Saturday, 20 December 2014

No.11271, Saturday 20 Dec 2014, The Phantom

This is a typical Phantom puzzle with well thought out stories in each clue. Ticked several including TICKER, DEARTH, OCCUPIED, ALLOWED, CHOOSE, BRANCH, DISC and EXCHANGE. I'm not sure if any theme of sorts is afoot. The only thing I noticed was that 5 answers end in ED and another 5 in ER. If you spotted something I didn't, pitch in.

8 Mountain pass with lofty and rugged peaks forming ring (6) COLLAR [mountain pass=COL + Lofty And Rugged] peaks might have worked better in a down clue?
9 Judge to investigate again, right from beginning to end (8) EXAMINER [investigate again=(r-)E EXAMINE(+R)]where does the first E go?
10 Quietly I would leave home for companionship (8) PRESENCE [quietly (softly?)=P + home=RESidENCE]
11 Bill’s lost head or heart? (6) TICKER [bill=sTICKER]
12 Need woven thread (6) DEARTH [THREAD]*
13 Busy copper spotted behind officer (8) OCCUPIED [officer=OC + copper=CU + spotted=PIED]
15 Beer to get over bad day is permitted (7) ALLOWED [beer=ALE outside bad=LOW + Day]
17 Without an iota of fear disproves theories (7) BELIEFS [Fear inside disproves=BELIES]
20 Blow hot and cold play is sensual (8) PHYSICAL [Hot Cold PLAY IS]*
22 Select champs according to report (6) CHOOSE [~champs=CHEWS]
23 A secretary involved in chatter about fruit (6) PAPAYA [A + secretary=PA inside chatter=YAP] <=
25 Condemned provost possessed grass? On the contrary (8) REPROVED [PROVost inside grass=REED]
26 Dazed Jules Verne’s traveller, Phileas at base, sleeping (8) BEFOGGED [Phileas=FOGG + base=E sleeping=in BED]
27 Decrypted code he copied (6) ECHOED [CODE HE]*

1 Chime rings in valley (8) DOORBELL [rings=O O inside valley=DELL] not sure where 'RB' comes from see comments below
2 Girl’s jumper Mark found in campus’s vacant lecture halls (10) CLASSROOMS [girl=LASS + jumper=ROO + Mark inside CampuS] how do you see one jumper in multiple halls?
3 Bishop looked after church’s subdivision (6) BRANCH [Bishop + looked after=RAN + CHurch]
4 Create first day cover overlooking new leader … (7) DEVELOP [Day + cover=EnVELOP]
5 … bit weak nursing rear end convulsion (8) PARTICLE [weak=PALE outside reaR + convulsion=TIC]
6 One’s broken current record (4) DISC [one's=1S inside current=DC]
7 Difficult to continue by backing out (6) SEVERE [continue=PERSEVERE - by=PER]
14 … thinking hip’s mended, left very upbeat with operation, extremely happy (10) PHILOSOPHY [HIP* + Left + very=SO<= + OPeration + HappY]
16 Former champion’s short temper led to argument (8) EXCHANGE [former=EX + CHampion + temper=ANGEr]
18 Fellow’s unusually earnest for a screw! (8) FASTENER [Fellow + EARNEST*]
19 See, one in road free to wear nothing at all in American state! (7) FLORIDA [{see=LO + one=1 inside RoaD} inside nothing at all=FA] wouldn't one be 'on' the road?
21 Man with the runs swallowed bitter medicine perhaps (6) HEALER [man=HE + Runs outside bitter=ALE] 'the' is superfluous?
22 Photo returned by woman provides code (6) CIPHER [photo=PIC<= + woman=HER]
24 Excited to be visiting synagogue (4) AGOG [T]


  1. Best Wishes to all participants in the Grand Finale of IXL

  2. 21 Man with the runs swallowed bitter medicine perhaps (6) HEALER [man=HE + Runs outside bitter=ALE] 'the' is superfluous?

    Though it is superfluous in the wordplay, it is meaningful in the surface, 'the runs' being an euphemism for ...

  3. 9 down was re-examined many times, but somehow the spelling escaped scrutiny.

    Was aware of the "one jumper in multiple classrooms" problem, I somehow could not avoid.

    Man in middle of the road would have been better.
    Have never used 'the' when not necessary, but in this case it's as Kishore pointed out.

  4. 1D rings O, Orb

    24D Does the indicator convey answer is inside fodder ?

    Nice puzzle

    1. Visiting is the indicator for 24D. No problem there

  5. Nice CW, but a little difficult. I have difficulty in spotting synonyms and getting them. For example, to get 'Roo' (short form of kangaroo) from 'Jumper' was beyond me.

  6. We are so much used to getting 'ac' & 'te' from bill, the 'sticker' eluded me. That was nice.

  7. Wish good luck and loads of fun to all the IXL finalists...

  8. Best wishes to all participants of the IXL 14 final. All eyes are on you and we hope our blog participants would come out with flying colours.

  9. Those who are not attending the IXL finals can watch the Live streaming as mentioned on the IXL website.

  10. Good luck to all the participants. May the best one win!

  11. Extremely good puzzle.Loved all the clues.
    Best of luck to Mohsin, SU, Vinod, et al

  12. All the best to IXL contestants

  13. Great puzzle today ! ..
    Best wishes to IXLers !..