Friday, 25 May 2018

No 12326, Friday 25 May 2018, Arden

Today being Friday only the blank clues will be posted. All those who are not regular commenters/rookie commenters/silent followers of the blog are requested to post answers with annotations in the comments section. In your own interest please avoid looking up the answers from the interactive version. Don't hesitate to post your annotations, in case you make a mistake someone will correct it with the right annotation.

Each commenter is requested to post only 5 answers till 2 PM thereby giving others also a chance to participate. Please provide all your answers in one comment.

The regular blog will replace the clues at 2 PM after which anyone is free to comment. 

Thanks everyone for the response. Here is the regular blog

1   Starts going uvery near office, ring the boss (6) GUVNOR Acrostic
4   Appreciating painless treatment? It tells you what to pay (5,3) PRICE TAG APpRECIaTinG*
10 Silent start to puzzle (9) DUMBFOUND {DUMB}{FOUND}
11 Strange end to cricket match, runout was a disgrace (5) ODIUM {ODI}{rUM}
12 It's a mistake to stay outside the circle, run (7) BLOOPER {B{LOOP}E}{R}
13 Cut open, add something extra to the figure (7) OCTAGON {dOCk}{TAG ON}
14 They play a part in growth within computer industry (5) UTERI [T]
15 Standard depth in any well known beach (8) NORMANDY {NORM}{AN{D}Y}
18 Marks it as wrong without an entrance test (8) STIGMATA {IT+AS}* over {GMAT}
20 Interrupt opera, could be as precaution (3-2) CUT-IN preCaUTIoN* [CA]
23 Material for engine part is British, I see (7) CAMBRIC {CAM}{BR}{IC}
25 It's spoken by the hour in Church, it's also sung in Church (7) CHORALE {C{H}{ORAL}E}
26 Opening home on lease (5) INLET {IN}{LET}
27 Little bear cradling in our arms (4,5) URSA MINOR*
28 Kill the fish, it's almost gone bad (8) GARROTTE {GAR}{ROTTEn}
29 Make it hard for girl to be with boy (6) ANNEAL {ANNE}{AL}

1   Rover's complaint over a spot (8) GADABOUT {G{A}{DAB}OUT}
2   Go low, break container (7) VAMOOSE {VA{MOO}SE}
3   Issue is not on season (9) OFFSPRING {OFF}{SPRING}
5   Communication or aid? (5,9) RADIO BROADCAST {OR+AID}* [RA]
6   Yahoo's under Charlie's influence (5) CLOUT {C}{LOUT}
7   Pained to see William get a part (7) TWINGED {WING} in {TED}
8   Private parts — exposing half of them in house (6) GEMINI {G{thEM}{IN}I}
9   Electrifying story — something to do with a bank (7,7) CURRENT ACCOUNT {CURRENT} {ACCOUNT}
16 He oozes charm on an unsuspecting audience (9) ANCHORMAN* &lit
17 May be relating to the whole (8) INTEGRAL*
19 Acrobat can hold a drink (7) TUMBLER [DD]
21 Entire organisation protects amateur student (7) TRAINEE {TR{A}INEE*}
22 Training, half the side is longing for it (6) ACHING teACHING TE from TEam? Not sure of anno
24 Speech exposed only a fraction (5) RATIO oRATIOn

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 46

The public's ODIUM towards SS had subsided. Still wishing to remain in the background he took a friend who had CLOUT in the hamlet as his partner.

Residents were DUMBFOUND to see hoardings in the hamlet:

GEMINI School of Dance
Student Teacher RATIO 1:1
Courses with low PRICE TAG!!

Soon money in the CURRENT ACCOUNT of Gemini School of Dance began to swell.

Little did the residents know that GADABOUTS were visiting the school after 9 pm for adult entertainment!


  1. 5Down: Communication or aid? (5,9)
    Radio Broadcast
    Reverse anagram
    25Across: It's spoken by the hour in Church, it's also sung in Church (7)
    oral is spoken
    Hour is H
    Church is CE
    Oral is by H inside CE
    27A: Little bear cradling in our arms (4,5)
    Ursa Minor
    Anagram(cradling) of In Our Arms
    29A:Make it hard for girl to be with boy (6)
    Girl in crosswords is almost always Anne
    Boy is Al
    2D: Go low, break container (7)
    low is Moo inside(break) Vase(container)

  2. 10a: dumbfound(dd)
    15a: normandy - norm+an(d)y
    27a: ursa minor - (in our arms)*
    9d: current account(dd)
    5d: radio broadcast - (or aid*)+broadcast(com......)

    1. 10A is not a DD
      9D is not a DD
      5D - See the anno given by Srinidhi @ 7:18 above

  3. 23a cambric.
    Engine part - cam
    British - br
    I see - ic

    20a. Cut in
    Precaution - opera goes off in precaution

    14a uteri
    Comp uter i ndustry

    3d. Offspring

    Not on - off
    Season - spring
    17d. Integral
    Relating anagram

    1. 20A:Although your anno is correct, this is actually a composite anagram. (OPERA+CUTIN)*=PRECAUTION

  4. KKR, its there again. Expose in two opposite meanings. 8d and 24d. Let's wait for the answers to come before discussing)

  5. 4a- PRICE TAG (anagram of appreciating-pain)

    1. Remembered Three Idiots where a character(Suhas) is nick named Price Tag("Tu Price Tag ko ukhad, Main Virus ko nipta tha hoon)

  6. 6d- CLOUT(influence)
    Out!(yahoo) under Cl(Charlie)

  7. 24d- RATIO(fraction)
    Oration(speech) exposed= -O and -n

  8. 26a- INLET (opening)
    In(at home) + let(lease)

  9. 19d- TUMBLER(Double definition)

  10. Sorry for not posting all answers together.

  11. 21d trainee from entire and a of amateur

  12. 18a stigmata (marks) anagram of it,as and gmat (entrance test)

  13. 28a garrotte?can't make out the announcement
    21d acting ?no idea how the another works

    1. 28a: garrotte {gar(=fish)}{rotte(-n)(=almost gone bad)} = kill
      21d: trainee {entire}* around {a} = student

    2. 28A - You have to attempt to annotate. No point in just giving the answer.
      21D is incorrect

  14. Trot is a fish but garre? How the ano works auto setting made ano as another

    1. You meet these fish often in crosswords. This particular fish is a three lettered on.

  15. 8D Private = GI, half of them is EM IN is in, GEMINI = house ( Private parts is G and I separately with EMIN in between )

  16. 13a. Octagon. Cut open C O . Add something extra. TAG ON

  17. 1a. GUVNOR. starting letters of each word.

  18. 1A GUVNOR slang of Governor (Acrostic )

  19. 11A Strange = RUM -R (Run out) Cricket Match = ODI. ODIUM = disgrace ( UM placed after C Match )

  20. 21DN TRAINEE = student ( entire* +A from amateur )

  21. Last one 7D plus the annotation for 13A

  22. 4a: price tag: (app̷recia̷ti̷n̷g)*
    12a: blooper - b(loop)e+r
    28a: garrotte - gar+rotten̷

    1. Doctor,
      The limit is 5 answers per commenter

  23. 12A - stay = be, outside the circle = loop, run = r. Answer is blooper.
    10A - Silent = dumb, start = found, Answer is dumbfound.

  24. 4A- It is (Appreciating- pain)*
    The way you have indicated it is a 12 letter word against enu of 8. Pl. see comment above for this.
    Same for 28A- ga+ (rotten-n)- almost gone bad

  25. 7d: twinged: t(wing)ed, ted, the nick name of Williams, wing - a section or part

    1. Ted is Edward and William is Bill.

      How is Ted William?

    2. Theodre samuel williams is the legendary baseball player aka ted williams "the kid".

  26. 29A-Annealing is a softening process rather than hardening in Metallurgy. I wonder if any of the dictionaries give the opposite meaning.

  27. I agree with you. I had worked in cable industry where we used to anneal copper to make it soft and pliable. Whereas in steel it is hardening. Basically conditioning of metal- either softening or hardening- is annealing.

  28. From Free dic.-
    1. To subject (glass or metal) to a process of heating and slow cooling in order to toughen and reduce brittleness.
    2. To strengthen or harden.

    I am glad they have mentioned SLOW cooling. If a metal is suddenly cooled (by quenchibg in water,say) it becomes hard but brittle. Metalurgically, it is realignment of molecules.

  29. ANCHORMAN: Hardly a description to the high-decibelled and self-opinionated anchorman of the TV newschannel ! He doesn't charm but harms your eardrums ! very (OB)noxious !

    I liked the formation of the wordi UTERI -- They play a part in the growth !

    OFFSPRING is a cute clue !

    ARDEN at his best !

  30. +1 for offspring. Innovative.
    Uteri is a well disguised T. Mention of computer industry takes one's mind off track.

  31. 22d , (comma) ->cut off half the team.

  32. 9d electrifying =current?. I thought it is c&did.

  33. 13AC nOCk may also work for this clue, I think.