Sunday, 21 December 2014

No 2822, No 2820, Sunday 21 Dec 2014

1   Good mimic could make one stare open-mouthed (4) GAPE {G}{APE}
3   Typesetter in awfully poor sitcom (10) COMPOSITOR*
10 Big city pub and clubs with no ale, surprisingly (9) BARCELONA {BAR}{C}{NO+ALE}*
11 Mostly elegant town (5) URBAN URBANe
12 Maiden on mountain in Crete's pointing to legendary king (5) MIDAS {M}{IDA}{'S}
13 Head of precinct extremely upset about Irish detective (6) POIROT {P}{O{IR}OT<=}
16 Never-ending contest à la Tom and Jerry? (3-3-5,4) CAT-AND-MOUSE-GAME Definition by example
17 Ambassador in West Germany in novel - author? (6,9) ERNEST HEMINGWAY {HE}in{WEST+GERMANY+IN}*
20 We, entertained by young socialites? They're socially inept! (6) DWEEBS {D{WE}EBS}
21 Row across river in German city (5) TRIER {T{R}IER}
24 Buddy (American) and I correspond (5) AMIGO {AM}{I}{GO}
25 Native of Lincoln checking ancestry? (9) ABORIGINE {AB{ORIGIN}E}
26 Appropriate to grieve over, say, a large sea creature (5,5) RIGHT WHALE {RIGHT} {WHALE}(~ wail)
27 Fail to hear young woman (4) MISS [DD]

1   Leave bishop, slapped, utterly astonished (10) GOBSMACKED {GO}{B}{SMACKED}
2   Dior happy to wear favourite semiprecious stone (7) PERIDOT {PE{DIOR*}T}
4   One blew on euphonium initially, then this? (4) OBOE Acrostic
5   Mourn a VIP, a remarkable Finnish runner (5,5) PAAVO NURMI*
6   Potter's creation, and urn squire with kiln forged, with hint of turquoise inside (8,6) SQUIRREL NUTKIN {URN+SQUIRE+KILN}* over {T}
7   Girl from different habitat (7) TABITHA*
8   Telephone engineer circling number (4) RING {RI{N}G}
9   Pastoral events turned sour, resulting in uprising (8,6) PEASANTS REVOLT*
14 Obama broadcast includes bit of history, every single D-Day code name (5,5) OMAHA BEACH {OMA{H}A B*}{EACH}
15 Wonky knees worry people from Manhattan? (3,7) NEW YORKERS*
18 Indicating yes, theologian at home is brought in alcoholic drink (7) NODDING {NO{DD}{IN}G}
19 With first-rate singing partner of Elton in Honolulu beach resort (7) WAIKIKI {With}{AI}{KIKI}
22 Favourite aspect of carnival (4) FAIR {F}{AIR}
23 Black bird of prey in a hollow (4) BOWL {B}{OWL}


  1. Good luck to all at the IXL finals.

  2. No Sunday special in view of IXL finals today

  3. Unable to see the live telecast of IXL finals. Anyone successful in viewing this?

  4. Top 6 Vinoo Sanjay, Ramki Krishnan, Arvind Ramaswamy, Abhsy Phadnis, Kishore, Mohsin
    Not in any particular order

  5. IXL 2014 Champion Ramki Krishnan after a three way tie between Kishore, Ramki and Arvind

  6. Congrats Ramki Krishnan , Kishore & Arvind Ramaswamy ! :)

  7. Thanks Col. for keeping us abreast of the news at the venue. Hearty congrats to Ramki Krishnan.

  8. Hearty Congrats to Ramki Krishnan ! :) Good show Kishore and Arvind Ramaswamy. Better luck next time ! :)

  9. Three cheers to Kishore, Ramki & Arvind.
    We have a second champion in Ramki Krihnan. May the tribe increase.
    Thank you Col. for the updates.

  10. Photographs from the IXL finals at THCC Families blog at the following link IXL FINALS

  11. Thanks everyone, for the wishes. It was great to participate in the finals and meet all the crossword stalwarts face to face!