Saturday, 26 May 2018

No 12327, Saturday 26 May 2018, Arden


1. Like it? Boy arrived on time for taking pictures (7,6) DIGITAL CAMERA {DIG}{IT}{AL}{CAME}{RA} RA=Time?
10. Return by midweek, not with old presenter (5) EMCEE  {CoME<=}{wEEk} Return=Come back
11. Bond will live wearing false teeth (9) DEBENTURE {DE{BE}NTURE}
12. Required from a Frenchman and a conservative (9) MANDATORY {M}{AND}{A}{TORY}
13. Animal with horn, perhaps one sticking out in the centre (5) RHINO {HORN*} around {I} &lit
14. Engineer altered foot lever (7) TREADLE {ALTERED*}
16. Old Greek musician essentially transformed America (7) ORPHEUS {mORPHEd}{US}
18. Put at risk including a Royal (7) IMPERIL {IMPERIL} around {A}={IMPERIAL}
20. Love to hide behind open tent entrance (7) ENAMOUR {tENt}{AMOUR}
22. Some at sea allow only a horny creature (5) MOOSE {SOME*} around {O}
24. A plea in court not once resolved, by the way (2,7) NO CONTEST {NOT ONCE*}{ST}
26. Annie does act strange, it's in her DNA (9) ADENOSINE {ANNIE DOES*}
27. Better exposed to the party (5) OUTDO {OUT}{DO}
28. India in grip of severe coal shortage, he will do the digging (13) ARCHAEOLOGIST {I} in {COAL SHORTAGE*}


2. Scent will  // put one off (7) INCENSE (DD)
3. Heard admission of calumny by a subject (9) ICELANDER { ~ I SLANDER}
4. Sound is only behind a car (5) AUDIO {AUDI}{O}
5. Hardly any room here for husband and rape, according to Spooner (9)  CUBBYHOLE {(-h+C)UBBY (-c+H)OLE}
6. He has a choice to get a big house (5) MANOR {MAN}{OR}
7. Regular Casanova, has money (7) ROUTINE {ROU{TIN}E}
8. I agree with comment, it may be average (9,4) GEOMETRIC MEAN {I AGREE COMMENT*}
9. Clear 50% on the way, food gets disapproval (13) REMONSTRATION {REMove}{ON}{ST}{RATION}
15. For example, a way to get money plant (9) EGLANTINE {EG}{LAN{TIN}E}
17. Chant by playful pangolins (9) PLAINSONG {PANGOLINS*}
19. First one in dock (7) PIONEER {PI{ONE}ER}
21. Minerals set up by a Greek character (7) ORESTES {ORES}{SET<=}
23. Face up to hard time (5) EPOCH {COPE<=}{H}
25. Cover both ends of fish basket (5) CREEL {CoveR}{EEL}

Reference List
Boy=Al, Old=O, Frenchman=M, Conservative=Tory, One-I, America=US, Only=O, Way=St, Party=Do, India=I
Money=Tin, For example=Eg, Way=Lane, Hard=H, Fish=Eel

Colour/Font Scheme

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Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 47

There was no REMONSTRATION against the Gemini School of Dance.

Due diligence was carried out and whatever ROUTINE and MANDATORY approvals required were obtained.

Between 4 and 6 pm PLAIN SONG after song was heard on the AUDIO.

The school was indeed a PIONEER in teaching children.

It did a good job and never wanted to OVERDO.


  1. 1AC May have been a miscalculation of E [CAME+ERA]

  2. 8d "it may be" ->anag indicator. Def, avg. My understanding.

  3. 5D- Spooner clues are always troublesome- at least for me.
    In this clue it should be 'hubby cole' before Spooner enters. Cole from?

  4. Nice puzzle!Liked the long ones on the perimeter of the grid.

  5. Slowly our lives are becoming electronic. Apps are taking over. I solve puzzles in my computer. I have an app for cryptic puzzles which i solve when I travel. Another app word crossy my wife does with great interest. The book that I longed to read for so many years, I read in kindle and that too for free.
    Are the machines taking over our lives?

    1. Sorry basant, the scenario you described is of dinosaur age. My two year old neice starts her own kids channel on the 43uhd smart TV through voice commands, my 4 year old nephew plays temple run like james bond runs his car with eyes on the heroine, my 6yr old nephew is past GTF and cursing Sony for not releasing new playstation and my 12year old is making video homeworks from research on google. And I am supposedly the only one who can handle them.

    2. Well said Vasant and Prasad!

      In ancient days, machines were thought to be slaves of humans and as we progressed, we became slaves to them.

      Who is to be blamed?

    3. Have you seen the movie Lucy. Humanity's goal seem to shed this physical form and be only a mind form. In the immediate all the technology we see is actual pieces in "space jump". Read I, robot of Assimov, the driving force of all electronic gadgets of past half-century.