Wednesday, 9 May 2018

No 12312, Wednesday 09 May 2018, Neyartha

Geography class by Neyartha.

7   Speaker's stocky? Department provides space for a lunch in the park (6,4) PICNIC AREA (~ ??){PICNIC} {AREA} Anno pending (Addendum - (~ pyknic){PICNIC} {AREA}- See comments)
9   Meeting arranged in advance to get a fruit (4) DATE [DD]
10 Writer is yet to get adjusted to the inclusion of a fool from the east (9) ESSAYIST {ASS<=} in {IS+YET}*
11 A bit of the ghee hawked with a loud laugh (3-3) HEE-HAW [T]
12 Pair sent back to capture the Spanish revolutionary's young bird (5) OWLET {T{EL<=}WO<=}
13 Without hesitation, removed article on deregulation disaster showing a GPS coordinates component (9) LONGITUDE DerEGULaTION*
14 A timber tree hiding American uranium? That's not a surprise! (2,5) AS USUAL {A}{S{US}{U}AL}
17 Clear up after universal solution is ruled out (7) UNRAVEL {UNiVERsAL}*
20 Approving the redesigned ad layout featuring a king... (9) LAUDATORY {R} in {AD+LAYOUT}*
22 ...for a much so}ught-after broadcast time (5) PRIME [C&DD]
25 Loan shark rendering coup leader powerless (6) USURER USURpER
26 Anger over help from the right in Minnesota summit (8) MERIDIAN {M{IRE<=}{AID<=}N}
27 Business requiring a collateral of sorts after the Oriental steps back (4) LINE LI(-e)N(+e)E
28 Activated an electrical connection for the revolutionary participating in a riotous sit-down (8,2) SWITCHED ON {CHE} in {SIT DOWN}*

1   Puzzle in pieces? (6) JIGSAW [CD]
2   Bitter leaders of the Arunachal Congress rallying in Delhi (5) ACRID Acrostic
3   Applause after Victor makes way for the king's formal speech (7) ORATION O(-v++r)RATION
4   Dangerous microbe in the shape of a heptagon (8) PATHOGEN*
5   Long-awaited arrival of the month preceding Christmas (6) ADVENT [DD]
6   Holy man climbing on top of the damaged ladder to sit on the fence (8) STRADDLE {ST}{LADDER*}
 Cleans up corrupt senate by putting a new leader at the top (7) NEATENS {New}{SENATE*}
15 Blind a bird, say, and hide an Eskimo's waterproof wear (8) SEALSKIN (~ ??) SEAL{SKIN} Anno pending (addendum - (~ seel){SEAL}{SKIN} - See comments)
16 Query about different tiers revealing a sign of times for programmers (8) ASTERISK {AS{TIERS*}K}
18 Decline to accept marriage participant's detailed contract (7) ABRIDGE {A{BRIDe}GE}
19 Krypton found by Mike inside the African river sent north to a Russian citadel (7) KREMLIN {KR}{E{M}LIN<=}
21 Obscure red ark enlarged to some extent (6) DARKEN [T]
23 Eurasian gull spotted around a party in the field (6) MEADOW {ME{A}{DO}W}
24 Flower-bearing leaf from a follower appearing for the first time in the area (5) BRACT (-t+b)BRACT
Yellow-rattle close 700.jpg
By Sannse - 19:07, 5. Jun 2004 . . Sannse (Talk) . . 700x925 (197710 Byte) (Yellow-rattle ), CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 30

The boatman STRADDLED on his seat and happily SWITCHED ON the motor. His speedboat SPED on a straight LINE to the other side of the lake near a PICNIC AREA.

He then spoke to a cabbie known to him and asked him to take threesome through a shortcut via A BRIDGE in the nearby MEADOW and not "AS USUAL" promising him that the payment will be doubled.

In this JIGSAW another piece: Elsewhere in KREMLIN someone is delivering an ORATION in which the name of SMITH figures. Is it Sunder Smith??


  1. 7a stocky pyknic dept-area

  2. 15d Seel: blind a bird/hawk (say) ~seal

  3. I am sure all readers of the blog join me in wishing many Happy Returns to Mrs. and Col. Deepak Gopinath on their wedding anniversary. May they have many more.

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    1. Novella, looks a bed time story. Will read full in the night.

    2. Kishore,
      Your wedding anniversary as well? If so pl. accept my Best Wishes for Many Happy Returns.

    3. I express my deep gratitude to Lakshmi Vaidyanathan, whom I met through THCC, for her encouragement to write the novella featured in the blog and to start a blog

    4. Yes sir. Thank you for your wishes.

  5. 22a could "much sought-after" refer to setter/me?

  6. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Col. & Mrs. Gopinath.

    21D- it should be 'darken'.

  7. CGB lives up to his promise from a far away land. Thank you for keeping us regaled.

  8. Happy anniversary to Col & G ma’am & Kishore & G ma’am 💐💐😊

  9. Happy Anniversary to Deepak and Kishore and Smt. Gita and Smt. Gita.

  10. Happy Anniversary Kishore.
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  11. Happy Anniversary to Kishore & Col and both the Gitas!

    1. You have found a 2G connection...

    2. Actually it is a 3G connection..Mrs. CV is also Gita.

  12. Thanks to all for the anniversary greetings

  13. Happy Anniversary to the Kishores and Gopinaths.

  14. Happy Anniversary to You-know-Who

  15. Happy wedding anniversary to the two Geetas and their respective husbands, Deepak & Kishore. May you have many more years of togetherness . May God bless the four of you with bliss & peace in the days to come.

    Kishore: Will certainly visit your blog. One more to keep us all busy ? Godspeed for its success and wide participation.

    Today's Neyartha's is a sweet neiyappam ( or Kuzhi panyram- a name I have come across only after my arrival in CBE!, for those who abhor sweets)) now that samosas are rare to see.

  16. Can somebody enlighten me about ABRIDGE. The meaning of abridge is shorten, decrease, lessen and so on but it is not refusal as decline means refusal. Also no idea of annotations for PICNIC AREA and SEALSKIN. Where is bird in SEALSKIN? and stocky in PICNIC AREA?

    1. Declining population->decreasing population. Chambers has all the meanings you asked. for starter.

    2. Decline is used here in the sense of deteriorate,age.
      Marriage participant de- tailed is Bride- E= BRID

  17. From Chambers 12th Edition:

    pyknic /pikˈnik/
    (of a human physical type) characterized by short squat stature, small hands and feet, relatively short limbs, domed abdomen, short neck, and round face

    seel1 /sēl/
    transitive verb
    To sew up the eyelids of (eg a hawk)

    1. Thank you Bhavan. I missed this meaning of Pyknic. So, speaker's stocky becomes picnic. A good one.

  18. Aren't my comments at 832 & 844 not visible!

    1. Sometimes it reappears after a while. You are better equipped to explain i. It has happened to me on a few occasions earlier.

  19. Anniversary Wishes to Colonel & Gita ma'am and to Cixor and Gita ma'am.

  20. Thanks everyone for your good wishes

  21. Happy wedding Anniversary to Deepak and Mrs.Gita Gopinath and to Kishore and Mrs.Gita Kishore. Wish you many happy returns of the day.