is a good thing (5) ASSET (A S SET)
3 Made a mistake — tore roughly at junction (7,2) TRIPPED UP (T RIPPED UP)
4 A month with a girl (7) AUGUSTA (AUGUST A)
5 Call into question one maiden — a beauty (7) IMPEACH (I M PEACH)
6 Son in fur coat in a city (5) MINSK (S in MINK)
7 Mine lost in mine — only pepper variety (8) PIMIENTO (MINE* in PIT O)
8 Ask about Tirumala's third hill (4) BERG (BEG about tiRumala)
14 With this an article will cost nothing (4,4) ZERO RATE (CD)
16 Her will is likely to leave a lot (4,5) RICH WOMAN (CD)
17 Avoids backward animals held by crooked desis (9) SIDESTEPS (PETS< held by DESIS*)
19 Chen and Leo together brought about order (7) ECHELON (CHEN LEO)*
20 I paced hurriedly to book a cycle-rickshaw (7) PEDICAB (I PACED)*(B)
22 Reveal second modus operandi (4) SHOW (S HOW)
23 Row about Mumbai's top track official (5) TIMER (TIER about Mumbai)
25 Say evil-doing overwhelms leader of Odisha (5) VOICE (VICE around Odisha)


  1. Nice puzzle. 16 dn I filled in RICH WIDOW and had tough time completing the South-East corner. Nevertheless I enjoyed solving the crossie. Thank you Gridman.

  2. The scooter in 24A- Vespa- is older than mine, a Chetak. Never expected to see it on a CW.
    An enjoyable Gridman CW.
    Glad I did not get tripped by the rich widow (though I had it in mind) thanks to compiling 27A earlier.

  3. Pity is that only one can be accommodated properly in a CW grid.
    Logically it will be a fallacy to call a rich woman a 'rich widow'. I have heard logic students discuss-" All crows are black, but everything that is black is not a crow."

    1. Reminds me of the days I had to deal with syllogisms when studying logic

  4. Nice puzzle. wonderful orchestration. Teased & tickled our imaginative power.. and elicits the best from within us. No single item could be singled out.Really a worthwile New Year bonanza. Thanks GM.

  5. typo: elicited the best from within us.

  6. Did this after some belvedere and JD... can't remember the last time I finished a crossword!... today I surprised myself!/
    Happy new year to all the wonderful folks here!..

  7. Did all but two.Blame myself no end for not getting ' crowd' for 21 A. In 7D, o standing for ' only' is something new to me.