Friday, 5 December 2014

No.11258, Friday 05 Dec 2014, Arden

Great one from Arden, standing us several drinks at home.  We might end up in the Paddy wagon ...  

9 Shield Harry Potter caught inside (7) PROTECT (C in POTTER*)
10 Working the soil is most sacrosanct (7) HOLIEST (THE SOIL)*
11 Debate // contest (7) DISPUTE (2)
12 Can't you trade one for love? Maybe in Mexico? (7) YUCATAN (CAN'T YOU -O(=love)+A(=one))*
13 Good of him to move Rama and Sita north (9) SAMARITAN ((RAMA SITA)*+N)
15 For temporary admission back into the city (5) METRO (T<)
16 One came in, shaken and pale (7) ANAEMIC (A=one, once again+(CAME IN)*)
19 Art seen as fixed deposit (7) EARNEST (ART SEEN)*
20 Short fellow will finally get the urge (5) TITCH (geT ITCH)
21 Everything a crane has, an admirer has (9) GALLANTRY (ALL in GANTRY) not sure if defn is sufficient ...
25 See! I can go under the barrel (7) VATICAN (I CAN under VAT) Wonderful !
          Arden, kindly demonstrate when we next meet ;-) I presume you mean a barrel of liquor, not a glass or two ...
26 Order friend to include intermediary (7) MANDATE (AND in MATE)
28 Knots up as fishes go after bait finally (7) TANGLES (baiT+ ANGLES=fishes)
29 Delegated place indeed (7) DEPUTED (PUT in DEED)

1 Suit passed around (6) SPADES (PASSED)*
2 Tait gets to mop up some money (6) POSSUM (mop=SOP<+SUM)
3 List some prime numbers (4) MENU (T)
4 Certify 17 before trial (6) ATTEST (17=Astatine=AT TEST)
5 Brave in capital city (8) CHEYENNE (2)
          Some of you will recall how those peppers spiced up IXL ;-)
6 Police van in a film studio (5,5) BLACK MARIA (2)
          In other words, Mr Padmanabhan's car !
7 Musical group set out allowing two aliens keeping quiet (8) SEPTETTE (SET* around ET ET keeping P)
8 Added in drink to be prominent (5, 3) STAND OUT (AND in STOUT)
14 Broken down? Smear chalk all over the place (10) RAMSHACKLE (SMEAR CHALK)
16 Set off as one covers it over tax (8) ACTIVATE (ACE covers IT< VAT)
17 At home in a country (8) ASTATINE (at (on double duty?) home=IN in A STATE)
18 Cautiousness shown by Levy having a drink (8) CAGINESS (A GIN in CESS=levy)
22 Character will flee with bad characters (6) LAMBDA (flee=LAM BAD*)
23 Begin to rise retaining independent features (6) TRAITS (begin=START< around I)
24 Accepts  // profits (6) YIELDS (2)
27 Slugs overturn (4) NIPS (SPIN<)



  1. Re 17d At home in a country (8)

    Astatine is a radioactive chemical element with the chemical symbol At.
    So At is the def.
    At home = in
    Except that At is on double duty, I see no prob.
    Invitations by the English used to have 'At home' when they gave party to friends in their homes.

    1. If I remember right our President still has an 'At home' on the occasion of Republic Day

    2. Lots of people have one (or more drinks) at home !

    3. From fifteensquared
      Turn forward, getting home in time for broadcast (11) Paul
      Someone unwell must abandon home, OK? (5) Bradman

    4. Unfortunately you get only soft ones at the Presidents At home

    5. I think all the Governors also do that in their own states on the same day.

    6. If the said people imbibed spirits they might find themselves in a different state ...

    7. I think home by itself can lead to in. Are you home?

  2. K
    I was wondering how Padmanabhan's car got into the picture, since I do not have a black one- until i saw the link. Something new to me. For that matter quite a few today are.

  3. Eschew that habit! Hit the bottle directly!
    That was the advice from Kishore yesterday. Today Arden went one step further to the barrel!

    1. I have heard of the sailors' song:
      Fifteen men on a dead man's chest ...
      Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum!

      This puzzle felt like one man with 15 bottles ...

  4. I think quite a few would be taken in by 'AT' in 17D. At least I was.
    Thank you K for doing the blog nicely with lots of useful links.

    1. I was taken in too, till around 825. Till my periodic visit to the table !

    2. I do that periodically too (I mean visiting the table) either off or on line.

  5. O/T Something I read on FB - Source unknown

    A A Math Bulletin for you:
    Recently a statistics professor and a math professor wrote a cookbook together, they called it 'Pi A La Mode' and in a conference deaf mathematicians communicated through sine language. They concluded that a summer is a mathematician and that a marine biology student taking a math course may be called algae-bra. Some of these mathematicians were reluctant to cosine a loan and I was kicked out of the conference for one too many infractions. During one afternoon session, a mathematician that couldn't stop adding up went incremental. I was re-admitted to the conference when I realized & confessed that decimals have a point. I didn't really understand the math, so the speaker summed it up for me.
    Another question that came up was, 'What do organic mathematicians throw into their fireplaces?' 'Natural Logs,' was the conclusion.
    I recalled that in high school we had a beautiful but difficult math teacher. She was easy on the eyes and hard on the pupils!
    It was agreed by all present that mathematicians are sum worshippers and
    some are partial to fractions. A mathematician who was also a horticulturist was interested in prime roots, square roots and trees, in general. A mathematician worked at home because he only functioned in his domain.
    And then a math teacher was a good dancer -she had algorithm.
    There was another who had just finished reading Newton's Principia Mathematica, and found much of it to be rather derivative.
    One of the many mathematicians present was rather arrogant but finally he had to eat a slice of humble pi for his inept mathematician friends could not be counted upon.
    Finally I met this beautiful math professor who has 12 children - she really knew how to multiply. She pointed out to me how old math teachers never die, they either become irrational or reduce their functions or use strange expressions. She knew of a mathematician who had on his library shelf ten math books, five geography books, and the rest was history.
    This pretty professor told me how young women who are mathematics professors closely watch their figures.
    We finally agreed to meet again over a cup of coffee to discuss the +'s & -'s of our lives and to further discuss how we could be exponents of our own powers.

    1. As some of you might note, this is quite 1/cos C ..

    2. 1? cos C is supposed to be infinity? No, only cos 90 is 0.
      Anyway, i liked the Maths of addition, multiplication, square root.... It must have taken quite a bit of making up.
      Thank you.

    3. Time for
      This old man, he played one, He played knick-knack on my thumb; With a knick-knack paddywhack

      It may also interest you to know more about "Paddywhack" at

    4. K: LOL. Mathematically humorous!

  6. Despite having all the crossings, couldn't get 5 & 6 D. My COD: 17D. A very good(hic!) Puzzle. Cheers.

  7. Kishore: Did you read in the press that the Chinese Government has banned word play and puns ?

    If they can't take puns , let them eat buns !! You agree?

    1. With my limited knowledge of Mandarin, I think that with the sampe character/word standing for more than one meaning, puns must be there in the written stuff. However, some of the may disappear when spoken due to the tonal nature of the language

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  11. Dilip Kumar,

    Your comments about the omissions or comissions with regards to IXL are not welcome here, I told you so earlier when I deleted your previous post. Please take it up with the IXL authorities.