Thursday, 10 May 2018

No 12313, Thursday 10 May 2018, Scintillator

Off to Bangalore. Stumped for some answers. Will update after reaching Bangalore.

1   Indian diamond equals to junk (6) LASQUE*
4   The authority to rise above audacity (3,5) TOP BRASS {TOP} {BRASS}
9   A female firing off insults is the leader (6)  F???T? (Addendum - FRONTS afFRONTS - See comments)
10 Just get rid of your outfit that's causing pain (8) ???H?FUL (Addendum - RIGHTFUL {RIG}{HurTFUL} - See comments)
12 Subordinate lacking in quality (8) INFERIOR [DD]
13 South African rural landscape said to be urbane (6) SVELTE (~veldt) (Correction - {S}{VELTE}(~veldt) - See comments)
15 Country has, in retrospect, become ordinary (4) TOGO {GOT<=}{O}
16 Only eating hot cross bun, got it? Nachos for starters (7,3) NOTHING BUT {N}{H+BUN+GOT+IT}*
19 Millions queue behind AI tool to net profit found here (6,4) BOTTOM LINE {M}{LINE} after {BOTT} (Correction - {M}{LINE} after {BOT}{TO} - See comments)
20 Support to the rear (4) BACK [DD]
23 Cast off to get entertained in Blue Island (6) DISOWN {D{IS}OWN} Anno not clear See comments
25 Literal poetry mostly employed volte-face (8) REVERSAL {RE{VERSe}AL}
27 Spurn one that’s possibly an ______ (8)  UNPERSON*
28 India's independence was threatening British sovereignty (6) SWARAJ {WAS*}{RAJ}
29 Hydrocarbon project keen on expanding around? Became a rebel (8) KEROSENE {KE{ROSE}NE*}
30 Corrective medicine on the left of yellow capsules (6) REMEDY {RE}{MED}{Y}

1   From 'The Parisian', 'India Time', 'Guardian', to 'Financial Times', all favouring socialism (7) LEFTIST {LE}{IST}  guarding {FT}
2   Shut up and go with France playing to scrap hard (4,5) S??? FIGHT (Addendum - SHOW FIGHT {SH}{GO+WITH+F}* - See comments)
3   Change of course to contain power surge (6) UPTURN {P} in {U TURN}
5   Spilling tea all over the place of an auditor (4) O??? (Addendum - OTIC chaOTIC - See comments)
6   Proper acting — hero at the climax doubles for acting (8) BEHOVING BEH(-a+o)OVING A/Acting? See comments
7   Legally acceptable to oust leader that's unsatisfactory (5) AWFUL lAWFUL
8   In the black hole situated under the sun (7) SOLVENT {SOL}{VENT}
11 Cool men wearing a glass on one eye (7) MONOCLE*
14 Loud noise from wily hunter snaring deer horn (7) THUNDER {THUN{Deer}ER*}
17 Bar one going down two steps in undergarment (9) BRASSERIE BRASS(-1)ER(+1)IE
18 Resends email in support of hospital rooms (8) FORWARDS {FOR}{WARDS}
19 Sorry about that mishap (3,4) BAD LUCK [DD]
21 Spoilsport in game? Newbies out of trip (7) KILLJOY KI{LL}{JOY} Anno pending (Addendum - {KILL}{JOllY} - See comments)
22 Little bird of the plover family (6) PEEWEE [DD]
24 Top priest not invited to meal (5) SUPER SUPpER
26 Bust of 23 is broken (4) DOWN DisOWN

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 31

Scene shifts BACK to the restaurant where the trendy guy (in front of whom lay the identification cards) was eyeing a SVELTE  3x12/2×12/3×12.

A TOP BRASS officer ( wearing a MONOCLE) who was sent (Vasant - to answer your query about the trendy guy)
- that is - TO GO behind SS and nab him
came there (like a KILLJOY).

The SUPER cop saw the trendy guy; one glance and he felt AWFUL. He at once knew that BAD LUCK had struck him

Questioning him would be NOTHING BUT a waste.

What happened next?


  1. 9a wp is (AF)fronts but def?

    1. I think the intended def is "is the leader". He fronts the organisation".

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. 10a rig(outfit) hurtful (-ur)

  3. 23a in blue->down, entertained/confused

  4. 15A- Should it not be 'had' in stead of 'has' to lead to 'Got'?

    1. I would prefer 'He's got it'. Anyway it becomes simple if it is 'had'.

  5. Unperson is new to me, though 'unfriend' has become popular in text lingo.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, F for France, per Chambers
      WP for 2DN
      Shut up= SH
      Anagram= GO WITH

  7. 19AC elaborated:
    AI tool= BOT
    to= TO

    1. Question remains;
      Bottom Line need not necessarily be net profit. It could be net loss too

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. i think the def reference is the place net profit is found, not the meaning.

    4. In that scenario, place in Profit & Loss Account should be the def.

    5. It is simply one possible way to define the word; a sufficient condition and not a necessary condition. If at all there was a net profit, it could be found in the bottom line. Also note, 'net' is a verb on the surface and an adjective in the cryptic reading.

  8. Theme: Is it opposite meaning words?
    Forward-back; Inferior-super; Left(ist)-Right(ful); Front(s)-Back;Bottom(line)-Top(brass); Up(Turn)-Down

  9. Replies
    1. The cop then went up and down the hall to no avail. His spirit which was high before entering the restaurant was now low. Goodness gracious. What bad luck! He went to the bar and ordered a peg of Black and White!!

    2. Imagination getting further honed in Virginia😀😀

  10. 15A - become = got (gotten in US), as in 'You have become (got) lean. 'Has' is a connector. Small changes are needed by the annos of 13A and 16A.

    Hat-tip to Vasant for getting the theme. Will add REVERSAL as well.