Saturday, 22 December 2012

No 10651, Saturday 22 Dec 12, Incognito

What happened to Mover? 

5   Evictor lost an eye, say, and went around with directed force (6) VECTOR EViCTOR*
7   Indisposed peacemakers stood before water source (6) UNWELL {UN}{WELL}
11 Mr. Walker who walks or rides Hero (7) PHANTOM [GK]
12 French noble found eccentric Tom surrounded by vice (7) VICOMTE {VIC{TOM*}E}
13 Blimey! No yen, yet asses went around groups (10) ASSEMBLIES {{ASSE{BLIMEy*}S}
17 Egad, that’s become old (4) AGED*
18 Sweet fraud (6) HUMBUG [DD]
20 Storage space near model (6) CLOSET {CLOSE}{T}
21 Instrument found, when booze was decanted, after Zorro went out (4) OBOE BOOzE*
22 Little Balakrishna’s (not Bala’s) business supports rising railings (10) BALUSTRADE {BALU'S}{TRADE}
28 Child, not a day old, but might be quarter brown (7) NEWBORN {NE+BROWN}*
29 Regular communication code for you, say (7) UNIFORM Anno pending (Addendum - [DD] - See comments}
30 Hundred and ten besiege capital for a nail-biting finish (6) CLIMAX {C}{LIMA}{X}
31 Increase price that could be earned (6) ENDEAR*

1   Vehicles carried two thirds of an egg for people who don’t eat them (6) VEGANS {V{EGg}ANS}
2   First impaler lost energy and collapsed (6) PRIMAL IMPALeR*
3   Hummer’s military version found when he went around universal motor vehicle, initially, with ecstasy (6) HUMVEE {H{U}{M}{V}E}{E}
4   Fruit grows old with bird feathers (8) PLUMAGES {PLUM}{AGES}
6   Anthem written around clan ancestor (5) TOTEM Anno pending (Addendum - MOTET* - See comments)
8   Thing to light in Warwickshire (4) WICK [T]
9   Wet endings NASA used to have before space shuttles were used (11) SPLASHDOWNS [CD]
10 Principals were confused at the sources of rivers (11) HEADSTREAMS HEADMASTERS*
14 Irish oath, by God! (5) BEGOB [E]
15 Pastoral poem idly left around (5) IDYLL {IDLY+L}*
16 Large counterparts of these extreme covers used to be seen near runways (5) SOCKS [CD]
19 Astronauts did this before Michael Jackson (8) MOONWALK [DD]
23 Take over building adjunct (6) ANNEXE [DD]
24 Extraordinarily interesting uncle (6) USURER [CD]
25 Adroit: lost nothing and circled round for threesome (5) TRIAD ADRoIT*
26 Parka found when a king embraced Nora (6) ANORAK {A}{NORA}{K}
27 Early bird’s breakfast (4) WORM [GK]


  1. Triad also appeared in Arden's crossword yesterday.

  2. 6 Anthem written around clan ancestor (5) TOTEM

    Anagram of MOTET (anthem)

    1. 29 Regular // communication code for you, say (7) UNIFORM

      2nd defn: phonetic alphabet for communication

  3. Uniform=U comes from HAM radio code

    1. Thanks Ramesh,

      Don't know why that didn't strike me as 'U' for UNIFORM is regularly used in radio communication in the army, moreover my dad with his call sign (VU2BG) was one amongst the pioneer HAMs of India, I used to help him set up his antenna and sometimes even establish communication whenever he was taking a nap during competitions.

  4. Hi All, going to be out of internet contact till the first week of January. Wishing all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, not that doomsday has met its fate.

    1. Going hiking in the mountains??

    2. Nope. Bhandavgarh.

      BTW, please read 'now' instead of 'not' in my 0844

    3. Not necessarily. In the order they reveal themselves.

    4. hmm .. Kishore looking for birds that reveal ?

    5. Experience shows that they reveal sooner or later. One just has to be patient.

    6. Hearty reciprocation of greetings Kishore, and wish you a lovely holiday

    7. Hi Kishore, sorry I was on travel since early morning. Have a nice outing. Happy revelations!

  5. ABCDE :

    Auditor's large transport (6) .a....

  6. Have a good time Kishore. Spot as many birds as you can.

    24D 'uncle' was very 'interest'ing, but sad I missed him.

    A doubt about balustrade. My understanding is that it is generally referred to as the support for stairs as is indicated by the word 'rising' in the clue. But the picture shows one in a balcony. Is this also called as such?

    1. It is a support for a rail ( could be either staircase or balcony )

    2. Padmanabhan see the link in the main post. A single support is a 'Baluster', when used in a series as shown in the image they become a 'Balustrade'

  7. Some interesting twists today and looks like indirect anagrams are well accepted.

  8. I don't understand the purpose of 'uncle' in 24D. Could someone please explain?

  9. Money lenders are usually referred to as "uncles".

  10. Cracked THC for the first time, unbelievably happy!

    Got most of them, had to google for begob, oboe and anorak. Usurer was the last that I got. Loved Phantom (not for the clue but for featuring), 22A, 29A & 10D.