Sunday, 7 December 2014

No 2820, Sunday 07 Dec 2014

1   Deny increase, for example (7) GAINSAY {GAIN}{SAY}
5   Drink cola, possibly, with shot added (7) ALCOPOP {COLA*}{POP}
9   Name a song about an antelope (5) NYALA {N}{YAL<=}{A}
10 Association to raise flag (5,4) UNION JACK {UNION} {JACK}
11 Many, in a series, in single file (3,5,7) ONE AFTER ANOTHER [DD]
12 Ray opted out, or in? (7) TORPEDO {T{OR}PEDO*}
14 Damage what sounds like guide's tent (7) MARQUEE {MAR}{QUEE}(~key)
16 Patent medicine, in no way unusual (7) NOSTRUM {NO}{ST}{RUM}
18 Soldier, getting married, allowed small cocktails (7) GIMLETS {GI}{M}{LET}{S}
20 Boat, ketch, sabotaged - tense film (4,2,3,6) BACK TO THE FUTURE {BOAT+KETCH}* {FUTURE} Lovely movies I've seen all of them
22 National park - greenest foreign one (9) SERENGETI {GREENEST}*{1}
23 Top copper back inside? That's easy to understand (5) LUCID {L{UC<=}ID}
24 Severe, the south wind close to shore (7) AUSTERE {AUSTER}{shorE}
25 Keep an eye on screen (7) MONITOR [DD]

1   Explosive piece on top of bed with 100 underneath (9)  GUNCOTTON {GUN}{COT}{TON} Popularly known as GC Slab amongst us Sappers
2   How movie ends is silly (5) INANE {IN AN E}
3   Illicitly take a bit (7) SNAFFLE [DD]
4   Comment to chauffeur on reaching destination? I don't know what to say (5,3,2,5) YOU'VE GOT ME THERE [DD]
5   Physical attractiveness of a polar bear? (6,9) ANIMAL MAGNETISM [CD]
6   Honesty, too, in block of flats? Not quite (7) CANDOUR {C{AND}OURt}
7   What little girls often do in a theatre? (9) PLAYHOUSE {PLAY}{HOUSE}
8   Game - fine cuts for each (5) POKER {P{OK}ER}
13 What convalescent home offers the others - parish priests (4-5) REST-CURES {REST}-{CURES}
15 Londoner in stormy sea on boat (4,5) EAST ENDER {SEA*}{T ENDER}
17 Train always holding one up (7) RETINUE {RE{TINU}E}<=
19 Mawkish girl left home (7) MAUDLIN {MAUD}{L}{IN}
20 Arabs rebuilt Iraqi port (5) BASRA*
21 A French record, not shortened (5) UNCUT {UN}{CUT}


  1. Le Roi's debut in the Sunday Special today at 10:30

  2. 11A is actually a TD (Triple definition)