Saturday 25 August 2018

No 12405, Saturday 25 Aug 2018, Lightning



1. For the most part intimidate with one century – splendid! (8) TERRIFIC {TERRIFy}{I}{C}
5. Acts dishonestly, gets caught at preliminary races (6) CHEATS  {C}{HEATS}
9. Bill checking new national stock exchange is absurd (8) NONSENSE {NO{N}SE}{NSE}
10. Ice house I vacated on the outskirts of Montgomery is dull (6) GLOOMY {iGLOO}{MontgomerY}
12. Remove hope victor held (5) EVICT (T)
13. Reality a fellow misconstrued to be a fantastic story (9) FAIRYTALE {REALITY+A+F*}
14. Fix electronic resistance with adhesive (6) BINDER {BIND}{E}{R}
16. I may be in favour of religious woman embracing love (7) PRONOUN {PRO}{N{O}UN}
19. Successful without second turn at batting (7) INNINGS {wINNING}{S}
21. Humble manner of saint (6) MODEST {MODE}{ST}
23. Cartel had worried church (9) CATHEDRAL {CARTEL+HAD*}
25. Satisfaction from parking vehicle (5) PRIDE {P}{RIDE}
26. Friend sent back leading computer? (6) LAPTOP {PAL<=}{TOP}
27. Correspondence about royal agreement (8) CONTRACT {CONT{R}ACT}
28. Vegetable for starters, really appealing with food served (6) RADISH {Really}{Appealing}{DISH}
29. Food shop absolutely for distribution (8) DELIVERY {DELI}{VERY}


1. Soft bid (6) TENDER (DD)
2. Translation’s right, identical copies of book carry note (9) RENDITION {R}{E{N}DITION}
3. Still seconds away to add (5) INERT {INsERT}
4. At home, couch primarily relaxing to an extent (2,2,3) IN SO FAR {IN}{SO FA}{Relaxing}
6. Evergreen tree beside club in Los Angeles neighbourhood (9) HOLLYWOOD {HOLLY}{WOOD}

7. Hawaiian greeting returned with a hello in Spanish (5) ALOHA {{A}{HOLA}}<=
8. Sane boys processed legumes (8) SOYBEANS {SANE+BOYS*}
11. Fifty first parliamentarian lacking energy (4) LIMP {LI}{MP}
15. Risky move guards one (9) DANGEROUS {GUARDS+ONE}
17. Stubborn old boy say, hanging around batting (9) OBSTINATE {OB}{ST{IN}ATE}
18. Illogical notice (8) CIRCULAR (DD)
20. Upset with runs after getting caught out (4) SORE {ScORE}
21. Meals to disintegrate into sugar (7) MALTOSE {MEALS+TO*}
22. Senator’s attempt to guard (6) SENTRY {SEN}{TRY}
24. Lukewarm nourishment returned contains power (5) TEPID {DIET<=} around {P}
25. Dish, say feature of Europe trip (5) PETRI (T)

Reference List

One=I, Century=C, Caught=C, New=N, National stock exchange=NSE, Fellow=F, Electronic=E, Resitance=R, Love=O, With=W, Second=S, Parking=P, Royal=R
Right=R, Note=N, Seconds=S, Fifty first=LI, Parliamentarian=MP, Old=O, Boy=B, Senator=Sen, Power=P

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  1. 21A 'of' is needed for the surface reading

    1. of: made/having (a woman of great charm)

    2. I think of is a fair connector. As Col. said without it the clue wouldnt have a sensible surface.

  2. Liked the puzzle. The usual Lightning fare with some crisp clues. 16A was my COD.

  3. Happy Onam Col., Ajeesh and all.

  4. Happy Onam to all who are celebrating. Go slow on the sadhya and void dyspepsia !

  5. How come illogical notice under 18 Down given a solution as Circular?