Wednesday, 2 May 2018

No 12306, Wednesday 02 May 2018, xChequer

7   Concerned with member heading country clubs (6) ?R?R?L (Addendum - CRURAL - {C}{RURAL} - See comments)
8   Body's speaker failing to admit old case (5,3) VOICE BOX {V{O}ICE} {BOX}
9   Cold got from study of patient (8) CLINICAL [DD]
10 Claim pin tears nappy (6) ALLEGE {AL{LEG}E} Pin/Leg? See comments
11 Microbe seems to store fat (5) OBESE [T]
12 Form to get married? Apply and throw (6) BEMUSE {BE}{M}{USE}
14 Move around a bit showing what the Duke of Exeter's daughter may do below the waist? (7,4,4) STRETCH ONES LEGS {STRETCH} {ONE'S LEGS}
17 Home restored, let out after a while (2,4) IN TIME {IN} {EMIT<=}
18 Water flowing out of a pipe's mouth, a mere squirt (5) TWERP {WaTER}*{Pipe}
22 Mugger possibly retreating in silence, a black mark? (6) SCORCH {S{CROC<=}H}
23 Close call if son remains on the line (4,4) NEAR MISS {S+REMAINS}*
24 Suitable case for today's feature (8) PROPERTY {PROPER}{TodaY}
25 Not above stealing beginner's thunder (6) BELLOW {BE{L}LOW}

1   Coach repeatedly scraps, provide punching tips? (5,4) DRILL BITS {DRILL} {BITS}
2   Forlorn son has to protect daughter after father leaves (6) FRONDS {FR}{ON{D}S*}
3   Pull out from parking lot (5) PLUCK {P}{LUCK}
4   Appeal claiming silver upheld, settling draw or tie (8) LIGATURE {L{I{AG<=}T}URE}
5   The plimsoll line crossed? In this ocean, tricky to be unloaded at full tilt (4-4) PELL-MELL {thE+PLiMsoLL+LinE}*
6   Yield picked up in branch (5) BOUGH (~bow)
8   Valour of enemy stressed a good deal (5,3,5) VALUE FOR MONEY*
13 Harrier runs through gorges as directed (9) AGGRESSOR {R} in {GORGES+AS}*
15 Monumental legend in golf happier abroad (8) EPIGRAPH {EPI{G}RAPH*}
16 Commission ruined without right crop (3,5) CUT SHORT {CUT} {SHO{R}T}
19 Doctor's boring device, a simple boring tool (6) WIMBLE {WI{MB}LE}
20 Forbidding divine area to be seized (5) SCARY {SC{A}RY}
21 Coats of armour primarily worn by knights? On the contrary (5) DAUBS {D{Ar...r}UBS}



  1. 7 Concerned with member heading country clubs (6) C RURAL

    Of or relating to the leg, shank, or thigh.

    1. Country ->rural. Clubs(joins) surface.

    2. RURAL: Country. ahead of country is Clubs : C

    3. How does 'heading country (RURAL} clubs (C)' become {C}{RURAL}?

      I feel it should have been 'heading country's clubs' which could be read as 'heading country is clubs'

    4. Heading country, clubs. How's that?

  2. 10a pin:round or square leg in the electrical plug.

    1. Chambers col. It also has pins:colloq ones legs. My fav archie always sasta "look at those pins". But I was trying to be more politically correct.

    2. Sorry, it is states not sasta.

  3. The bouncer and the dancer - Part 24

    When the going is tough the tough get going. The PLUCK of Gombu the tough guy would have been the envy of even one from Scotland Yard. Every action of his was CLINICAL.

    In this instance SS not being found together with him was a NEAR MISS. SS with the dancers had left just IN TIME.

    BEMUSED somewhat they had quickly boarded the train which was now in motion. A little while later SS was relaxed - in a 'STRETCH ONES LEG' mood.

    He was soon sleeping and dreaming: The Snangri-la PROPERTY is VALUE FOR MONEY.

    Alas! He woke up SCARY, even as an OBESE guy BELLOWED and woke him up.

    What happened next?

  4. 15d monumental legend is the def, my understanding.

  5. Found these in Free dictionary

    pins Informal The legs: is steady on his pins.

    (Anatomy) (usually plural) informal a leg

    Informal. a human leg.

    1. I first encountered pin=leg in a crossword Clue post "My Top Ten Clues of 2015"
      The clue was Times 26295: PIN number?(4,3)
      The answer was Dead Leg

    2. Your memory is very good particularly in recalling clues.

  6. 14a I thght its c&did. Can someone explain the parsing pls.

    1. Col.'s link explains it. Duke of Exchequer's daughter (his invention) is a torture chamber where one's limbs are painfully stretched.

    2. A Freudian slip Paddy?

    3. Thats what i thought is CD (torture rack stretches both arms and legs, below the waist indicating legs).Col parsing looks charade wp.

    4. Yes Vasant. Probably always thinking about how to crack ExChequer!

  7. how does throw become bemuse?

  8. From Free Dic.-
    Verb 1. bemuse - cause to be confused emotionallybemuse - cause to be confused emotionally
    discombobulate, bewilder, throw

    1. Throw- to throw out of sync- to bewilder or bemuse.

      In the current Newage lingo: don't throw ! means to spin a yarn, or don't patang udao ! Of course, in the clue, this was not the intention.

      Exchequer does this always in his clues ! He always sends his cheques for a bounce !

  9. Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Ajeesh. Have a great time Rainmon with lots of fun Kidu.