Friday, 21 December 2012

No.10650, Friday 21 Dec 12, Arden

Another entertaining puzzle to finish this run. Thanks Arden

1 One who gets it is often dumped (4,4,6) DEAR, JOHN, LETTER (CD)
10 Vessel seized somewhere in Somalia or Tanzania (5) AORTA (T)
11 Forwarded without a study, it is performed religiously (9) SACRAMENT (SENT outside A CRAM)
12 Unscrupulous fellow is withdrawn, rest go off (7) SHYSTER (SHY + REST*)
13 Some well known item in entertainment industry (7) EMINENT (T)
14 Endeavoured to change direction for a gang (5) TRIAD (TRIED with A for E)
16 He is off booze, but can get a six pack say, from coach right away (9) ABSTAINER (ABS + TrAINER)
19 Peter cover a church feature counting every step (9) PEDOMETER (PETER outside DOME)
20 With every other character Bernard only will sign on (5) ENROL (bErNaRd OnLy)
22 Changed into a casual shirt, being low key all around (7) MUTATED (MUTED outside A T)
25 Perhaps John takes part in a periodical game (7) MAHJONG (JOHN* inside MAG)
27 Control stand put up again (9) REINSTALL (REIN + STALL)
28 Not true without say, a feudal lord (5) LIEGE (LIE outside EG)
29 Hence Rotterdam because a game of chance (5-4, 5) THREE-CARD, MONTE (HENCE ROTTERDAM)*

2 Idle Barry could be the first to wake up in the morning (5,4) EARLY, BIRD (IDLE BARRY)*
3 Some food like in rank (5) ROAST (AS inside ROT)
4 Daily following a river, watchful (9) OBSERVANT (SERVANT after OB)
5 Some comfortable place while having a chronic headache (5) NICHE (T)
6 Time to give orders, having no time to stamp out (9) ERADICATE (ERA + DICtATE)
7 Subject of article on setter (5) THEME (THE + ME)
8 It could turn any which way (7) ROTATOR (<=>)
9 Fish and French hound (6) BASSET (BASS + ET)
15 Leave office with most of what you own in a small cup (9) DEMITASSE (DEMIT + ASSEt)
17 Extremely sarcastic, went on and on all mixed up (9) SCRAMBLED (SarcastiC + RAMBLED)
18 Extremely thin missile in retreat (9) NARROWEST (ARROW inside NEST)
19 Clean up if not happy with the fish (7) POMFRET (MOP<= + FRET)
21 The lumberjack is half German going by earlier record (6) LOGGER (GER after LOG)
23 One makes efforts to get right in step (5) TRIER (R inside TIER)
24 Measure a say, measure for measure (5) DRAMA (DRAM + A)
26 Play, not Old Testament greeting (5) HELLO (otHELLO)


  1. I had no idea of 1a.

    Thanks, Arden, for a nice run.

    BTW, I need some help in Chennai. Volunteers may please write to me at

  2. Some snaps of my B'day bash are uploaded at the THCC Families blog. Check them out at DEEPAK @ 60

    1. Lovely. Nice way to uncover the presents, but one has to work for them!

    2. Wonderful ! . Long time since I heard the 'Surangani' song!

  3. Neat one. Had a couple of clues where the surface reading wasn't as smooth as usual (19a,24d) or was I reading them wrongly ?


    Work's an investigation into a type of fever (1,5,2,7)

    1. A study in scarlet

    2. :) Easy one. Without the theme in place it would have been tougher.

    3. It made me see red ;-)

  4. If the rotator does turn any which way, 8d would be an &lit too.


  5. 1A got me.

    Happy Doomsday to everyone.

    And welcome to the Aquarian Age.

    A numerologist speaking to us in the Rotary Club recently said that the Mayan calendar ended because it was the conclusion of one complete cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, a period reckoned by the Mayans at 26000 years (actually a little less at 25 thousand odd).And we see the end of the Piscean age and enter the Aquarian age.

    1. Time for bad mood !

      Live everyday like it was the last day...

  6. 19 AC: probable typo:' cover' instead of covers. Still def is not explicit.Counting could have been counts.

  7. Totally at sea with both the long ones- 1A & 29A. This made life difficult due to absence of any crossings or starts/ endings. Otherwise quite a few enjoyable clues, making one work that much harder.

    Anyway, happy to be alive and licking either in Pises or Aquarius!

  8. Happy I did not get misled by Somalia/ Tanzania in 10A!

  9. Good one from Arden! Did not get the last word in 29A! Had to look it up. Liked 1A and 25A specially!
    No doomsday for sure.....

  10. Excellent run from Arden. Thanks to movies, had no trouble with 1A :)