Wednesday, 31 December 2014

No 11280, Wednesday 31 Dec 2014, Anitya


7   In which there will be a young charge (4,4) BABY CRIB [CD] With my love for food I had so many options here BABY GRUB, LADY CRAB and so on ...
9   Poor, poor American allowing seepage (6) POROUS {POOR*}{US}
10 Peak of a prince, former partner (4) APEX {A}{P}{EX}
11 Still this person might be over-learning (10) UNDERSTUDY {UNDER}{STUDY}
12 Range where Rex finds himself in a rise that isn't steady (6) SIERRA {SIE{R}RA*}
14 Timid Ell, confused, has scheduled badly (3-5) ILL-TIMED*
15 Currency conversion quotes bringing 'tears'? (8,5) EXCHANGE RATES {TEARS}*
17 It is not a noteworthy container (4,4) NOUN CASE Definition by example
19 Terminating the final part (6) ENDING [DD]
21 Cheat's hint about short Siva proves clinching (10) CONCLUSIVE {CON}{CLU{SIVa}E}
22 Top performer backs followers of Pied Piper (4) RATS <=
23 Intense dreads, say (6) FIERCE (~fears)
24 It tells you where to affix your endorsement (4,4) SIGN HERE [CD]

1   Thanks to primarily intensive physical education by one city (6) TAIPEI {TA}{I}{P}{E}{1}
2   Big cat's connections heard (4) LYNX (~links)
3   Brother almost out — laughter creates big to-do (8) BROUHAHA {BR}{OUt}{HAHA}
4   Pairs in a different manner with learner in a sort of binding (6) SPIRAL {PAIRS*}{L}
5   A mariner's bent for being coerced (3-7) ARM-TWISTED {A}{RM}-{TWISTED}
6   Son to discard no winter clothes (3,5) SUN DRESS {S}{UN DRESS}
8   One yet to flower into a brilliant person (7,6) BUDDING GENIUS [CD]
13 Vrooming on the track, they may make arcs (6,4) RACING CARS {ARCS}*
15 Fiscally careful about spending (8) ECONOMIC [CD]
16 Emeer back; urge not starting to appear again (2-6) RE-EMERGE {RE-EME<=}{uRGE}
18 Offender is sailor, American, having hesitation (6) ABUSER {AB}{US}{ER}
20 A turn changing Oriental's character (6) NATURE {A+TURN}*{E}
22 Some ultra-hungry Hindu demon (4) RAHU [T]



  1. You didn't get the point. I is a noun case, it is not :-)

    1. I too took it as a Coin Case! But for this it should have been a Centum in my case!! On the whole an entertaining puzzle. Thank you, Anitya. :)

    2. Deepak, I understand your line of thinking. But then, It is not a number of things. And why noteworthy?. I think it is COIN CASE as a CD.

  2. "With my love for food I had so many options here BABY GRUB, LADY CRAB and so on ..."

    Chuckle, chuckle! You've been pinching infant food?! When my brothers were infants, I used to swig their Woodward's Gripe Water. Directly from the bottle. Once, I committed some excesses with a brand new bottle, leaving only the empty glass container ...

  3. I vote for coin case since I need my samosas- to end the year on a full stomach! It contains only coins- cannot hold notes. I am sure Anitya will vote with us.

  4. What a way to end the year- thank you Anitya.
    Best Wishes for a very Happy & Successful New Year fot all bloggers, setters & their families- A day in advance since I may log in late tomorrow.

  5. 17a- noun case is known as nominal case. Nominal also means 'not noteworthy' Hence noun case is more suitable in my view. Anyway thanks Anitya for the year end bonanza.

  6. Bearing in mind the simplicity of the clues, IMO it should be COIN-CASE.

  7. A very Happy New Year 2015 full of joy and peace to all you guys and dolls out there !!

    Raju &Sapna