Wednesday, 22 August 2018

No 12402, Wednesday 22 Aug 2018, Incognito

8   Goa's broth — it's made from tapioca (4) SAGO*
 Spicy rice consumed by 22 laureates (5) PILAU {scamPI+LAUreates}
10 State: Bhutan is in turmoil after loss of borders (4) UTAH bHUTAn*
11 Bounder wearing jacket (6) JERKIN {JERK}{IN}
12 Unmarried sister initially consumes a pinch of hashish for herpes zoster (8) SHINGLES {S{Ha...h}INGLE}{S}
13 Tries a model temporary employee starting to take stock (8) ATTEMPTS {A}{T}{TEMP}{Take}{St..k}
15 60 minutes on island for heavenly women (6) HOURIS {HOUR}{IS}
17 Pets return after a dance (3-4) ONE-STEP {ONE}-{PETS<=}
19 Suggestion: Replace one with another one, and go ahead (7) ADVANCE ADV(-i+an)ANCE
22 Seafood racket's good? (6) SCAMPI {SCAM}{PI}
24 Church-yard's got some measure of length in the U.S., where one may rest in peace (8) CEMETERY {CE}{METER}{Y}
26 Reduce iron, perhaps (8) DECREASE [DD]
28 Smile crookedly consuming some Ugandan breakfast cereal (6) MUESLI {M{Ug..n}ESLI*}
30 Bad habit of six engineers (4) VICE {VI}{CE}
31 Pollen nuisance, to some extent, results in feeling of weariness (5) ENNUI [T]
32 Force Yankee following a Republican male (4) ARMY {A}{R}{M}{Y}

1   Tailless animal's arrived (4) CAME CAMEl
2   Male bird's knees, I hear, for some Londoners? (8) COCKNEYS {COCK}{NEYS}(~knees)
3   Say, "Nope, wrong state" (4,2) OPEN UP {NOPE}* {UP}
4   Most proximate dead-end road on street (7) CLOSEST {CLOSE}{ST}
5   Penalized and shunted around Northern Ireland (8) PUNISHED {PU{NI}SHED}
6   Martial art king's gun is kaput — has endless fun (4,2) KUNG FU {K}{GUN}* {FUn}
7   Jane leaves Javanese container (4) VASE jaVAneSE
14 Pick me up and take on nice international cruise, for starters (5) TONIC Acrostic
16 Touring Agincourt, remove torn toga and suffer (5) INCUR agINCoURt*
18 States Equated Monthly Instalment and taxes (8) EMIRATES {EMI}{RATES}
20 Where an alcoholic lawyer may end up? (2,3,3) AT THE BAR [CD]
21 Shows hides (7) SCREENS [DD]
23 Killing a group of crows (6) MURDER [DD]
25 Autobiography of setter — also in French and Russian, initially (6) MEMOIR {ME}{MOI}{Ru...n}
27 Leave alien abducting team (4) EXIT {E{XI}T}
29 Thrashes monk endlessly in front of sheriff at first (4) LAMS {LAMa}{Sh...f}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 103

The Envelope

Uncle Sam was AT THE BAR sipping his gin and TONIC.

Gombu soon CAME and joined him.

Gombu: "The HOUR IS ripe for us to go and meet the concerned in the ARMY HQ and inform the progress lest we INCUR their wrath. I have booked seats in ADVANCE. We will be leaving by the EMIRATES flight next Sunday from the CLOSEST airport, UTAH."

"The MURDER of Smith was inevitable as he had double-crossed. We need to OPEN UP and explain that we are one STEP AHEAD and getting closer to the reality. Let us see if they can provide further clues."

Uncle Sam eating his Kishmish PILAU nodded in the affirmative.

What happened next?


  1. Thank you Incognito You made my day. All correct by 8.20 AM

  2. yes. back to super cold solve (except 9a of course)

  3. Liked the different and deceptive use of "wearing" to clue "in" (11A).

  4. 9A. The parsing is not clear to me. What is the deletion indicator please?

    1. its not deletion. hidden/T. consumed:had

    2. Oh, yes, thank you. Failed to read the blog properly!

  5. Fairly easy solving for many clues, Incognito. Thank you!
    In 9A, PILAU is rice alright, but what is 22 laureates connection?

    1. 22A is SCAM PI LAUREATES. Hence PILAU is hidden inside scamPI LAUreates

    2. Thank you, Vasant! I was confusing with PI=22/7
      All I had to do was replace 22 by scampi and with laureates it is telescopic!

  6. Replies
    1. IMO it is used to hint that the measure is other than YARD which itself is a measure.

    2. Thank you CGB. I missed it.

  7. But why 'in the U.S.? Is the word cemetery more used in U.S.? I got confused trying 'some measure of length used in U.S.'- yard,feet etc.,certainly not metre. Wisdom dawned on me late.
    So was it for de- crease.

    1. In U.S. Metre is spelt Meter.US is mentioned to let us know that we need to take it as METER.

  8. I was surprised to read variants of Pilau-
    pilau (pɪˈlaʊ) , pilaf , pilaff , pilao , pilaw or pulao

  9. Yesterday we had PGW's uncle 'Dynamite' and today we have Jeeves' inimitable 'Pick me up'.

    1. Incidentally (not by design), the clue number (14) is the date of PGW's passing away

  10. Thanks, everyone. See you in September.

  11. Come September? The once famous song.