Sunday, 28 December 2014

No 2821, Sunday 28 Dec 2014

1   Live in big apartment (4) FLAT {F{L}AT}
3   Bullion is secure inside plant (10) GOLDILOCKS {GOLD}{I{LOCK}S}
10 Understood about blocking wily subterfuge to send down student (9) RUSTICATE {RUS{TICAT<=}E}
11 Bird in church, by font, initially (5) FINCH {Font}{IN}{CH}
12 Somehow wealthier, hence can afford firework (9,5) CATHERINE WHEEL*
14 Tense, we brewed, and put in sugar (7) SWEETEN*
16 Employs symbols in operation (5,2) SIGNS ON {SIGNS}{ON}
17 Mrs Dalloway caught out in Greek city (7) LARISSA cLARISSA
19 Perhaps pens article about Ecstasy in Welsh city (7) SWANSEA {SWANS}{E}{A}
20 Children bet me I misinterpreted nursery rhyme (5,5,4) THREE BLIND MICE*
23 One interrupting beak causes row (5) NOISE {NO{1}SE}
24 Play patience (9) TOLERANCE [DD]
25 Frilly thing, clean item of bedwear (10) NIGHTDRESS {THING*}{DRESS}
26 Strength of character in Educating Rita (4) GRIT [T]

1   Word of warning by man on board where the crew is housed (10) FORECASTLE {FORE}{CASTLE}
2   Useful thing, when fixed (5) ASSET {AS}{SET}
4   Speech from leader of Opposition on fixed allowance (7) ORATION {Op...n}{RATION}
5   One inside discourages people trying to lose weight (7) DIETERS {D{1}ETERS}
6   Stranded, like Noah on Ararat? (4,4,3,3) LEFT HIGH AND DRY [C&DD]
7   Unanimity shown by clubs regarding count, we're told (9) CONSENSUS {C}{ON}{SENSUS}(~ census)
8   Small old house in part of central London (4) SOHO {S}{O}{HO}
9   Timidest trembling with nerves in ballet interlude (14) DIVERTISSEMENT*
13 Promise action (10) ENGAGEMENT [DD]
15 Human organ - length shown in article (9) EARTHLING {EAR}{TH{L}ING}
18 Judge arrives carrying snack (7) ARBITER {AR{BITE}R}
19 More than one buckler, maybe, is held awkwardly on set, at first (7) SHIELDS {IS+HELD}*{Set}
21 Ring in private (5) INNER [DD]
22 Clerical dignitary caught out immediately (4) ANON cANON


  1. Both the CWs used in the preliminary round at the IXL Finals will be posted in the Sunday Special at 10:30 today. Each commenter can give 5 answers. 2 from the 13x13 CW and 3 from the 15x15 CW

  2. Can The participants of IXL also participate here? If so, they have edge over the rest.

  3. We will request Col. to adopt the later giving us time to solve 1 CW after another.

  4. You can think of posting one at 10.30 and the other by 11.30 or even 12 noon - My suggestion.

    1. IXL Finalists may refrain from commenting till around 12 Noon so as to give non-finalists a chance.
      Your answers can be combined in one comment or in two separate comments. Reason for posting both together is to check out how long it takes to complete both as the first finalist completed both in 32 minutes.