Monday, 27 May 2019

No 12636, Monday 27 May 2019, Arden

1   Shirk work — in African countries one loses interest (8) MALINGER {MALI}{NiGER}
5   Put off over a quarter, sail shortened (6) REEFED {DEF{E}ER}<=
10 Spineless fellow, comes with his replacement in tow (7) DISHRAG {D{HIS*}RAG}
11 Phalanger's work — only believe when exposed (7) OPOSSUM {OP}{O}{aSSUMe}
12 Those in the middle find panel is stupid (5) INANE {fINd}{pANEl}
13 Boniface's store in exclusive surroundings... (9) INNKEEPER {INN{KEEP}ER}
14 ...till Charlie remains on record (4,8) CASH REGISTER {C}{ASH}{REGISTER}
18 It's crazy to go like that (5,3,4) ROUND THE BEND [C&DD]
21 In no state to go around in the night (9) NOCTURNAL {NO}{C{TURN}AL}
23 Poppycock about poison in the food (5) ROAST {RO{AS}T}
24 Repeat it time after time, I'm off! (7) ITERATE {IT}{ERA}{TimE}
25 Candidate has no prospect sweetheart (7) NOMINEE {NO}{MINE}{swEet}
26 Watergatenews trickled in from a winger (6) G?N?E? (Addendum - GANNET {GA(NN)ET*} - See comments}
27 Corral cattle — get a feeder, perhaps (8) PENSTOCK {PEN}{STOCK}

1   Servant lets doctor in, capital! (6) MADRID {MA{DR}ID}
2   Sailor's a rogue, changing sides (6) LASCAR (-r+l)LASCA(-l+r)R
3   Nanny frisked — is unarmed (9) NURSEMAID*
4   Busy shipping lane gets language access (7,7) ENGLISH CHANNEL {ENGLISH}{CHANNEL}
6   Wear that Rodrick wears with ease (5) ERODE {E}{ROD}{E}
7   They are worried American vessels will take head of state by force (8) FUSSPOTS {F}{USS}{POT}{St..e}
8   Rum made with rare variety of sugarcane (8) DEMERARA {MADE+RARE}*
 Make it even, rest under table (14) COUNTERBALANCE {COUNTER}{BALANCE}
15 He doesn't know if it's part of musical sign or a musical note (9) IGNORAMUS [T]
16 Cosby's invested some money on image building (8) BRANDING {B{RAND}ING}
17 Food served in the centre of slum, lights all around church (8) LUNCHEON {sLUm}{N{CH}EON}
19 Prison on beachhead built in Goa (6) BAGNIO* {Be..h}{IN+GOA}*
20 Characteristic run (6) STREAK [DD]
22 Consumption has partly gone up in Butane gas unit (5) USAGE [T<=]



  1. 26a gannet (gate*) over N N (new).

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  3. Replies
    1. I was trying Bill for Bing for sometime before Branding came to mind.

    2. I see from dictionary that Crosby is not Cosby as their periods are different. Probably Arden intended Crosby Bing. If he is Cosby, it should follow by Bill.

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