Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Sunday Crossword No 2994, Sunday 06 May 2018

1   King tucked into fruit, very first from exotic tree (8) MANGROVE {MANG{R}O}{V}{Ex...c}

Mangroves in Kannur, India.jpg

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5   Effect produced by demon with performance (6) IMPACT {IMP}{ACT}
9   Small issue with single interval (8) SEMITONE {S}{EMIT}{ONE}
10 Snips round firm plaster (6) STUCCO {CUTS<=}{CO}
12 Hard theory, endlessly obscure (4) HIDE {H}{IDEa}
13 Month consumed with detention of American novelist (4,6) JANE AUSTEN {JAN}{EA{US}TEN}
15 Unruly peers deny civic status of deputy leader (4-10) VICE-PRESIDENCY*
17 Game about to end in grief with prize going back in storage unit (5,2,7) CHEST OF DRAWERS {CHES{TO}{g..eF}{REWARD<=}S} A standard furniture item in the bedrooms of all army houses of yore

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21 Change round entire broadcast concerning treatment of animals (10) VETERINARY {V{ENTIRE*}ARY}
22 Sword with items used regularly in set pieces (4) EPEE {sEt+PiEcEs}
24 United in line after time in company (6) TROUPE {T}{RO{U}PE}
25 Man, before large fall, foremost in investing capital (8) HELSINKI {HE}{L}{SINK}{In...g}
26 Artist at that point losing energy somewhat (6) RATHER {RA}{THERe}
27 Approach filthy place inhabited by scoundrel, for example (8) STRATEGY {ST{RAT}{EG}Y}

1   Essential problem brought up with article about Bible (4-4) MUST-HAVE {SUM<=}{TH{AV}E}
2   Travelling inspector taken into account under French name (7) NOMADIC {NOM}{A{DI}C}
3   Tempo in class (4) RATE [DD]
4   Vehicle on exercises, good at climbing, moving into position with clear view (7,5) VANTAGE POINT {VAN} with {PE+G+AT}<= and {INTO*}
6   Old man, satisfied, raised beer in silence (10) METHUSELAH {MET}{HUS{ALE<=}H}
7   Doubter ignoring pressure to support a hermit (7) ASCETIC {A SCEpTIC}
8   Problematic god, name unknown (6) THORNY {THOR}{N}{Y}
11 Dim rebel went all over the place creating confusion (12) BEWILDERMENT*
14 Primate holding very large cup almost showing sign of possession? (10) APOSTROPHE {AP{OS}{TROPHt}E}
16 Harshness in treatment of irate spy (8) ASPERITY*
18 Popular measure without delay (7) HOTFOOT {HOT}{FOOT}
19 Former partner writes invoice finally revealing cost (7) EXPENSE {EX}{PENS}{i...cE}
20 Movable icon in Java targeted (6) AVATAR [T]
23 Centres of trade, bases doing deals for continent (4) ASIA {trAde+baSes+doIng+deAls}