Wednesday, 17 December 2014

No 11268, Wednesday 17 Dec 2014, Anon

1   Paintings made initially on mountain range (6) MURALS {Made}{URALS}
4   Blueprints are drawings? (6) DRAFTS [DD]
9   Inland letters from Caucasian (4) ASIA [T]
10 China’s mysterious pearl coins (10) PORCELAINS*
11 Skirt perhaps in good condition (6) KILTER {KILT}{ER}
12 Heave heartless bird into temple (8) PANTHEON {PANT}{HErON}
13 Take a dig at second-rate photograph (5,4) CHEAP SHOT [DD]
15 Deadly for the obese to return from Los Angeles (5) FATAL {FAT}{AL<=}
16 End of box almost covered by painting (5) ABORT {A{BOx}RT}
18 Army man slipped and fell (9) COLLAPSED {COL}{LAPSED}
22 Made chat with pita or Indian bread? (8) CHAPATTI {CHAT+PITA}*
23 Seizes first of grandmother’s files (6) GRASPS {Gr...r}{RASPS}
25 Melt one lab to make corrosion-resistant substance (5,5) NOBLE METAL*
26 Therefore, ruffians lose the first game (4) THUS THUgS
27 Hitler’s police captures former Wimbledon champion, belts him (6) SASHES {S{ASHE}S}
28 Presumed love, sighed (6) OPINED {O}{PINED}

1   The saviour’s (Maradona’s) heir apparent is back? Ha! (7) MESSIAH {MESSI}{AH<=}
2   One sheltered from tirade is mirthful (5) RIANT {R{1}ANT}
3   Orchid, first two lilacs at European capital (7) LIPARIS {LIlacs}{PARIS}
5   Lamenting verdict that replaces first lady with European leader (6) RUEING RU(-l+e)EING
6   Superhero’s light is a photographic aid (5,4) FLASH LAMP {FLASH}{LAMP}
7   Zulu healer crooned with love for mother (7) SANGOMA{SANG}{O}{MA}
8   Typo costs girl, misleads decoders (13) CRYPTOLOGISTS*
14 A harvest sent up tower at Greek citadel (9) ACROPOLIS {A}{CROP}{OLIS<=}
17 Bee almost foots the profits (7) BEHOOFS {BEe}{HOOFS}
19 Run away from undergarment of fielder? (3,4) LEG SLIP {LEG} {SLIP}
20 Comment on the former currency (7) EXPOUND {EX}{POUND}
21 Block enclosure with most men who protect Indian leader (6) STYMIE {STY}{M{In...n}En}
24 Pursue activity even after loss of one (3,2) ACT ON {ACTiON}



  1. Looks like the idea for the THC setters page is a flop as most of them appear to be unwilling to be featured

    1. Give me a couple of days or so, Col.

    2. Old jungle saying:
      You never find the Phantom, he finds you.

    3. But seems to apply to most setters

    4. Is it that working professionals do not want to be seen spending time on/in hobbyist activities?
      Just wondering.

    5. Seriously, don't know what they're waiting for, a biographer?

  2. Put FLASH BULB and got stuck for COLLAPSED. But for these got the rest.

  3. and for FATAL too first. But got it later.

  4. I filled in 19D as 'fly Slip' and got into a problem with crossings. 'run away from' led me to 'Fly', though this fielding position is no longer in vogue.

  5. Lovely xie.liveely clues.13a- I had a shot in the dark & it simply clicked. Words not familiar to mewere also easy to come 3&7 dthanks to well laid out clues. Thanks Anon.

  6. acropolis I thought, means a city. Only if it is fortified it can be called a citadel.acropolis athens can be called a citadel because it was fortified. But all cities can be called citadels? pl advise