Monday, 15 December 2014

No.11266, Monday 15 Dec 2014, Lightning

Nice one from Lightning. I am not sure, but is there a computer vulnerability theme? I am no techie, but I thought  11a, 26a, were pointing in that direction ... Techies here might identify what else is lurking here. As Orson Welles in the role of The Shadow 'said', "Who knows what ... lurks ..."

8 Chop hard wood (4) HASH (H ASH)
9 Agree with hesitation to acquire one association (10) CONSORTIUM (CONSORT UM acquires I)
10 One complaining about her win (6) WHINER (HER WIN)*
11 Opening to lure party with gold (4,4) TRAP DOOR (TRAP DO OR)
12 Drape, ill designed having columns (8) PILLARED (DRAPE ILL)*
14 International criminal, one caught showing cult status (6) ICONIC (I CON I C)
16 Jewish month where chief of rabbis follows a lawyer (4) ADAR (A DA Rabbi) Googled and goggled to confirm
17 Deep low sounds of oriental antler (5) MOOSE (MOOS E) Is this a synecdoche or is antler=moose?
18 Entranced by royal apartment (4) RAPT (R APT)
19 Musical instrument’s representation on the radio (6) CYMBAL (~SYMBOL)
          Remembered the anticipated clash of cymbals near the end of The Man Who Knew Too Much with the beautiful Day
21 Puritan at national church showing discretion (8) PRUDENCE (PRUDE N CE)
23 Fish straying away (8) STINGRAY (STRAYING)*
26 Malicious horse that destroyed 24? (6) TROJAN (GK - GreeK mythology)
27 Blood source of peculiar old brown mare (4,6)  BONE MARROW (O BROWN MARE)*
28 Man for one, is extremely lithe (4) ISLE (IS LithE)

1   Period when one has a braiding problem? (3,4,3) BAD HAIR DAY (CD)
          People with no hair are exempt from this.  Period reminded me of a joke I just heard:
The Height of Social Networking: A lady updated her status:  "Got my periods at last".  18 men responded "Thank god!".
2   Merchant, wicked one, smuggling heroin - extremely risky (8) CHANDLER (wicked one=CANDLE including H for heroin + R) my COD
           Reminded me of Raymond and Friends
3   Statistician to scratch roster's head (6) SCORER (SCORE Roster)
          Oldsters might remember the 15 BB Mama
4   Back Nottingham to hold tie (4) KNOT (T)
5   Explosive oval tile destroyed (8) VOLATILE (OVAL TILE)*
6   Detailed review on moon at workshop (6) STUDIO (STUDy IO)
7   Martial art from Japan, for all to see and execute (4) JUDO (J U DO) the whole clue could be the defn too
13 Daughter, broke returning to slump (5) DROOP (D POOR<)
15 Faultless clip became wild (10) IMPECCABLE (CLIP BECAME)*
17 Abuse, beat up doctor (8) MALTREAT (LAM< TREAT)
          Lam reminded me of Gardner's Bertha Cool
18 Persuasive speech by royal ambassador to essentially attract independent chapter (8) RHETORIC (R HE TO attRact I C)
20 Standard to prevent nuclear energy radiation for starters (6) BANNER (BAN Nuclear Energy Radiation)
22 Indian state's final act to keep residential area (6) UPTOWN (UP acT OWN)
24 Conservative politician, right to move up in ancient city (4) TROY (TORY with R moving up)
25 Flip segment of nylon-rayon thread (4) YARN (T<)



  1. 27 Blood source of peculiar brown mare (4,6) BONE MARROW (BROWN MARE)*

    Where do we get the 2nd O from?

    1. In print version the clue is : Blood source of peculiar OLD brown mare (4,6). So 2nd O is from OLD

    2. Yes it is so. I missed it when typing in the clues.

  2. Peculiar Old brown mare in the paper

  3. Usual smooth one by Lightning. Agree with Kishore's COD. I do remember B B Mama statistician along with a host of other radio commentators.

  4. Thanks to Deepak for typing in the Down clues

  5. Enjoyed the puzzle - especially enjoyed the clue picked by Kishore too as his COD! Thanks to Lightning and to Kishore.

  6. First time I cracked LIGHTNING, I think. Thank you for samosas!

  7. Could crack with lightning speed. Very good clues with smooth surfaces.

  8. Nice puzzle on the onset of the week.2a-enjoyed the wordplay.1d- hitherto unheard of. Overall quite enjoyanle x'ie.Thank yoy Lightning.

  9. Fantastic crossword from lightning