Monday 4 December 2023

No 14036, Monday 04 Dec 2023, Arden

Solution to 2D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

6   Relationship going through some aberration (5) RATIO [T]
7   Small eats, sell something tasteless (8) TINSELLY {TIN{SELL}Y}
10 She's in misery, wailing (7) BANSHEE {BAN{SHE}E} &lit
11 Guard majority without fighting (7) BULWARK {BUL{WAR}K}
12 What a guitarist will do to keep at some level (7) STRATUM {STR{AT}UM}
13 Spoils regular film on couples (7) IMPAIRS {fIlM}{PAIRS}
14 Vulgarity, yes - snobbish maybe (11) YOBBISHNESS*
19 Control on Vatican, perhaps (7) OVERSEE {OVER}{SEE}
21 Show extreme apprehension seeing millions placed in a bet (7) TREMBLE {TRE{M}BLE}
23 Regular payment for any fancy car is included (7) ALIMONY {A{LIMO}NY}
25 Beer drinking-job for a champion (7) APOSTLE {A{POST}LE}
26 Showing current status in the morning, each time (8) AMPERAGE {AM}{PER}{AGE}
27 One in search for a hangout (5) HAUNT {H{A}UNT}

1   Trygon ring cast with outside support (8) STINGRAY {ST{RING*}AY}
2   Spread on tile? I don't care (2,4) ?O ?H?T (Addendum - SO WHAT {SOW}{HAT} - See comments)
3   Tide mark, make it smooth (10) STREAMLINE {STREAM LINE}
4   Rolls up? Put down (4) SNUB<=
5   Talk a little bit, it's basic (6) ALKALI [T]
6   Strong while lifting, or broken? (6) ROBUST {OR<=}{BUST}
8 addition, cheek to get into the oval (7) ELLIPSE {EL{LIP}SE}
9   Order a cocktail, use rum (5) UKASE {A+cocK+USE}*
13 Run into the war? You're in trouble (2,3,5) IN HOT WATER*
15 Be told it's custom made (7) BESPOKE {BE}{SPOKE}
16 Damaged boat, sure to be wrecked by him (8) SABOTEUR* Semi&lit
17 She is from Western country (5) WOMAN {W}{OMAN}
18 A banker accepts initial capital, it is cheating (6) DECEIT {DE{Ca...l}E}{IT}
20 Topsy-turvy game - in a dilemma (6) ENIGMA*
22 Quietly cope up with times (6) EPOCHS {SH}{COPE}<=
24 Formally no up move, accept universal currency (4) YUAN {NA{U}Y<=}

Reference List
Vatican = SEE, Millions = M, Cheek = LIP, Western = W, Quietly = SH, Universal = U


  1. 2 Down pl correct as follows

    ? O ? H? T

  2. Wondering how many made it to the top 100/30 in IXL

  3. Replies
    1. Among top thirty...

      Ramki Krishnan (Kriskross)
      Sowmya Ramkumar (Hypatia)
      Viswanathan A (Economizer)
      Kollur koteswara Rao (Karaoke)
      R Nagendra Prasad
      Vasant Srinivasan

    2. I thought i saw your name too Balasubramaniam

  4. In 21A: treble is used as bet. How?

  5. Tough grid today. Hardly filled half the grid before coming to the blog.

  6. SO WHAT
    Defn: I don't care
    Spread SOW on tile HAT

  7. 2D SO WHAT = expression of I DON'T CARE { SOW, spread + HAT, tile}

    1. Doesn't a scottish slang require indication?

  8. 4 clues where the fodder go as it is in the charade! Unusual for Arden.

    1. +1
      It is the story of the current series by Arden.