Tuesday 5 December 2023

No 14037, Tuesday 05 Dec 2023, Arden

Solution to 8D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   A man with fruit won't allow any other plant to grow (5,6) AGENT ORANGE {A}{GENT}{ORANGE}
7   Animal works endlessly (3) DOE DOEs
9   One can hold a beer, not a German scientist (5) STEIN einSTEIN
10 Said to have no grievances initially, for extraordinary calmness (4-5) SANG-FROID {SA{N}{Gr...s}{FOR*}ID}
11 Arranged self protection, not close to the bottom line (3,6) NET PROFIT {selF+PRoTEcTION}*
12 He failed to resolve it - some went back (5) LOSER [T<=]
13 Left with a hope to retain Charlie, looking back it was momentous (7) EPOCHAL {L}{A}{H{C}OPE}<=
15 Appeal, it's fun, but not sure (4) PLEA PLEAsure
18 Delight for finally getting some protection (4) GLEE {g...nG}{LEE}
20 One's in the hospital with ache and internal cramp (7) PATIENT {PA{TIE}NT}
23 A new tax causes apprehension (5) ANGST {A}{N}{GST}
24 Swiss characters? (9) HELVETICA [DD]
26 Glides from one pitch to the other as sliding off (9) GLISSANDI*
27 Notice a hindrance right inside (5) ALERT {A}{LE{R}T}
28 Set up after I go inside (3) RIG [T]
29 Compound holding animals in coma, perhaps (3,8) SAL AMMONIAC* {ANIMALS+COMA}*

1   A collector has dispatched, but one's missing (8) ABSENTEE {A}{B{SENT}EE}
2   Voting for assembly, wrong hand involved (8) ELECTION E(-r+l)LECTION
3   Indicate normal trend (5) TENOR [T]
4   Sappers' second German airlift was peaceful... (7) RESTFUL {RE}{S}{LUFT<=}
5   Continuous French refusal to salvage vessels (7) NONSTOP {NON}{POTS<=}
6   Starts with English, French, German - perhaps fluent and shining brightly (9) EFFULGENT {E}{F}{G+FLUENT}*
7   Army sword, comes up somewhat sluggish (6) DROWSY [T<=]
8   Suffer as at sea undersea (6) E?D?R? (Addendum - ENDURE {ENDURE+AS}*=UNDERSEA [CA} - See comments)
14 Bad breath is so bad, stop taking interest first (9) HALITOSIS {IS+SO}*<=>{HAL{I}T}
16 Told to have the same fruit one after another, that's a complaint (8) BERIBERI (~berry~berry)
17 Canal, it takes time for it to become a large water body (8) ATLANTIC {CANAL+IT+T}*
19 More than olive oil? Some of it is alcohol (7) ETHANOL [T]
20 I'm up and about, everyone to come in wearing a vestment (7) PALLIUM {IM+UP}* over {ALL}
21 Torment an animal (6) BADGER [DD]
22 Searching? Go out looking (6) OGLING goOGLING
25 Time to follow the muse (5) ERATO {ERA}{TO}

Reference List
One in German = EIN, No = N, Left = L, Charlie = C, Protection = LEE, New = N, Right = R, Hand = L,R, Sapper = RE{Royal Engineers), Second = S, Lift in German = LUFT, Refusal in French = NON, Interest = I, Time = T


  1. Good morning col.sir.....setter name????

    1. Thanks MB. A small clarification. I was using online version for 1 year. later, they reomved the exclusive package. They combined with e-hindu+online+others. so I opt out. Are you using exclusive online version???

  2. 8d - quite tricky. this was my aha moment

  3. 23 Ac angst - apprehension
    A+N(new)+ GST(tax)
    14 Dn Halitosis- bad breath
    is so + halt(stop)+ i( interest first)
    Taking- containment indicator
    Bad- anagrind
    16 Dn beriberi- complaint
    Fruit- berry
    Told- as heard
    One after another- repeated
    17 Dn Atlantic - large water body
    Canal it+ t(time)
    To become- anagrind

    1. Surendra, this feature of answering 5 clues is only for Fridays

    2. If you want you can put in the solution for 8D as mentioned in the opening remarks

    3. Thank you. Noted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. 8d endure from undersea (as) is lost (at sea) lost

    1. Good solve. Pl. give definition also.

    2. 'at sea' on double duty? As deletion and anagram indicator?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. sree sree sir. the word sea joined with undersea. only a deletion and anagram . my doubt is if the there are two words whrein deletion and anagram occurs CA will applicble???

    5. Please explain how this is a CA type clue.

    6. Suffer(ENDURE) AS at sea(anind for both) UNDERSEA?

    7. Suffer+as = (undersea)* at sea is anind. Link word isnt necessary if the grammar permits.

    8. my perception is the deletion indicator not perfectly defined. suffer 'as' it exists / struggling.

  5. 8d – ENDURE
    (under(-s)e(-a))* - as at sea
    DeF. - SUFFER

  6. It will make weekdays(apart from Friday) better if more than one clue with connections are left to be solved.

    Just an idea to make the blog evolve and attract more quality comments.
    Speaking for myself, I learn once every few days.

    1. I took time to use 'are' instead of 'is' in my comment. I wonder if both are correct grammatically.

    2. I learn regularly is better than the text 'I learn once every few days' .