Monday, 1 December 2014

No.11254, Monday 01 Dec 2014, Neyartha

Neyartha is really at his best today! Though I cannot figure out no theme ...

1 Wooden animal, a battle-winner? (6,5) TROJAN HORSE (CD)
9 Revolutionary manservant hides editor in the capital (3,4) TEL AVIV (VI in VALET<)
10 Bread errand-boy concealed for the lecturer (6) READER (T)
11 An impermanent fix? (5) QUICK (CD)
          In the times before SuperGlue we used to use QuickFix - It was touted to mend everything except broken hearts ...
12 Run with gold taken away from the bus fare collection in-charge (7) CONDUCT (CONDUCTOR-OR)
15 Enjoy return after starting off at any time... (4) EVER (REVEL< -L)
16 a hesitant manner (10) DOUBTFULLY (CD)
18 Heavy rent demanded by upset tailor (10) TORRENTIAL (RENT+TAILOR)* (RENT in TAILOR*) See Comments
20 Arrange a herb for the auditor (4) TIME (~THYME)
23 Security force considering condition of the court official (7) BAILIFF (IF in BAIL F)
24 Worthless lantern (5) LIGHT (2)
26 Student misplaced a piece of precious metal (6) SILVER (SLIVER with misplaced L)
27 Consultant with the promoting concern ignored the earl's retweet (7) ADVISER (ADVERTISER - (E RT) )
28 Snack for stimulation (11) REFRESHMENT (CD,DD)

2 Withdraw and finish turn before King Edward (6) REVOKE (OVER< K.E.)
3 Coffee from the island (4) JAVA (CD,DD)
4 Rotor nawab designed for a canal freight carrier (6,4) NARROW BOAT (ROTOR NAWAB)*
5 Switch positions with one nearly stumped out in a tie (2,3,3) ON AND OFF (ONe stAND OFF)
6 Saint gets rid of the quiet writing instrument for a patterning aid (7) STENCIL (ST pENCIL)
          Old timers might recollect getting smudgy, stencilled question papers in school ...
7 Code of conduct, quite strange, considered by an alien with a note (9) ETIQUETTE (QUITE* ET TE)
8 Site reportedly has European fish (6) PLAICE (~PLACE)
13 Ranches go behind the fur ring in the family crest (4,2,4) COAT OF ARMS (FARMS after COAT O)
14 Dye sentry mixed may result in an infection (9) DYSENTERY (DYE SENTRY)*
          Time to bung in the cork !
17 Faint with delight when enveloped by the counter smell (4,4) KEEL OVER (LOVE in REEK<)
19 Discover Ray eating afternoon's leftover Italian scrambled eggs initially (7) REALISE (Acrostic)
21 Victor makes way for George to spend and eat (6) INGEST (INVEST - V + G)
           I initially got a doubt how can invest=spend. It may not work in terms of money, but does in terms of time... and people tell me time is money...
22 Flat to house the French cricket team (6) ELEVEN (LE in EVEN)
25 Letters from the Panama ambassador for the lady (4) MA'AM (T)


  1. As of now only Gridman, Afterdark and Incognito are featured in the THCC setters page. Other THC setters if willing are requested to send in their bio's with a snap and I will add it to the page

  2. Just did Arden's Jumbo today. Wonderful !

  3. Is the theme software related? Java, Trojan Horse.....

  4. Silver light, quick time too

  5. I was stuck on 20A as I took 21D as DI(-v+g)GEST

    1. I too was loitering on that path for some time

    2. Those who entered 'digest', have the satisfaction of knowing that that was the correct answer ....
      For 1d in today's Quickie

  6. Nice one from Neyartha. Missed out on 20A TIME and 17D KEEL OVER. My take was LINE and FELL OVER respectively. On the whole I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, Neyartha. :)

  7. 18 Heavy rent demanded by upset tailor (10) TORRENTIAL (RENT+TAILOR)*

    I felt the anno could be TOR(RENT)IAL*. As per the given anno, the clue is short of an anagrind for the whole fodder.

  8. Copy pasting Bhargav's comment on facebook

    Book: The Centenary of the Crossword by John Halpern

    Three pages on THC (THE HINDU CROSSWORD) with a sample puzzle and write up about my brother C.G. Rishikesh aka Gridman.…/…/0233003967

  9. Here's the link once again

    1. Well, for one year and maybe a little more since its publication I was not aware of it.
      Until Tony informed me.
      I might add that the write-up is a large extract from the interview on Shuchi's blog and THC that is reproduced with kind permission of the paper is one that has already been blogged here.
      So it's worth your while if you want to read the rest of the book.
      I hope you have got the message.

  10. Coat of Arms, Keel Over and Time (because of Divest/Digest) missed. However, very happy to solve this much of Neyartha.

  11. Could get all for the 1st time in a Neyartha puzzle. Ingest & quick were the last to fall.

  12. Nearly all. Am I eligible for 90% samosa?
    Ingest,Time & (of all things) On & Off.Put 'To & fro'! (Thought of Col.'s advice not to fill in without a proper anno)
    Corrected my spelling for 'Dysent(E)ry.
    Unfortunate part is that the net connection played truant and restored just now. So I could not crow in time about doing a Neyartha CW well.

    1. I put in Digest for ingest and was down 2.

  13. 25D- I always had this doubt. It is Ma'am while talking, but in writing?

    1. Why is 'dee' slurred over? In Tamil we stress it, leaving out Ma back to back.

    2. French connection? People write 'Maam' without even an inverted comma in the middle. Actually not slurred over, but totally omitted.

  14. Kishore,
    I remember that Quick fix Ad and the amazing slogan.

  15. Suppose Col, self, Ram, Padmanabhan, Suresh and Kishore (almost) had a bout of in'digest'ion. Luckily it wasn't dysentery.