Sunday, 27 May 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2997, Sunday 27 May 2018

1   Add to enclosure containing buildings (8) COMPOUND [DD]
6   Stare at Oscar with endless joy (4) OGLE {O}{GLEe}
10 Fish in perspective (5) ANGLE [DD]
11 Staff thus after end of seminar tucked into pasta and left (9) PERSONNEL {PE{s...aR}{SO}NNE}{L}
12 Pious in retreat? On the contrary, in truth (8) HONESTLY {HO{NEST}LY}
13 Captains ignoring very quiet competitors in winter sport? (6) SKIERS SKIppERS
15 Monotonous style ruins good broadcast (4-10) SOUL-DESTROYING*
18 Observed disc following fool with no time for UFO sighting? (5,9) CLOSE ENCOUNTER {SEEN}{COUNTER} after {CLOt}
20 Player's second foul allowed (6) LAWFUL {pLa..r}{AWFUL}
21 Consultative volume is probing trouble with railway (8) ADVISORY {AD{V}{IS}O}{RY}
24 Discovery coming from confinement with carbon instead of nitrogen (9) DETECTION DETE(-n+c)CTION
25 Rebel finally, to some extent, impish (5) ELFIN [T]
26 Study without large merit (4) EARN lEARN
27 Meal about right with definite value (8) TREASURE {T{R}EA}{SURE}

2   Old tips for restoring an instrument (5) ORGAN {O}{Re...nG}{AN}
3   Delighted with sale, chap ends up getting tipsy (7,2,5) PLEASED AS PUNCH*
4   Crude vote, nearly held by university, dropped (10) UNPOLISHED {UN{POLl}I}{SHED}
5   Five hundred on vessel without light (4) DARK {D}{ARK}
7   See about run, refreshed after drink and biscuit (6,3) GINGER NUT {GIN}{GE{RUN*}T}
8   Sign up in street topped with funny line (6) ENLIST {LINE*}{ST}
9   Mischief aboard vital vehicle popular during disorder (6,8) MONKEY BUSINESS {M{ON}{KEY}{BUS}{IN}ESS}
10 Horrified tourist's latest story coming up, about hotel (6) AGHAST {t...sT}{SAGA}<= about {H}
14 Page on garden in preliminary survey getting priority (10) PRECEDENCE {P}{REC{EDEN}CE}
16 United in due course to protect large south-western lake (9) ULLSWATER {U}{L{L}{SW}ATER}
17 Shaft of light in trick becoming stick of wax? (6) CRAYON {C{RAY}ON}
19 Assurance in place with advantage (6) PLEDGE {PL}{EDGE}
22 Upset about supporting bad proposal (5) OFFER {OFF}{RE<=}
23 Reportedly avoided thin fog (4) MIST (~missed)